Mandy's Fri Blog: Mike Rosen Talks Movies And What's Wrong With POTUS?

MIKE ROSEN AT 2 TO TALK MOVIES And this week we are talking about the new films Free Guy with Ryan Reynolds and The Protege, which opens today.

WHERE IS THE PRESIDENT? I believe all Presidents deserve time off, let me stipulate that fact now. However, generally in an emergency like the calamity happening in Afghanistan right now, they become more visible as the situation unfolds. And yet, our President, who didn't call our closest ally back for 36 hours after the fall of Afghanistan, is MIA. From National Review:

As of this writing, shortly after 2 p.m. Eastern time, President Biden has no events listed on his schedule for today, tomorrow, or this coming weekend. The Federal Aviation Administration has pushed back the flight restrictions for “VIP travel” around Wilmington, Delaware from Friday at 12:30 p.m. Eastern to 9:30 p.m. Eastern on Sunday, August 23. Despite the severity of the current crisis, it appears Biden still plans to spend the weekend at one of his homes in Delaware.

I seem to remember obsessive coverage of Donald Trump playing golf during the pandemic, but so far the media seems to be stunned rather than outraged. We'll see if that changes.

Even The Economist is putting the blame for this mess on Biden. He genuinely believed that this would be like Vietnam and he would skate by like Tricky Dick, who didn't skate by at all, did. Because he's been wrong about everything in foreign policy forever.

FORGET TRUMP, IT IS BIDEN WHO BROKE NATO This editorial is about the reckoning happening all over Europe as our longtime allies realize we can no longer be relied upon to save the world on every occasion. This may not be entirely bad after all if they actually commit real money to defending themselves now. Too bad it happened this way, but....

AND SENATOR MICHAEL BENNET SUPPORTS THE BIDEN HUMANITARIAN DISASTER FULLY And even doubled down on the lie about the size of the Afghan troops. This isn't surprising because Bennet is a lot like Biden in that he just does what his Democratic handlers tell him to do.

AN ORGANIZATION REPRESENTING DENVERITES IS SUING OVER SANCTIONED HOMELESS CAMPS And they have a good case on paper. The argument being made on behalf of an organization called Denver Deserves Better (great name, btw) is that homeless camps were sanctioned in an illegal manner via zoning changes that were made improperly. I sure hope they win. I'd love to run a ballot initiative that says that any sanctioned outdoor camping must take placed within 150 feet of an elected official's home. I bet that would change things really fast, wouldn't it?

A GREAT EDITORIAL ON CRITICAL RACE THEORY AND THE MOVE TO ERASE IT By both sides of the argument. People who don't want their children taught that race is the most important part of a person want the toxic ideology gone and those who want your kids to believe that want the name Critical Race Theory gone so they can go about their indoctrination. Read more here and continue to arm yourself with knowledge about what this does.

UNLESS YOU'RE OLD AND SICK OR IMMUNOCOMPROMISED YOUR VACCINE SEEMS TO WORKING JUST FINE And I didn't talk a lot about boosters because the CDC just said we needed them but didn't give any data on why so screw that noise. Now we have more info and if you are under 65 and otherwise healthy I don't think they can justify a vaccine booster at this time. Read more here and make your own choice. I am not going to get a booster. This is now a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Real world data from Israel shows that the breakthrough infections are in older, sicker people. From Reuters:

Around half of the country's 600 patients presently hospitalized with severe illness have received two doses of the Pfizer Inc (PFE.N) shot, a rare occurrence out of 5.4 million fully vaccinated people. The majority of these patients received two vaccine doses at least five months ago, are over the age of 60 and also have chronic illnesses known to exacerbate a coronavirus infection. They range from diabetes to heart disease and lung ailments, as well as cancers and inflammatory diseases that are treated with immune-system suppressing drugs, according to Reuters interviews with 11 doctors, health specialists and officials.

GREG GUTFELD BEATS THE BIG KIDS AT THEIR OWN GAME Late night talk shows used to be funny. Now they are just Democratic talking points regurgitated with a laugh track by an audience who just wants their political feelings validated. Until you flip to Fox News. Yes THAT Fox News is where you can find Gutfeld! on at 11pm and Tuesday night he did what he was meant to do, and that is beat the network competition in the ratings. Greg is very funny and I'm thrilled he could prove that you don't have to be an angry lefty to be funny.

THE AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION WANTS TO ADD INDOCTRINATION TO LAW SCHOOL By forcing schools to add diversity and affirmative action training to all accredited law schools. The problem is not only that this stuff is crap, it's also a violation of federal law but don't take my word for it. A bunch of Yale law professors objected strenuously to this:

The proposal has sparked fierce blowback from legal scholars across the country, including 10 emeritus professors at Yale Law School, who called it a "problematic" and "disturbing" attempt to "institutionalize dogma" through the accreditation process. Violating federal law is "not legally defensible conduct for any institution," they wrote in a public comment on the plan in June, nor is it "a legally defensible requirement by an organization certifying law schools."

The good news is one student at Princeton Theological Seminary already fought this sort of indoctrination and won.

THE ROBOT TAKEOVER BEGINS AS Tesla announces its Tesla Bot, which will be a humanoid bot that you can have do all sorts of errands and stuff. I just want it to clean my house. What do you give a bot at Christmas so it won't kill you when the robots take over? We need to know this.


BACK TO SCHOOL IN THE 80S VS NOW The Holderness family nails it.

THERE WAS A HOST FOR JEOPARDY BUT NOW HE'S NOT And this is just stupid. Mike Richards was a producer on the show and everyone was surprised when he was named ONE of TWO hosts for the longtime show. But now he's out after a podcast he did ten years ago was mined by a news organization and he talked about "boobies" so now he's horrible and must go. Just hire an infant with no history then. This is all so tiresome.

EDITOR OF A SOCIALIST MAGAZINE FIRES EMPLOYEES TRYING TO ORGANIZE And this story is a perfect example of socialism in the real world. Read it and laugh and laugh.

THIS IS THE BEST TAKEDOWN OF WOKENESS I'VE EVER READ And it's SUPER SNARKY to boot so you know it's a new fave for me. Read it here. Here's a great nugget:

Some of you may have endured a civilian “stand down” of your own at work or school in the last year. These mandatory bias training sessions, as you probably know, are based on a trashy fantasy novel called White Fragility. This illiterate manifesto became a must-pretend-to-read after Floydapalooza 2020. 
Written by a manic new age Wiccan who gives off major crazy ex-girlfriend vibes,White Fragility makes the case that any time a white person defends him or herself from hoax accusations of racism, that is a sign of fragility; self-defense as proof of weakness and guilt. White people are so fragile! So easily broken! Pale and icy cold, they crumble at the slightest pushback, like the pathetic snowflakes they are! 
But then you keep reading, and you discover White Fragility actually makes a pretty strong case that whites are the opposite of fragile. In fact, they are so powerful, so strong, so superior to other lesser beings that the only way anyone else can get a chance is if more whites volunteer to be weaker.
In the face of such totalizing white dominance—or supremacy, if you will—all the weak can do is beg the whites to take a knee, step aside, apologize for and mute their own wondrous superpowers that no one has yet made a dent in, for centuries!


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