Mandy's Mon Blog: 88 Keys to Success from My Favorite Nonagenarian

HAZEL RAMSBOTHAM HAS HAD QUITE THE LIFE And she's not slowing down in her nineties. Hazel wrote a book about having a long and purposeful life and now you can get the audio edition! Click here to buy your copy of print or audio.

PLAY SOME GOLF AND HELP SOME VETERANS! Rob Bingham joins me at 2 to talk about the Let Freedom Ring Golf tournament coming up in a couple of weeks. Find out more about the Colorado Veterans Project by clicking here and sign up for the tourney on Sept 1st by clicking here.

DENVER IS NOW WHERE PEOPLE GET SHOT DOWNTOWN ALL THE TIME I GUESS Because six people were shot in LoDo this past weekend, one of them died. It was after 2am and near the bars inhabited by folks who went the Rockies game that night thinking they lived in a city where people don't get killed by the ballpark twice in two weeks, yet here we are. Is this the chance for a law and order Republican or Independent to run in Denver? Or does the entire city have to collapse into mayhem before we get to right the ship? I think this is a valid question.

THE FDA JUST APPROVED THE PFIZER VACCINE With a full, non-emergency approval. Read more here.

DO YOU THINK ANYONE TOLD THE PRESIDENT WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON IN AFGHANISTAN? Because the entire world thinks the man is an idiot at this point. That's it, that's all I wanted to say about that.

THIS LARA LOGAN INTERVIEW IS CHILLING FOR ITS ACCURACY She told Tucker Carlson the truth about the decisions being made about Afghanistan by our President. This link won't embed, click here to watch it.

GREAT ARTICLE ON WHY AFGHANISTAN WAS DOOMED TO FAIL And it's not what Lara Logan said, but it works in the greater context of what she said. From the article in Table Magazine:

There is no mystery about why the U.S. experience in Afghanistan ended in failure, embarrassment, and scandal. Nor is it a mystery why the Taliban took over Kabul so quickly. They were fighting for primacy. Their victory was foreordained.
The medieval Arab historian Ibn Khaldun explains the dynamic in his 14th-century masterwork, Al Muqaddima. History, he shows, is a repetition of the same pattern seen throughout the ages—a group of nomadic tribesmen overturn an existing sedentary culture, a civilization that has become weak and luxurious. What drives the success of the rising tribe is its group solidarity, orassabiya. Its awareness of itself as a coherent people with a drive for primacy is frequently augmented by religious ideology. The stronger the tribe’s assabiya, the stronger the group. Assimilating the conquered by imposing its will and worldview on them, the victor lays the foundations of a new civilization. But since, as Ibn Khaldun writes, “the goal of civilization is sedentary culture and luxury,” all groups carry the seeds of their own demise.
And so the struggle begins anew.

Think of the comparisons to be made to stages of civilization as stated by Scotsman Alexander Tyler in 1787 wrote about the eight stages of civilizations. They are:

  1. From bondage to spiritual faith;
  2. From spiritual faith to great courage;
  3. From courage to liberty;
  4. From liberty to abundance;
  5. From abundance to complacency;
  6. From complacency to apathy;
  7. From apathy to dependence;
  8. From dependence to bondage.

Seems like there is some similarity here, even if the wording is different. Perhaps we should pay attention to what these guys are saying? Just a thought.

OH, AND THE TALIBAN SAYS NO EXTENSION TO THE AUGUST 31ST DEADLINE And as we try to stay longer there will be "consequences". This should be super fun to watch since we know that our Secretary of State has admitted we have to ask the Taliban for PERMISSION to continue to try and get people out.

HEY LOOK, MORE ON HOW SWEDEN WAS RIGHT This article is another victory lap for Sweden as their deaths have all but disappeared from covid. Before you send me the BUT THEY HAVE WAY MORE DEATHS THAN NORWAY blah blah blah you can blame socialized medicine for their high level of deaths. To save money for the government, no aid was given to old people who got covid. They were just given morphine and essentially told to die. For real. So take out the number of deaths over the age of 70 and then compare them to other nations.

NOW LET'S TALK MASKS IN SCHOOLS This is an outstanding article of the latest science and guidance from around the world when it comes to masking little children in schools. Spoiler alert: not necessary and Europe isn't doing it. Read more here and share it far and wide. This is also a very similar article that came out the same day as the other one and also had great stuff in it. Our kids don't need masks.

AND THIS IS AN HONEST CONVERSATION ABOUT WHAT VACCINES DO AND DON'T DO And I wish this guy had written the PR strategy for vaccinations for the CDC. His strategy is be honest with the data and treat people like they have half a brain. Read it here.

JUST FOR FUN, READ THIS COMPLETE ANNIHILATION OF OBAMA'S LEGACY BY NONE OTHER THAN OBAMA By none other than a guy who voted for him, probably twice, Matt Taibbi. I love Matt because he's not afraid to admit he got sucked up into the Obama mystique even as he says his gut was telling him no. This takedown is legendary.

CAN'T BREATHE? BLAME ENVIRONMENTALISTS! So says this column by my pal Greg Brophy. He lays out the myriad of ways the greenies have polluted our summer skies this year and last. Check it out here.

IF YOU'VE HAD A BAD CASE OF COVID YOU PROBABLY HAVE MORE ANTIBODIES And this makes rational sense to me and now a Rutgers study seems to have confirmed it. What I'm wondering about are T Cell studies after infection. I'd like to know how that all works after infection, wouldn't you? This is the only study I can find so far, and it's on monkeys.

AND NOW, THE KIFFNESS AND THE ONE POUND FISH GUY I am currently OBSESSED with The Kiffness, this guy from South Africa who makes music with all kinds of stuff. Like the guy selling fish for one pound or six for a five.

IF OFFICES CLOSE FOR TWO YEARS WILL WE EVER GO BACK? That is the worry of some bosses who realize that we have all figured out our lives pretty well working from home. Now that we've all sort of figured out the issues with work from home we don't want to go back. From the Wall Street Journal:

Perceptions of remote work have shifted as the pandemic has gone on. When professional-services giant PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP surveyed employers across the U.S. in June 2020, 73% of respondents said they deemed remote work successful. By January 2021, when PwC released updated data, that figure rose to 83%. Now, more workers also say they want to stay at home full time. In new data released by PwC on Thursday, 41% of workers said they wished to remain fully remote, up from 29% in the January survey.

And in a labor economy like we have now, bosses can't afford to DEMAND people come back if they don't want to. Read more here.

MANITOU SPRINGS BROUGHT BACK ITS INDOOR MASK MANDATE So I won't be going there for the foreseeable future. Read more here.

VACCINATED SOPHISTICATES SERVED BY MASKED HOI POLLOI This video truly says everything we need to know about mask mandates and not gathering with our friends, doesn't it? One other thing to note is the stunning diversity of the crowd. My bad, I meant the stunning LACK of diversity among the crowd.


IF THIS WERE TRUE I'D HAVE BEEN DEAD YEARS AGO Because if eating a hot dog shaves 35 minutes off my life I should have died like four years ago. Read this nonsense here.


THE LAST EVERLY BROTHER DIED And this is where I tell you that he's lost that loving feeling. Actually he's lost all feeling. RIP, sir, and may you and your brother make beautiful music in heaven.

UNDERGROUND ARM WRESTLING IS TAKING NEW YORK BY STORM And I feel like this is a trick or a satire piece, but no, there are underground arm wrestling events in New York City.

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