Mandy's Itty Bitty Wed Blog: Some Info on Myocarditis After Vaccination


DID YOU HEAR ABOUT GRANT'S PODCAST? IT'S AMAZING AND A NEW ONE IS OUT TODAY! Eeland Stribling is an up and coming talent in the world of stand up comedy, but his passion lies within his work in conservation and being an Ambassador for Brown Folks Fishing. While he loves making people laugh, being a wildlife biologist and working to protect animals' environments is something he has known would be part of his life since childhood. To learn more about Eeland's comedy, his conservation efforts, or his work with Brown Folks Fishing, follow him on Instagram @blacksteveirwin. You can listen by clicking here!

DOUGCO PARENTS ARE GOING TO PROTEST THE MASK MANDATE IN DOUGCO NEXT MONDAY And you can find out more by clicking here. JeffCo parents if you've got a plan, let me know!

I'VE GOTTEN EMAILS ASKING ABOUT MYOCARDITIS AFTER VACCINATION IN TEENS And this is a serious issue because several teens have died after receiving their dose of the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine. By several I mean maybe five that we know of worldwide so far. This after over seven million teens under 18 have been taken the shot, so these numbers are really, really small. Parents are concerned that the vaccine could cause a heart condition and if you are the parent of a college athlete or competitive athlete you need to know the signs of myocarditis to watch for. But here's the kicker: there is a higher incidence rate of myocarditis AFTER A COVID INFECTION. Much higher. Some college athletic programs are now requiring a cardiac screening after a covid recovery before athletes can rejoin their teams because of the risk of myocarditis from covid. Myocarditis is a condition that leads to inflammation of the heart and a vast majority of people who have it clear it with minimal or no treatment. Some require longer term rest and care, but most are fine very quickly. You can get myocarditis after a whole bunch of viral infections, including the flu. The CDC is aware of these cases of myocarditis and is investigating the link, but the chance of getting myocarditis from the vaccine is FAR LOWER than getting it from covid. From an NPR story on the vaccines:

About 1 in 1,000 children who get COVID-19 have gone on to develop a condition called MIS-C (multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children), says Offit, and most of those kids have had some level of myocarditis. In addition, the coronavirus has directly caused myocarditis in some children and adults. Which of the two stadiums in Offit's metaphor would have more cases of myocarditis — the vaccinated children or unvaccinated kids — is not known precisely. But Offit says he suspects it would be the unvaccinated group. And there's no doubt that 1,000 unvaccinated children would suffer more illnesses related to COVID-19. "A choice not to get a vaccine is not a choice to avoid myocarditis," he says. "It's a choice to take a different risk — and I would argue a more serious one" — of developing a bad case of COVID-19 or long COVID-19 or myocarditis as a result of COVID-19.

I hope this puts your mind at ease and gives you the information you need to get your teen vaccinated. The symptoms of myocarditis to watch out for after vaccination are:

Mild cases may have no symptoms or present with mild chest pain. In severe cases the symptoms vary depending on the cause, which may include:
Chest pain
Palpitations- rapid heart beat or abnormal heart rhythm
Shortness of breath
Swelling of legs or arms due to fluid retention
Other symptoms of infection include:
Flu like Fever
Upper respiratory tract infection

Know the symptoms and tell your doctor if you think your kid may be affected after vaccination or covid infection.

WHAT'S AN OLYMPIC MEDAL WORTH? HEART SURGERY FOR A BABY BOY, THAT'S WHAT The Polish silver medal winner in javelin at the Tokyo games was very proud to win her first medal, but she has already auctioned it off. Maria Andrejczyk auctioned off her hardware so she could help a little boy who needs heart surgery in the United States to survive. A Polish convenience store chain bought the medal, and then promptly returned it to Andrejczyk. The boy's family now has the money to come to the US for the surgery. I hope it works for him!

ANOTHER FAKE HATE CRIME FROM THE LEFT And this one was perhaps done so badly by a doctor who was Tennessee's top vaccination official until she was recently fired. She says someone sent her a muzzle in the mail as some sort of "warning" to keep quiet, but investigators found easily that the so-called threat was purchased with an American Express card in her name. Whoopsie, should have used a prepaid VISA lady. She says she did NOT order the muzzle and that her card was used with the wrong billing address, but I've tried to use a card with the wrong billing address and the order got kicked out, so I'm not sure I'm buying what she's selling. She also says the Amazon account is not hers and that it was accessed by someone in Washington state on a wireless carrier that she doesn't have. Did she get an order for someone else? Because why in the world would someone in Washington state give a crap about Tennessee politics? Weird story, but no hate crime here.

AN EASY GUIDELINE FOR FIGHTING CRITICAL RACE THEORY AT YOUR KID'S SCHOOL This is a GREAT column on what to look for an how to fight the infestation of our schools with Critical Race Theory, even though it's being rebranded to hide it's intent from parents as things like "equity training" and "social-emotional" guidance. Read more here and please utilize these ideas!

SCHOOL BOARD RECALLS ARE HAPPENING ALL OVER THE PLACE BECAUSE OF CRT AND SCHOOL CLOSURES And I say GOOD FOR COVID for finally waking parents up to the madness happening in our public schools right now. Read more here.

BOOSTER SHOTS FOR THOSE WHO NEED THEM ARE COMING And if you are immunocompromised, have underlying health conditions, or fall into a dangerous category for covid, you may want to think about getting one. Read more here.


I WENT DOWN AN INTERNET RABBIT HOLE LAST WEEKEND And watched this guy called Kiffness for like four hours. He takes videos of other people and cats and make music with them. This is Mongolian throat singing Kiffness style.

SURPRISE, THE PRESIDENT LIED ABOUT THE AFGHAN MILITARY SIZE And he was fact checked by former fawning paper The Washington Post.

BUT THEY TOLD MSNBC THEY WOULD RESPECT WOMEN'S RIGHTS And maybe MSNBC should have asked the follow up question: define women's rights because The Taliban just killed a woman because she was out on the street without a face covering. I'm sure they will be mortified to learn they are doing this wrong.

INTERMITTENT FASTING MAY PREVENT INJURY IN OLDER FOLKS There are a LOT of benefits to not grazing all day and this story adds one more. From the article:

An intermittent fasting diet could help protect older people from falls and other injuries by building up their muscles, a study has discovered. Intermittent fasting, also known as time-restricted eating, could also be a cost-efficient intervention to prevent type 2 diabetes, fatty liver disease, and liver cancer, a team from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California says. Fasting for a longer period could also better protect against infectious diseases like COVID-19 and even save people from dying of sepsis.

You don't even have to do long fasts, just eat within a certain window every day. Try it! Read more here.

AI GAVE VAL KILMER HIS VOICE BUT THIS COULD BE DANGEROUS Because this is like a deep fake version of a famous persons voice. Though it restored Val Kilmer's voice after he lost it after surgery for throat cancer in 2015, an AI firm made him a new one that sounds just like the old one. This, however, could be ripe for abuse. Read more here.

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