Mandy's Mon Blog: Afghanistan is a Disaster Tri-County is Masking Kids

JUST GOT NEWS THE PRESIDENT WILL SPEAK AT 1:45 ABOUT THE MESS HE'S CREATED And I can hardly wait. But all this was done before I found this out.

DR. ART LAFFER RIGHT OUT OF THE CHUTE TODAY And he's appearing at the Steamboat Institute coming up at the end of this month, plus he's the father of the Laffer curve. We've got him for a few this morning. Sign up for the Freedom Conference by clicking here!

HAVE YOU SEEN THE VIDEO OUT OF AFGHANISTAN? You know the one where people are clinging to the outside of an Air Force plane trying to escape before the Taliban murders them for helping us? And then falling to their deaths trying to escape? Awesome. I sure hope our President finds time between ice cream cones to check it out.

It is absolutely time for us to leave Afghanistan, but our President ignored the advice of all of his military leaders and decided to hand the loyal Afghanis who have helped us for twenty years out to dry. And by dry I mean left the to be killed by the Taliban, who played us like a fiddle. Luckily, after arming them the first time to fight the Soviets with weapons they then used to fight us, we've armed them even more completely this time. We suck at interventionism when there isn't a decisive victory and there was never a total capitulation of the Taliban. They played the long game while we wanted (rightly) to go home. They are home. So are lots and lots of people who should have been evacuated out already before this had the chance to occur. President Biden is expected to make some comments "in the next few days". Nothing says power like total silence during a huge humanitarian crisis we created. CNN'S Brianna Keiler asked the question we all want answered.

EVEN JAKE TAPPER WANTS TO KNOW HOW THIS GOT BOTCHED SO BADLY BY HIS TEAM Because Jake Tapper actively worked, like the rest of CNN, to get Biden elected and now they have to act enraged by his obvious incompetence.

So the official story from the Biden administration is "welp, Trump negotiated this exit so there was nothing we could do" which is ridiculous considering Joe Biden has undone EVERY POLICY Trump instituted since he's been in office, but THIS one? NO WAY! What an incompetent rube.

THEY'VE EVEN LOST THE TODAY SHOW As Savannah Guthrie was like a bulldog with National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan on the issue. He was kind enough to point out that LOTS of people are evacuated by helicopter ALL THE TIME.


Two weeks after the local public health agency for Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas counties stopped short of requiring masks in schools, Tri-County Health Department announced this week that it plans to consider issuing some type of mask order for students.The announcement comes following an outpouring of comments the agency received from the public — largely in favor of a mask mandate, according to the agency’s chief.

So if you DON'T want your kids to forced into wearing an ineffective do-nothing mask, you need to go RIGHT NOW and fill out this survey:

Please do it, because they have only heard from parents who want to force their choice onto all other children.

ONE MORE ARTICLE SHOWING MASKS DON'T WORK Because if you've missed the rest of them I've posted, you can just read this.

PHILADELPHIA IS REQUIRING UNVACCINATED CITY WORKERS TO DOUBLE MASK And I can't stop laughing about this. The City of Philadelphia is making it SO MISERABLE to NOT get vaccinated you will finally give up. You think the science on one mask is dodgy, there is NO science to speak of on TWO masks. What would be funny is if all these city workers started having migraines and breathing issues and just called in sick from not being able to breathe. Not funny haha, just funny.

EAGLE COUNTY WILL SEND DEPUTIES FOR THE FIRST DAY OF MASKED SCHOOL And this is where we are now. Parents who planned on protesting the mask order are on notice that schools will have deputies on hand to enforce the order and keep the peace. This should make kids feel good on the first day, amiright?

AND NOW FOR SOMETHING SILLY AND INFECTIOUS I have been watching this all weekend long. Seriously.


The co-founder of the fact-checking website Snopes, David Mikkelson, is a self-proclaimed arbiter of truth. That is, of course, when he’s not reportedly plagiarizing.
A recent BuzzFeed investigation discovered that between 2015 and 2019, the CEO wrote and published at least 54 plagiarized articles containing material from outlets such as The Guardian and the Los Angeles Times. Snopes conducted an internal review confirming the allegations and subsequently suspended Mikkelson from his editorial duties. He remains an officer and 50 percent shareholder of the company.

It's always nice when someone bothers to watch the watchers.

CNN LEAVES OUT A CRUCIAL DETAIL IN THEIR HIT PIECE ABOUT DESANTIS The story in question is about four Broward county Florida teachers who died from covid on the same day. The missing context? That school hasn't started yet so they didn't get the disease from unmasked students.

A TEXTER WAS RIGHT ABOUT INSURANCE PREMIUMS But it isn't the insurance companies deciding to do it, it's employers with employer sponsored health care plans passing along more of the premium to unvaccinated employees. They are done using the carrots, this is the stick.

DESALINIZATION JUST TOOK A HUGE LEAP FORWARD Most of the water on earth is salt water and that creates a huge problem for people, who can't drink salt water. Many Middle Eastern countries already use destalinization for their water, but it has limitations because of the membranes they use to push salt water through to get the salt out. Now South Korea has created a membrane that lasts a month, rather than the 50 hours of the current membranes. If I were California, I'd be doing this already.



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