Mandy Wed Blog: The Mask of Respectability is Off Governor Cuomo

ANDREW CUOMO IS A SCUMBAG And in what may be a real first, the powerful New York politician who was widely expected to run for President at some point, is seeing his entire political future crash down around him. A Marist snap poll shows a majority of Democrats and New Yorkers want Cuomo to resign. A majority of them say if he doesn't resign, the State Legislature should impeach him as well. Good news, apparently they are planning to do just that! If you aren't up to speed on what the Governor is accused of, read this roundup by the NYPost. But the knives are out in all circles and it couldn't be happening to a more deserving fella. This opinion in the NYTimes explains how the Governor has gotten away with it for so long now. From the article:

All of these things have given people around Mr. Cuomo — and often, the general public — a sense that he operates like a macho Machiavelli who views other people as instruments for accumulating power and that he believes he is entitled to that power regardless of what the public thinks or wants. It is his political birthright, and public service appears to be a secondary consideration.
It’s unsurprising, then, that this sense of entitlement would extend to Mr. Cuomo’s treatment of women. Men who unapologetically harass women believe on some level that they are entitled to sexual attention from the women they harass. Instead, they offer mealy-mouthed statements that technically include the words “I’m sorry” but terminate in some variation of “that your feelings were hurt.”
“I never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances,” Mr. Cuomo still maintains.
Perversely, his abrasiveness may have given him a sort of immunity to consequences until now, at least when it comes to his public image. Any time he exhibits terrible interpersonal behavior, it can be regarded as an intrinsic part of his personality. He’s established a reputation as a jerk who treats people badly, so people shrug when he proves, yet again, that he is a jerk who treats people badly. His behavior is normalized because it seems normal for Andrew Cuomo.

My takeaway from this is that in order to get away with being an ahole one only need be an ahole to establish such aholery as simply "your personality". But he may not need to resign, as the Speaker of the New York State Assembly, a Democrat by the way, says that Cuomo has lost the respect of the Democratic caucus and must resign. He went on to say that they are conducting an impeachment investigation that will be done very quickly, which certainly seems to indicate impeachment of Cuomo is going to happen. Heh. I hope he fights it. I hope he drags everyone down with him, at least those who enabled the scumbag in the first place. Heh.

THE BOOK OF QUESTIONS AT 2 TODAY It's gotten bounced around lately but it's happening today!

GRANT'S NEW EPISODE OF TAKING IT FOR GRANTED IS OUT! In it he talks to Luigi Casaretto AKA Weege is a musician who describes his sound as "reggaeish," but what's most important to him is being a great role model for his daughters and the best husband to his wife. After a long hiatus from music, he's hitting the road with a 10 piece band and couldn't be more excited about it. Find out more about his music and when he'll be playing near you by checking out his websitewww.weegemusic.comor following him on Instagram @weegemusic. Listen to the episode here.

THIS IS THE OLYMPIAN WE CAN ALL GET BEHIND AND LOVE! I saw this last night and I might have teared up a bit. Tamyra Mensah-Stock won gold in wrestling and this is her post medal interview. I LOVE HER.

JACK PHILLIPS IS A WARRIOR FOR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM And if you are prayerful type please lift him up. He's been targeted by a trans activist after he won his cake case at the Supreme Court. She suing because he wouldn't make some gender affirming cake or something and of course the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, who already got cracked back on by the Supreme Court for their anti-religious stances, has already bowed out of this one after Phillips sued them for harassment. So Scardina, the women and activist in question, filed suit and a Denver judge ruled her rights were violated so here we go again. A lesser man may have given up by now. But Jack Phillips appealed the decision and we'll see if this makes it to the Supreme Court where it will not go well for Scardina. Pray for this man and pray for Scardina that she may find another bakery to make her cake so she leaves Jack Phillips alone.

A COMMUNITY COLLEGE TO SCHOOL OF MINES PIPELINE IS A GREAT THING! The Colorado School of Mines is a great school. But it costs a lot. Like 34 grand a year. But they have entered into an agreement with the Colorado Community Colleges to create a streamlined process for students who want to get their AA or AS at a less expensive school and THEN go to SofMines. I LOVE THIS. This is going to help students graduate with a degree that will get them a good paying job with WAY less debt at the end. Well done!

PARENTS ARE PROTESTING AGAINST MASK MANDATES IN JEFFCO It happened this morning at 9am when parents gathered outside the School Board building in Jefferson County to express their displeasure at JeffCo's mask mandate. No word on if DPS parents are planning the same, but I have no faith DPS will listen to parents when they only do what the unions want them to do anyway.

DOUGCO PARENTS, TONIGHT IS YOUR NIGHT All the other districts have caved to mask mandates. Tonight at Rock Canyon High School in Highlands Ranch there is a Back to School Community Forum with Superintendent Cory Wise and if you want to keep your choice about masks, you need to show up! 6pm, be there or be masked.

FORTUNE MAGAZINE MUST HAVE READ MY ARTICLE ABOUT THE DELTA VARIANT ON THE BLOG Because now they have an article about how the delta variant surged in the UK and India but has now receded. They didn't include graphs though, so mine is better.

AW, OBAMA HAD TO CANCEL HIS BIG FANCY PARTY Because of the media attention his massive soiree attracted just as covid cases are on the rise. Awwww, poor Obama.

SEX SELECTIVE ABORTION COULD LEAD TO A SHORTAGE OF WOMEN And that is not good. Look at cultures where there is a shortage of marriageable women and you see cultural upheaval and violence (the Middle East comes to mind as men have many wives and some men have none). Now with sex selective abortion we could see shortages in a lot of places that put more value on men than women. And yes, there are MANY cultures where that exists. Maybe stop killing babies because they don't fit some preconceived norm?

KEN BURNS THINKS DOING GOOD AND SOLID WORK IS ENOUGH But he needs to realize that he is WHITE, therefore unable to research and create award winning documentaries that focus on non-white subjects because he's obviously a racist because he's WHITE. Or something. Read more about the controversy surrounding PBS and it's reliance on Burns for documentaries here before he gets cancelled.

GUYS, I HAVE A QUESTION FOR YOU So this article popped up when I was looking at another article and I had to click it. Why? Because it's about a stunningly beautiful woman who makes her living selling smutty pics of herself on OnlyFans. She is surprised that men dump her when they find out what she does for a living. I am not. So here's the ask: does it matter to you if your woman makes her money showing her naughty bits to everyone else? I think I know the answer for most of you, but I'm interested to see if I am right.



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