Mandy's Tue Blog: I've Got the Mayor and Why Not Bring Back Mask Mandates?

MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK ON AT 1 TODAY And we're talking violent crime rising in Denver, homeless money spent and more.

IF MASK MANDATES ARE GOOD FOR KIDS, WHY NOT BRING THEM BACK FOR EVERYONE? Last night I listened to the Tri County Health Meeting as parents demanded other parents mask up children and other parents begged for the freedom to choose. While everyone was citing the CDC and the latest alleged "science" about how important masks are, I wondered something. If masks ARE SO GOOD and so necessary for children, why doesn't Tri County institute another mask mandate for indoors for everyone then? The CDC now recommends THAT EVERYONE, vaccinated or not, wear a mask in an indoor space. But I don't see Tri County rushing to reinstitute that mandate. Why? Because they know people won't do it. Allegedly, we are protecting our children from getting the virus because they aren't vaccinated, right? But for children, this diseases is nearly almost ALWAYS a total nothingburger. I just saw a study on long covid in children that said 28% of kids have some sort of self reported symptom 56 days later, but it also reported that children with simply Influenza Like Illness but not covid had nearly the SAME percentage of students complaining of long term effects. Yes, there are children who are immunocompromised and if that is your kid, I'm really sorry but maybe they need to stay home. It's not fair, but life is not fair, and if my kid had significant underlying health issues, I would not rely on a poorly worn piece of paper to protect them. For the record, I don't want another mask mandate, I have politely walked out of the only store that required them because I think they are stupid and do nothing to stop the spread of this virus. As a real live case on point, Japan has 98% compliance with their mask mandate, they've never dropped it, and yet this is what they look like right now in case numbers:

This is from an article debunking one of the CDC's article about masking:

Just look at the data from Jonas F. Ludvigsson that is emerging from Sweden in children 16 years old and under when preschools and schools were kept open and there were no face masks though social distancing was fostered. The result was zero (0) deaths from COVID-19 in 1.95 million Swedish children across the study period. The number of infections was exceedingly low, the number of hospitalizations was exceedingly low, and there were no deaths in children with COVID-19, all this despite not wearing masks due to no schoolwide mask mandate. Is this merely a perfunctory and legally prudent warning by the CDC that “your mileage may vary?” Or is it more like a hot mutual fund telling you that “past performance is no guarantee of future results.” What is the CDC really trying to say about face masks and why so much confusion?  

Masks do nothing more than create a false sense of security that sometimes pushes more effective mitigation methods like handwashing to the side. But Tri County will likely vote in a mask mandate today anyway.

ALL OF THESE HEALTH BOARDS ARE APPOINTED BY THE WAY By the County Commissions of each county. If you want to fight back, perhaps call your Commissioners and let them know if they don't intervene, you will work tirelessly to support anyone who runs against them and get them bounced out of office. It's genuinely the ONLY thing you can do. These boards of unelected bureaucrats have been given unfettered power by politicians who want to blame your anger on them, but don't let them get away with it. It is THEIR fault, THEIR responsibility and they can be voted out. Then do it.

A WIN FOR AGRICULTURE EXPOSES HOW RIDICULOUS STATE RULES ARE Because it had to do with runoff from a feed lot pond that may have killed a bunch of fish. The state tried to fine the feed lot owner after a massive rainfall event not seen in 50 years, even though the lot had meticulously followed ALL state rules and regulations in the course of doing business. A freak storm caused the issue, but the state argued that the feed lot owner should have KNOWN that a freak rainstorm could cause this even after the state themselves had not. The state Supreme Court landed on the side of the feedlot owner when it became apparent that the state was merely trying to punish the beef producer for something out of their control. But you need to read this to understand how the state can use vague wording to come after you too.

PEOPLE ARE GETTING NEW JOBS IN DENVER And quitting jobs that don't pay enough. The Quit rate in Denver is high, but this isn't a bad thing unless you are hiring in a competitive industry and don't want to pay more. Read more here.

REMEMBER WHEN BIDEN WAS GOING TO "RESTORE OUR STANDING" AROUND THE WORLD? After that Orange Man Bad did so much to allegedly undermine our relationships in Europe, Biden seems to have blown them all to bits. From Politico Europe:

BERLIN — Until Sunday, Europe thought Joe Biden was an expert on foreign policy.
Now, the American president’s decision to allow Afghanistan to collapse into the arms of the Taliban has European officials worried he has unwittingly accelerated what his predecessor Donald Trump started: the degradation of the Western alliance and everything it is supposed to stand for in the world.
Across Europe, officials have reacted with a mix of disbelief and a sense of betrayal. Even those who cheered Biden’s election and believed he could ease the recent tensions in the transatlantic relationship said they regarded the withdrawal from Afghanistan as nothing short of a mistake of historic magnitude.

Thank God the grownups are in charge, amiright?

OH, AND THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION HAS NO CLUE HOW MANY AMERICANS ARE IN AFGHANISTAN And it seems if they actually DID "plan for every contingency" as the President said yesterday in his blame shifting disaster of a speech, they may know how many Americans need to be evacuated. But here you go.

MY LIVED EXPERIENCE TELLS ME THIS STUDY IS WRONG The same way the notion of all calories are equal is wrong and calories in, calories out model doesn't work for weight loss for everyone. A new study alleges that our metabolism doesn't change as we age. This is flatly wrong, or there is some other mechanism OTHER than metabolism that causes weight gain and loss that we don't know about yet.

THAT PLANE THAT HAD PEOPLE HANGING ON THE OUTSIDE HAD 871 PEOPLE INSIDE And I guess maybe it was a different C-17 but we've now set a record for the number of people packed into that cargo plane running from the Taliban. My question is, where are the women?

CHINESE STATE MEDIA TELLS TAIWAN WE DON'T SAVE THEM At least that's what I take away from the Chinese Media saying this:

It published an editorial contrasting the U.S. commitment to Afghanistan and its commitment to Taiwan, and concluding that if it “abandoned” Afghanistan, then the ruling pro-independence Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in Taiwan should “wake up from their dreams.”
“From what happened in Afghanistan, they should perceive that once a war breaks out in the [Taiwan] Straits, the island’s defense will collapse in hours and the U.S. military won’t come to help,”Global Times opined. “As a result, the DPP authorities will quickly surrender, while some high-level officials may flee by plane.”

THERE MAY BE A BLOOD TEST FOR LONG COVID SOON So doctors will be able to identify those really suffering with this sort of invisible long term illness. This is good news for people who say their docs don't believe them when they complain of ongoing symptoms.

A ONE HUNDRED YEAR OLD WOMAN JUST SET A GUINNESS BOOK FOR WEIGHTLIFTING And I LOVE this! I fully expect to be doing this when I'm 100. For real, lift weights, it's super fun.

GOT A DIRTY PAN? WATCH THIS WITCHCRAFT TO CLEAN IT And I am so trying this, but honestly I'm pretty anal retentive about my pan cleanliness so they never look as bad as this dude's did when he started.

IF A BLACK MAN CAN'T STAND ON HIS OWN TWO FEET, LET HIM FALL Those words from abolitionist and black men Frederick Douglas are quoted in this opinion piece by a black man demanding an end to special treatment for minorities. It's worth your time.




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