Mandy Wed NON Blog: Baseball Eats My Whole Show Today HOWEVER

THE ROCKIES START AT NOON TODAY But I wanted to remind you of a couple of things.

TAKING IT FOR GRANTED IS AMAZING THIS WEEK! I hooked Grant up with Father Mike Tess who is a longtime friend of Chuck's and a new friend of mine. He is an outstanding human being, an Episcopal priest, grecco roman wrestler, coach, mentor and dad and husband with an incredible family. You will feel better about life if you listen and you can listen here.

WE HAVE ROOM FOR FOUR MORE COUPLE ON THE NEXT MANDY CONNELL ADVENTURE! We are VERY close to being sold out for our trip in August of 2022, and we're going on a FAB trip to Canada, find out more here and if you want to go, book TODAY.

TOMORROW WE'VE GOT KYLE MANN OF THE BABYLON BEE! He's the editor and he's on at 1!

AND YOU CAN WIN A CAR FROM WILLIE B! Willie B is one of my favorite colleagues from our brother station KBPI and every year he GIVES AWAY cars to needy families. The catch is he has to fix them up first. And he's got a foundation that raises money to help and he is raffling off a car that you can win! He'll be on tomorrow to discuss and you can find out more here, click on the banner at the top!


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