Mandy's Thu Blog: The Editor of the Babylon Bee and You Can Win a Car!

IF YOU DON'T READ THE BABYLON BEE YOU'RE MISSING THE BEST FAKE NEWS OUT THERE And I SO HAPPY to have the Editor of the Bee on today at 1. He's going to be speaking at the Steamboat Institute's Freedom Conference at the end of this month (Register here, it is FANTASTIC) and we're chatting about satire and how badly the Bee has gotten under the skin of the previous winner for Fake News, CNN. Read the Bee here and read it every day. As a matter of fact, a listener sent me this video today. Plus Dave sent me this very serious article about the new covid variants we should all be terrified of.

WILLIE B IS GIVING AWAY A SOUPED UP IROC FOR A GREAT CAUSE If you don't know Willie B, he's the man at KBPI and he's the man with a HUGE heart. Every year he fixes up old cars and gives them away to families in need at Christmas. It's a huge undertaking and very expensive and Willie has a foundation now so you can support it. Now he's raffling off a car to raise money and you should buy a ticket by clicking here! He's on at 1:30 to discuss and give details on the car.

HAVE YOU LISTENED TO GRANT'S LATEST PODCAST EPISODE? He talks to my friend Father Mike Tess, who is a former Catholic now Episcopalian priest. He's a mentor, a coach, an educator and an awesome dad and husband and you will feel like a better person for listening. Listen here.

NAKED HUNTER BIDEN BELIEVES ANOTHER LAPTOP WAS STOLEN BY RUSSIAN DRUG DEALERS But I'm sure we don't need an investigation into this. Nope. Not at all. Just Hunter being Hunter, amiright? How do we know this? Because of a video of Hunter naked with a hooker talking about how he THINKS his laptop was stolen is out. Considering that an overheard conversation in a bar allegedly started an investigation into a major party's candidate in 2016 and if any of Trump's kids sneezed there were demands for investigation this seems like a big deal. But I guess I'm wrong.

I HAVE A QUOTE CORRECTION The other day when talking about Dingergate, I inaccurately credited Dinesh D'Souza with a quote about how little racism is left in the world. It seems to have come from this story by John Nolte at Breitbart when he wrote about the alleged noose in Bubba Wallace's garage. From the article:

There is so little racism in America that we have white people pretending to be black.
You. Know. Who. You. Are.
But it’s not just the hoaxes that prove the left has a supply problem. Look at what the left now defines as racism.
The left’s demand for racism so far exceeds the supply that…
It is now racist to demand action to stop the violence in Chicago.
It is now racist to say “All Lives Matter.”
It is now racist to be colorblind.
It is now racist to not acknowledge the color of someone else’s skin and not treat them different because their experiences are different, or something.
Abraham Lincoln is racist.
Ulysses S. Grant is racist.
Criticizing the burning and looting of predominantly black neighborhoods is racist.
Criticizing Barack Obama for anything is racist.
There’s so little racism in America that whenever the media happen upon an actual act of racism, it’s the biggest story in the world for days, sometimes weeks.
And here’s my favorite…
The left’s demand for racism so exceeds the supply, they have invented the coloring book of “unconscious racism” or “unconscious bias.”
How great is that? What I means is that there is so little actual racism out there, the left have been forced to resort to mind reading… And after they’re done reading our racist minds, they have been forced to resort to framing us using the crimes of ThoughtCrime and WrongThink.

So there you go. He's not wrong, by the way.

NO, WE DON'T NEED A CIVILIAN CLIMATE CORP This is one of the Democrats big dreams where they add 1.5 million new federal employees to the payroll and voter rolls. They trot this out whenever there is any kind of downturn in the economy because they don't understand economics at all and they've done it again now. This article from pretty much lays out the fallacy in their dream when it comes to climate change and pokes some significant holes in the notion that we are worse than every when it comes to extreme weather events.

COLORADO SCHOOL BOARD MEMBERS COULD BE PAID BECAUSE PART OF A BILL HEADED TO THE GOVERNORS DESK And I'm sure Tay can't wait to see this, as he has no other visible means of supporting himself. The bill would allow school boards to receive up to $150 a day only when they are working on school board business, but it would require a public meeting before they vote themselves our filthy lucre. I can't wait to see how Tay tries to bill the school board for his "activism" in the community. And he will. He totally will.

A STERN NOTE CREATES A KERFUFFLE OVER TIPPING DELIVERY DRIVERS A Door Dash driver posted a video online about the note he left for a chronic non-tipper. In it, he lets the offender know that he does not work FOR FREE and the guy should tip. Except if you're a DoorDash driver you can SEE if someone tips you BEFORE you accept the gig. If you want people to tip, DO NOT TAKE THEIR FOOD FOR THEM IF THEY DON'T. It's really that simple. A lot of non-tippers came out to excoriate the guy and DoorDash will likely cut him off, but I agree with him. If you're too lazy to go pick up your own food, at least tip the person who isn't. Seriously. There is a restaurant that won't deliver to anyone in my neighborhood but me because we tip really well. Go pick it up if you don't feel generous.

MORE DATA ON HOW THE VACCINES KEEP YOU FROM DYING And this is important, because now that we all understand vaccines don't prevent infection we need to understand why vaccines are still important.

INFLATION MEANS A BIG COLA RAISE FOR SENIORS Of course it will be woefully inadequate to keep with ACTUAL inflation the government is creating but it looks like Social Security benefits are going up by 6.2%.

AGAIN, FOR YOU IN THE BACK, MASKS DON'T WORK And this City Journal article is a MASTERPIECE of evidence that they don't. It is also a fantastic takedown of the CDC's refusal to use Random Controlled Trials when they talk about masking up. Read it here.

THIS NEW "STUDY" BEING TOUTED BY THE CDC PROVES THEY DON'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT SCIENCE A listener sent me this today and I'm glad she did. Instead of looking at the actual science of whether or not people who have had a covid infection need a vaccine, they send out a press release about a brand new study that shows people who are vaccinated are less likely to get reinfected by covid. So I read the "study". Let me share with you some of the Discussions section of this ground breaking "study":

The findings in this report are subject to at least five limitations. First, reinfection was not confirmed through whole genome sequencing, which would be necessary to definitively prove that the reinfection was caused from a distinct virus relative to the first infection. Although in some cases the repeat positive test could be indicative of prolonged viral shedding or failure to clear the initial viral infection (9), given the time between initial and subsequent positive molecular tests among participants in this study, reinfection is the most likely explanation. Second, persons who have been vaccinated are possibly less likely to get tested. Therefore, the association of reinfection and lack of vaccination might be overestimated. Third, vaccine doses administered at federal or out-of-state sites are not typically entered in KYIR, so vaccination data are possibly missing for some persons in these analyses. In addition, inconsistencies in name and date of birth between KYIR and NEDSS might limit ability to match the two databases. Because case investigations include questions regarding vaccination, and KYIR might be updated during the case investigation process, vaccination data might be more likely to be missing for controls. Thus, the OR might be even more favorable for vaccination. Fourth, although case-patients and controls were matched based on age, sex, and date of initial infection, other unknown confounders might be present. Finally, this is a retrospective study design using data from a single state during a 2-month period; therefore, these findings cannot be used to infer causation. Additional prospective studies with larger populations are warranted to support these findings.

So they didn't test everyone, they are guessing that vaccinated people did NOT get covid again because they are less likely to go get tested, they didn't actually CHECK to make SURE that their unvaccinated population was indeed unvaccinated, and it ends by saying that these findings CANNOT be used to infer causation and yet, the CDC is putting this out here as if it does. The CDC is staffed by incompetent liars is all I can guess. From the CDC press release:

In today’s MMWR, a study of COVID-19 infections in Kentucky among people who were previously infected with SAR-CoV-2 shows that unvaccinated individuals are more than twice as likely to be reinfected with COVID-19 than those who were fully vaccinated after initially contracting the virus. These data further indicate that COVID-19 vaccines offer better protection than natural immunity alone and that vaccines, even after prior infection, help prevent reinfections.

It most certainly DOES NOT SHOW that and the CDC is counting on you not reading the study for yourself. ALWAYS READ THE STUDY. Also note WHEN the press release was released: Friday afternoon at 1pm. That's called a Friday afternoon news dump because they don't want anyone to read it or question it. Sorry suckers, I got my hands on it now.

ENJOY BETTER AIR THIS WEEKEND But we are going to have more misery until the fires raging in California are brought to heel. The forecast says we should be doing better with our air this weekend as the weather patterns change. The extra bad news is that those fires may be burning into winter.


PEOPLE WHO DEFACE GARDEN OF THE GODS NEED TO BE BEATEN And I'm not kidding about this. Apparently scumbags have taken to visiting one of the most beautiful spots in our state and leaving their trashy drawings and carvings behind. If you want to act like trash, go tag the dump. I'm ready to fundraise to put cameras all over that park to catch these scumbags. For real. I think I may be moved to violence if I ever saw someone doing any of this crap. For real.


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