Mandy's Tue Blog: A Cool Conference and a Health Assessment!

JOIN ME AT THE STEAMBOAT INSTITUTE'S 13TH ANNUAL FREEDOM CONFERENCE! Y'all if you've ever wanted to nerd out and listen to INCREDIBLE speakers in a gorgeous environment, this is IT. This year's conference is going to be off the hook and I've got Steamboat Institute President and Resident dynamo Jennifer Schubert-Akin on to talk about it at 1! Find out more and register TODAY by clicking here, but remember, it's in Beaver Creek again this year!

MICHELLE ZELLNER IS ON AT 2 FOR A HEALTH CHECK IN As August is National Wellness Month I thought maybe we could use Michelle's Wellness Checklist to check in and see how you are doing. It's not just about weight, it's about how well you're doing in taking care of your body. She's got free web seminar coming up you can sign up for if you're feeling a bit...unwell. Click here to register and use the promo code AUGUST to get 50% off YouUniversity or any of her programs. Here is Michelle with the details.

HOLY CRAP ANDREW CUOMO RESIGNED! And I am SHOCKED right now. He announced he was stepping aside because the ensuing investigation would take too many taxpayer dollars and be a distraction. He's out in two weeks. So long, scumbag.

SO MANY OF YOU HAVE SENT ME THIS VIDEO And there is a lot in here I disagree with. I don't like how he uses the WORST study ever to gird his point about breakthrough infections. I don't like that he casually compares covid the common cold and flu without noting how many have died from covid. Also, he's only treated 15 people with covid, hardly a sample size from which to speak authoritatively. But there is some good here.

ABOUT DINGERGATE... The story that shot around the world about an allegedly racist Rockies fan has become a prime example of how quickly we are to believe the worst. I put myself in that category because I unthinkingly retweeted the Rockies powerful statement on how they don't put up with racism. Except it wasn't racism. Not at all. This column lays it out.

A UNIQUE PATENT HAS BEEN ISSUED IN SOUTH AFRICA And it is unique because it is the world's first patent given to a product created by Artificial Intelligence. The product itself is a "food container based on fractal geometry" which involves interlocking food containers that are easy for robots to grasp and stack. But it was conceptualized by a kind of AI called "creativity machines" and pretty much all of us are replaceable now.

NEW POO, NEW YOU! This is SO INTERESTING. Scientists transplanted the gut microbes of young mice into the guts of old mice. First, the gut microbiome of the old mice began to look like the young mice. THEN the hippocampus of the old mice became more active and all of sudden the old mice were learning stuff like young mice. Of course this was on mice, not humans, but still super cool.

AURORA SAYS NO TO AN URBAN CAMPING BAN And you get what you ask for, Aurora. Mayor Mike Coffman wanted to use this as a way to deal with encampments popping up in the city. From the Denver Post:

Coffman’s proposal would have banned camping on all public property, as well as private property where the owner hasn’t given permission to camp. The city would have needed to give the person experiencing homelessness 72 hours notice to gather their possessions and move before issuing a ticket.
The city would also have to ensure there is a place to which they can go before telling them to move on.

Which means he already covered the issues that have been used to strike down other bans. Why did five Aurora City Council members say no? They say that bans are ineffective. So that means all speeding laws should be cancelled as well because people still speed, no? A camping ban does not solve the problem, it is simply another tool for the city to use.

THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS HATES SCIENCE They must because they will not allow a group that questions the reigning orthodoxy (which is so new that no long term studies exist on the potential permanent health issues from gender blocking hormones in children) of transgender affirmation in kids at their conference. Won't even allow them to set up a booth. What are they afraid of? Are they afraid that people will find out that in Europe many countries, including the hospital that is the home of the Nobel prize, have STOPPED gender affirming hormones in children because of the reviews of their own data? The Hippocratic oath is about doing no harm and yet, our children are being offered up on the altar of politically correct, untested treatments that are permanently life altering.

HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES IN OREGON NO LONGER HAVE TO BE ABLE TO READ OR DO MATH In a bill that was signed by the Governor this summer. The "requirements" that schools prove they did anything to actually teach kids was removed for three years in response to covid. Read this garbage quote:

Charles Boyle, the deputy communications director from Brown’s office, told the paper in an email that staff from the governor’s office informed legislative staffers about the bill's signing on the day it was passed. He also said that the new standards for graduation will help benefit the state’s "Black, Latino, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, Pacific Islander, Tribal, and students of color."

This is a perfect example of the soft bigotry of low expectations. If I were a parent of a child that fell into the above category I would be demanding an apology. But it's Oregon so....

WE DID NOT WATCH THE OLYMPICS And the ratings were abysmal. Chuck and I noticed that the Closing Ceremonies were on and that we didn't watch ANY of the Olympics this year, save for the end of the speed walking race I saw out at dinner in a restaurant. Why not? Sports is polluted now and I simply am not interested anymore. How about you?


CHICAGO COPS GIVE THE CRAPPY MAYOR THE COLD SHOULDER And I mean literally, they all stood and turned their backs on her when she stopped by the hospital for a photo op after two cops were shot. One of the died and the other is still critical. Mayor Lightfoot was trying to talk to one officer's father who lit her up and blamed her for his son's condition. She took the berating but when she tried to offer condolences to other officers they turned their backs in unison. See the photo in this story.

FAUX FISH IS A THING NOW AND I WON'T FIGHT YOU FOR IT I love fish. I love to catch it, I love to eat it and there is a zero percent chance I'm giving it up. But if you want to fake fish is a thing now.

KARMA IS A YOU KNOW WHAT And this karma was instant.

PREGNANT MOMS WITH COVID ARE MORE LIKELY TO HAVE A BABY EARLY At least according to this review of patient data about pregnant women. They are more likely to have a pre-term birth and experience complications during and after pregnancy, but the connection only seems to be women who experienced severe covid symptoms.

PROMINENT ANTI-VAX COVID DENIER TALK SHOW HOST DIES OF COVID COMPLICATIONS And this is awkward. Sad and awkward. Read about the man who some called The Other Rush Limbaugh here.

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