Mandy's Thu Blog: Affordable Arts and a Vegan Thirsty Thursday!

YOU NEED MORE ART And this weekend is my FAVORITE art show I've been to in the entire world, because it has two things going for it: incredible art and super low prices. The Affordable Art Festival is this weekend at Arapahoe Community College and not only does it have some of the best artists you will ever see, but it also raises money for scholarships. Find all the details and check out the artists by clicking here! Tickets are just $12 and even if you don't want to buy anything, go check it out, it's outstanding!

I CHALLENGED THE WINE YOGI TO DO A VEGAN THIRSTY THURSDAY Because not only does she bring delightful wines and booze for me to try, she always brings food. This week my neice Samantha is visiting and she's a vegan so Kristal stepped up and I'm sure it's going to be the best vegan food I've ever had. Find all the details about the wine and food we tasted on her blog by clicking here!

HAVE A BEER AND HELP SOME DAMES OUT! I've come to love the Colorado Women's Alliance and am a proud member! So imagine my delight when I saw this email today:

Want a fun way to support the Colorado Women's Alliance? Today, Thursday, Aug. 26, Holidaily Brewing Company in Golden is donating 10 percent of all beer sales in the Tap Room, and to-go beer, to us.
It's part of their monthly fundraiser in the taproom called Raise a Pint Lend a Hand. They select a different organization to support each month.
"With August 26th being Women's Equality Day, we thought Colorado Women's Alliance would be a great organization to support for our fundraiser, Thursday Aug 26," said Marketing Coordinator Hannah Perkins.
Holidaily crafted beer is all gluten free. Read their story here, and please visit today, have a pint or stock up for the Labor Day weekend celebrations!
Thank you Holidaily Brewing Company! 801 Brickyard Circle, Golden.

So if you're in Golden, stop by today and grab a beer!

JON CALDARA WANTS YOU TO DUMP DOG POOP ON THE STEPS OF CITY HALL And I agree with him. In this column he suggests residents who have to deal with loads of human excrement, used condoms, needles and other debris because of our exploding homeless problem take the poop they so diligently pick up when their dogs poop to the steps of City Hall. I say why stop there? Why doesn't ever neighborhood have a weekly cleanup where they deposit ALL THE GARBAGE left behind by homeless people and dump THAT on the steps of City Hall? That may make an impression.

SPEAKING OF HOMELESSNESS, CALIFORNIA IS OUR FUTURE And this column by left wing, nearly red-pilled environmentalist and activist Michael Snellenberger about why he, a lifelong progressive Democrat, is going to vote to recall Gavin Newsom. In it, he addresses the crappy ways California has dealt with homelessness. Spoiler Alert, they are the same as the Five Point Plan the Mayor just rolled out. I especially love this part:

But the main reason to recall Newsom is for his actions and inactions on drug deaths, open air drug markets, and homelessness. We shut down our mental hospitals a half century ago because we thought they were cruel, but few were as cruel as enabling mentally ill people to inject, smoke, and die from the most addictive, intoxicating, and deadly drugs in the world by providing them the money, the equipment, and the tents and hotel rooms in which to do it.
All civilized societies address addiction, open air drug dealing, homelessness, and untreated mental illness the same way. They build sufficient hospitals, residential care facilities, and shelters for their mentally ill, drug addicted, and homeless citizens, and require them to use them. They disallow public camping, public defecation, and open-air drug dealing and drug use. They offer drug treatment and psychiatric care as an alternative to jail, not as optional, to people who break the law. They send out mobile psychiatric and addiction care vans to get mentally ill, drug-addicted, and law-breaking citizens off the street. They make individual studio apartments a reward for sobriety, or progress toward one’s personal plan, not a “right” to everyone who demands one. And they don’t allow drug dealers to sell deadly drugs on sidewalks, in parks, or on-line.

When does Denver get a candidate brave enough to take this stand?

THE DIRECTOR OF JEFFERSON COUNTY PUBLIC HEALTH THREATENED JEFFCO PUBLIC SCHOOLS UNLESS THEY MASKED KIDS UP And there is no other way to read this letter that Public Health Director Dawn Comstock sent to JeffCo Superintendent Tracy Dorland. From the email:

This is after she told Dorland that she was "bowing to pressure from misinformed parents" earlier in the email. This was sent at the end of July, Jefferson County Public Health announced children would be in masks this year on August 16th and it forces every kid, regardless of age or vaccination status into a mask. Maybe she should read this study that shows no statistically significant difference in infection levels in schools where kids were forced to mask and where masks were optional. So JeffCo parents, understand that Dawn Comstock was the decider here. Clearly she was going to force your kids to mask up whether you want them to or the science shows otherwise, which it does.

THE CDC MISREPRESENTS ANOTHER STUDY AND IGNORES WHAT IS SAYS TO FORCE MASKS ON KIDS And this was part of the great New Yorker story I posted a couple of days ago, but this column does a deeper dive on how the CDC simply ignores information that is inconvenient. When they posted a study about mask effectiveness in Georgia schools with and without mask mandates their own research said this:

“The 21% lower incidence in schools that required mask use among students was not statistically significant compared with schools where mask use was optional,”

Seems like that's kind of a big deal, right? But no. This is why people no longer trust the CDC, not conservative media. Here's another column about the lack of science on masking that references that same Georgia study.

DON'T WANT TO GET VACCINATED? YOU MAY PAY HIGHER INSURANCE PREMIUMS BECAUSE OF IT Very interesting story here as Delta Airlines tells it's employees who are not vaccinated will pay an additional $200 a MONTH in insurance premiums. This is probably going to spread as employers try to find ways to get people vaccinated without just ordering it.

MYOCARDITIS IS MORE COMMON AFTER COVID INFECTION RATHER THAN THE VACCINE And if the New York Times listened to my show or read my blog, they'd already know this. Now a study confirms a higher incidence of myocarditis in young men after a covid infection than the vaccine. Read it here.

THE REASON HEALTH CARE SYSTEMS DON'T WANT TO POST THEIR PRICES IS SIMPLE They don't want you to see how the sausage is made. The Trump Administration passed a rule requiring hospital systems to disclose the prices they negotiated with insurance companies. The New York Times did a deep dive and found wildly different prices for each insurer, many time the price is HIGHER than if you were a cash pay patient. Why would major insurers negotiate bad deals that cost their policy holders more money? So they can line their pockets under the profit limits put into effect by Obamacare. We need to continue to demand transparency and even go one step further: pass a rule that they aren't allowed to charge one person or company more or less than another for the same service. Period.

BOMBS ARE GOING OFF AROUND THE AIRPORT IN KABUL And our extraction there continues to be a crap show as the Biden media embarrasses itself trying to provide cover for this nightmare operation. Thank goodness the grownups are charge, amiright? Remember when the Biden Administration was going to restore our reputation around the world? How's that working out? New polling shows about as well as our operation in Kabul.


AND CERTAIN SEGMENTS OF THE BIDEN PRESS ARE WORKING HARD TO PROTECT HIM And Media Research Center has gathered up some good examples of the most embarrassing.

TIK TOK'S ALGORITHMS KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU And you need to watch this and have your kids watch before you spend any time on Tik Tok. This video should freak you out because it's China that knows everything about you.



DENVER ARTS WANTS A VACCINE OR NEGATIVE COVID TEST If you want to see a show downtown, expect to not only provide vaccination proof or a negative covid test but also to wear a mask during the entire performance. I'll see a show when this is over.

NOTRE DAME DOESN'T GIVE A CRAP IF YOU THINK THEIR MASCOT IS OFFENSIVE And said as much after their leprechaun was on the list of Most Offensive College Mascots. The issued this statement:

"It is worth noting ... that there is no comparison between Notre Dame’s nickname and mascot and the Indian and warrior names (and) mascots used by other institutions such as the NFL team formerly known as the Redskins," the statement read. "None of these institutions were founded or named by Native Americans who sought to highlight their heritage by using names and symbols associated with their people."

They also pointed out that Fighting Irish was originally a pejorative used by opponents of Notre Dame in a time of rampant anti-Catholic sentiment and that Notre Dame adopted the name as a statement against such bigotry. Notre Dame essentially told this poll to bugger off.

PEOPLE REALLY DON'T LIKE KAMALA HARRIS And it's not because she's a person of color, or a woman, it's because she's been utterly incompetent on the border and she bursts out laughing when asked hard questions. She has historically low approval ratings. Read more here.

REMAIN IN MEXICO IS OUR POLICY AGAIN, THANKS TO THE COURTS As 180,000 people a MONTH are being stopped trying to break into the country, the courts have slapped down the Biden administration's shutdown of Trump's Remain in Mexico policy for immigrants who need to be processed before coming into our country. The policy is widely credited with stemming the tide of illegal immigrants in the last year of the Trump admin, and Biden reversed it IMMEDIATELY. Now it's been reinstated until the Biden team can prove they have enough detention facilities for people who break into the country. Good.

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