Mandy's Fri Blog: Let's Talk Homeschooling and Filmmaking!

HAVE MASK MANDATES GOT YOU THINKING ABOUT HOMESCHOOLING? I've got Steve Craig, the Executive Director of the Christian Home Educators of Colorado on at 1pm to answer some questions about homeschooling and the support that exists for homeschooling parents. Find out more about the organization or get the help you need by clicking here.

A LOCAL FILMMAKER IS TELLING STORIES NO ONE ELSE IS TELLING And I've got Davon Johnson on to talk about his latest project about black actor Ira Aldridge, the first black man to play Othello on the European stage. Find out more about Davon and his films by clicking here. Watch the trailer here!

THE MANDY CONNELL ADVENTURE IS CLOSE TO SELLING OUT!I talked to Charlie from Cruise and Tour yesterday and we have room for maybe 8 more couples so if you're thinking about it, you need to call 1-800-383-3131 TODAY.Check out the whole trip by clicking here

NOT ALL RESTAURANTS WANT GOVERNMENT TO DEMAND VACCINE PASSPORTS And one such restaurant posted this on their Facebook page. Go to Katherine's and thank them for this stance!

HOLY HOMELESS SPENDING, DENVER I've been asking the Mayor's office for some time for a number that totals up, per person, how much we spend on homeless people in this state. No one has those numbers. Until now. From the Denver Post:

Researchers at the University of Colorado Denver and the business-oriented, “free-enterprise” advocacy group Common Sense Institute said Thursday that Denver spends between $42,000 and $104,000 each year per person experiencing homelessness. That total includes city government spending and spending on homelessness by charitable groups and Denver Health.
Rental housing groups estimate the average annual rent for a one-bedroom unit is about $20,000.
The release of this report comes one day after Denver released its five-year plan to address homelessness. Mike Strott, a spokesman for Mayor Michael Hancock, said the city doesn’t track spending for the unhoused on a per-capita basis.

First off, why is free enterprise in quotes? For real, why? This is a great example of the left wing bias of the Post, Editors. And there is no hyphen either if you must know. This is a much clearer story from the Daily Mail:

The City of Denver may be spending more than twice per homeless person than it does on a public school student.
According to a report released Thursday by the Common Sense Institute in collaboration with researchers at the University of Colorado Denver, the City of Denver spends anywhere from $41,679 to $104,201 per homeless person, compared to $19,202 per K through 12 student. 

Fantastic. So the next time someone tells you we don't spend enough on education, simply point out that we have made supporting urban outdoorsman more of a priority than educating our children. I have some words on this.

PARENTS PULL KIDS FROM CATHOLIC SCHOOL OVER UNIFORMS AND THIS REALLY ISN'T A STORY Unless you are trying to make the Catholic Church look backwards and intolerant because they are requiring kindergarten girls to wear jumpers instead of pants. Maybe because I was subjected to the same dress code (we wore shorts under our jumpers every day, btw) this mom's hyperventilation about it seems stupid. She says that because the church is trying to reinforce gender norms her children must go elsewhere this year. Don't let the door hit you where the good Lord split you, lady.

A SHOPPING LIST FOR ABORTED BABY PARTS IS STOMACH TURNING I honestly could not get through this entire story the first time. It horrified me. We've reduced the remains of aborted babies down to demographic body parts and if this is what our culture is I want to get out.

MAYBE WE SHOULD RETHINK THE METRIC SYSTEM I remember being incensed as a kid when the metric system was introduced to us in elementary school. Give up inches for centimeters? NO WAY! Well now I've come to realize that the simplicity of the metric system is indeed superior to our own haphazard way of measurement. I know that may be blasphemy, but I measure things in grams for cooking and frankly, it's just easier. And we've been inching towards it for years without complaint. Read more here.

AND NOW, JOHN LENNON'S IMAGINE DONE ABOUT COMMUNISM and it's funny because it's true.

COULD VACCINES HELP PREVENT ALZHEIMERS? This isn't an attempt to get you to get a covid shot because this is about OTHER vaccines mostly, but researchers think there may be a connection between vaccination for things like diphtheria can reduce your chances of getting Alzheimer's later in life. Read more here.

THEY ARE COMING FOR YOUR CHILDREN And a perfect example is in Virginia, where someone "accidentally" posted a video that announced to kindergartners that they feel safest when there are NO police around. I guess those kindergartners are not seeing the news of rising crime in cities like ours where the police have been under attack from the Left. The video has been removed but it has alerted parents to the anti-white (whiteness is a form of oppression they say) curriculum that has infested their schools. We'll see if they do anything about it.

THE CENSUS WON'T ASK ABOUT IMMIGRATION STATUS BUT WILL ASK WHO YOU BONK Because knowing if someone is gay or straight is the government's business but knowing if they are here legally is not. Our world is out of control.


UNITED AIRLINES IS REQUIRING ALL EMPLOYEES TO BE VACCINATED And they are just the latest large corporation to require the vaccine. Will this speed up the end of the mask mandate? I doubt it.

IS CANDI CDEBACA A RACIST? A complaint has been filed by African-American Public Safety Director Murphy Robinson after he says the councilwoman's then Chief of Staff refused to meet with someone from his office because she was white. It sounds plausible, but since the offender Lisa Calderon left her position for another job at about the same time this allegedly happened, CdeBaca has cover and is demanding an apology from Robinson. I wonder if he has hard proof, like an email? We shall see how this all shakes out.

CONGRATS TO 35 YEAR OLD ALLYSON FELIX FOR SETTING A RECORD FOR MEDALS IN TRACK AND FIELD! First off, this dame is 35 years old in a sport for youngsters. She is a mom and an athlete and now holds the record for the most Olympic medals won by a woman in track and field. This is a great story about her here!


SCUMBAG CUOMO IS FACING A REAL LIVE CRIMINAL COMPLAINT NOW And I can't believe he's still hanging on but he is. Now he is going to have to face questions from the police after one of his accusers filed a complaint. I am enjoying this so very much.

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