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FUTURIST THOMAS FREY IS ON TODAY AT 1 And I have no idea what he's bringing to the table but I'm always fascinated by the conversation. Find Thomas for speaking or consulting by clicking here.

GO ON THE MANDY CONNELL ADVENTURE IN AUGUST OF 2022! Find out more about our Canadian Rockies Adventure by clicking here or calling 1-800-383-3131.

DO YOU KNOW WHY WE SING THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER AT SPORTING EVENTS? I did not until I watched this video. You should watch it too! Thanks to listener Dick for passing it along!


SOMEONE SHOULD HAVE SHOWN THAT VIDEO TO HICK Before he sent out a cheesy message of him and the Guv eating peaches in Palisades, which you can't get to because the road is covered with mud and debris. The internet was not kind.

IF YOU WORK FOR DENVER OR SCHOOLS OR LONG TERM CARE YOU BETTER ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES Because Denver Mayor Michael Hancock declared that you must get the shot if you work in any of these jobs:

- All employees for Denver city/county (including airport employees, library employees, board and commissions, and elected officials)

- First responders

- Hospital workers and employees in clinical settings

- Long-term care employees

- Home health care providers

- Employees at homeless shelters

- Child care providers

They have until September 30th to get the shots before they aren't allowed to work in those fields anymore. I'm genuinely shocked that we don't have someone suing already. We shall see.

VACCINES ARE NOT THE ONLY WAY OUT OF THE DELTA VARIANT As the Mayor said at his press conference. How do I know? We have two countries who have already done with variant, one with very high vaccination rates, one with very low vaccination rates. Let's start with the UK, where full vaccination rates are around 70% which is the highest in the world. Let's see what Delta did there:

See that big spike and then that big drop? The UK dropped all restrictions on its people on July 19th. But everyone is vaccinated so that must be it, right? Let's check on India, where only 7% of the entire population is vaccinated and mask wearing compliance is very, very low.

See that big spike and then that big drop? That's the Delta variant there. Vaccines did not make a difference AT ALL. So let's check deaths in the UK

And India

The virus is gonna do what the virus is gonna do. Vaccines prevent serious illness and I truly believe, as many epidemiologists do that we are all going to get covid at some point, it really depends on how you want it to go for you when it comes to the vaccines. I am happily vaccinated, which gives me a great deal of confidence that if I do get covid it will be a nothingburger, but I am not wearing a mask every again. The End.

ABOUT THAT STUPID PROVINCETOWN STUDY THE CDC IS USING TO JUSTIFY MASKS AGAIN I'm going to cut and paste a lot of this article from the Wall Street Journal because it's the best I've seen on this and it's paywalled (please subscribe to the Journal, they are on the only decent national newspaper at this point although they still lean left outside the editorial page) so I hope the editors forgive me but it's important. Even WITHIN the CDC there is disagreement over what the Provincetown outbreak really means.

The Provincetown data contained two startling details: nearly three-quarters of infected people were fully vaccinated, the CDC said, and samples showed that the amount of virus infected people carried—or viral load—was similar between vaccinated and unvaccinated patients. The CDC concluded from the latter that vaccinated people who become infected might spread the Delta variant as readily as the unvaccinated.
The meaning of some of the viral load data has been disputed. Inside the CDC, some officials disagree with the agency’s conclusion that vaccinated people who become infected may spread the virus as readily as the unvaccinated, and argue that more testing needs to be done, including tests that measure how infectious virus particles are, according to a person familiar with the matter.
“There’s no one-to-one relationship between high viral load and infectivity, but we’re always making decisions based on imperfect data,” said Tom Frieden, who headed the CDC from 2009 to 2017.
Some scientists say that the Provincetown study isn’t reliable enough to be the primary driver of a public health policy change. The data is too recent to be independently reviewed by outside experts, and it is too small of a sample and the circumstances of the outbreak are too unique for it to be applied to other parts of the country.
The connection between the Provincetown data and the CDC’s new mask guidelines has struck some scientists as obscure. The guidance applied to areas with high transmission of the virus, which tend to be parts of the U.S. with lower vaccination rates. Vaccination rates in Provincetown were high, around 69% for eligible Massachusetts residents.
“They’re making these decisions on the basis of extremely weak and unreliable data, and at the same time not doing the necessary work to reduce uncertainty among the population,” said Vinay Prasad, a physician and professor in the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of California, San Francisco. “When there isn’t a lot of study data, the CDC should be conducting these studies.”

Got that? They are making decisions on weak and unreliable data. But that's not all! Read on:

The CDC has also published some puzzling data. According to the agency’s website, 197,845 children under 12 have received at least one shot. Vaccines aren’t authorized in the U.S. for children that young. Vaccine makers areevaluating whether the shots are safe for childrenin clinical trials.
A CDC spokeswoman said the tally could include children participating in clinical trials. The CDC also said birthdays could have been entered in its databases incorrectly.ModernaInc.andPfizerInc.with its partner BioNTech SE are conducting clinical trials aiming to enroll some 11,000 total children in the U.S.
Pfizer isn’t aware of any vaccinations outside of its trial for children under 12, a spokeswoman said.
Cody Meissner, chief of the pediatric infectious diseases division at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, said it seemed unlikely that such a large number was a record-keeping glitch. “I don’t think you can say 200,000 birthdays were entered incorrectly,” he said.

But I'm sure we should just listen to the experts and shut up.

AND HOW ARE THINGS IN MASKLESS SWEDEN? Just peachy, thanks. The Delta variant is the dominant strain there, mask mandates were dropped on July 1st and they have had zero deaths for some days now. Their strategy worked, just saying.

A HORRIBLE MOM GETS BUSTED BY HER FOUR YEAR OLD And good for the kid she left in a two door car with SIX OTHER CHILDREN as she ventured into the mall to go shop. The kid called 911 and cops came to get the kids out of the sweltering car and arrested the horrible mom.

DEFUND THE POLICE COULD TURN INTO UNSEAT THE DEMS A new survey shows just how unpopular the stupid Defund the Police movement run by progressives really is. A whopping 75% of people said not only do they NOT like defund the police they want the exact OPPOSITE and want more cops on the streets stat. This is not good, as this message is completely identified with the Dems and they know it. tries to spin this poll by pointing out that majority of Americans support legal weed and skimming over the rest of the disastrous-for-Dems results.

JUDGE ANDREW NAPOLITANO IS OUT AT FOX NEWS And Fox News still has some SERIOUS issues with its corporate culture apparently. A man has alleged sexual harassment and sex discrimination this time, and the complaint is not flattering to the Judge. Fox News says it has parted ways with Napolitano so there is nothing to see here.

WE SHOULD PROBABLY STOP WISHING PEOPLE WHO GET COVID DEATH, K? As one Democratic mouthpiece for the Rhode Island Democratic party learned when she hoped Lindsey Graham dies from his recent covid diagnosis. Too bad he's vaccinate and will probably live. The internet came out in force against her.

DISNEY PRINCESS CULTURE IS NOT GOING TO HURT YOUR CHILDREN And the notion that we have to bring our children up in "the real world" from birth is just stupid and robs both parents and children of some of the best "magic" ever. We took four year old Q to Disney in her Disney princess dress and had the best day ever and amazingly she will still clean her own room without waiting for forest animals to come clean it for her. Now a new study about Princess Culture shows that it can lead to positive childhood development. This is not surprising considering how many of us grew up with princess culture and survived just fine.


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