Mandy's Mon Blog: It's a Living: Moonshiner Edition!

MIKE GIRARD MAKES MOONSHINE FOR A LIVING He's the guy who makes the most delicious, refined moonshine I've ever had at 3 Hundred Days Distilling in Monument. He's on at 2 to talk about what he and the Duke boys have in common. (spoiler alert, not much) Find out more or visit the distillery by clicking here!

IT'S NO COVID MONDAY! And my GOODNESS is it hard to not do stories about covid but I think I've managed although some stories may make you think about covid for a hot minute. Like this one.

IF YOU HAVE TO HEAD WEST ON I-70 PREPARE FOR MISERY As I-70 is completely jacked up from a massive mudslide which will likely keep it closed for some time. As in, no word on how long it will be impassible. Go somewhere else.

FORMER PRESIDENT OBAMA IS HAVING A HUGE PARTY FOR HIS 60TH And far be it from me to criticize but isn't there something going around that we've been talking about but aren't talking about today? I just wanted everyone to know there is a big party and they aren't invited. About 500ish people are invited to hang out with the former President. Hey, what if Trump did it? Just asking.

THE LOST ART OF CONVERSATION IN A FEW SHORT LESSONS We've forgotten to talk to people in our year and half away. Here are some good tips to get the conversation flowing again.

COCO AUSTIN IS BREAST FEEDING HER FIVE YEAR OLD AND PEOPLE ARE WEIRDED OUT I have friends who nursed until their children were six. I personally find that odd, but it's not me or my kid and their kids turned out relatively normal so who am I to judge? Coco Austin, the well endowed mama of Chanel Austin with husband Ice-T, still breastfeeds her daughter and wants everyone to know it's cool. Okay, mama, you do what's best for your kids. I'm honestly not sure why this is a news story to be honest, but it's a non-covid day so I take what I can get.

HEADED TO CALIFORNIA? BETTER BRING YOUR OWN BACON This is a perfect example of when idiots vote in some nice sounding law that makes the feel good without having any clue what is actually IN the law and how it affects them and the food chain. Such was the case when Californians voted in a bill that gives more space to breeding pigs. Pig producers are saying no. Only 4% of pig producers currently meet the California standards. If I were a pig producer I'd find a new market for my pork. However, this could really mean higher prices across the country as pig producers try to comply. How much more? Well one group estimates that prices could rise as much as 60%. Bye-bye bacon, and thanks California aholes.

THE WOMEN'S US SOCCER TEAM LOST AGAIN That means they can't defend their gold. They are playing for bronze later this week. I wonder if the protests from the third place podium will mean as much?

IF YOU'RE GONNA BE STUPID, YOU BETTER BE TOUGH: JAGUAR EDITION It never ceases to amaze me when people do dumb crap like climbing over a barrier to taunt a wild animal. And yet, Florida man has done it.

CRITICAL RACE THEORY AND THE OLD SOVIET STYLE EDUCATION ARE HAND IN HAND This is a great column about the real aims of the Critical Race Theory crowd and the straw man arguments they throw up whenever parents fight back against this toxic stew of anti-white division. From the column:

It’s no secret that one of the aims of Soviet education was to consolidate all learning in the hands of the state. CRT’s activist approach to teaching history aims to achieve a similar end. Ask parents if they think that morality should be left up to schools to teach, and you will gain all the clarity you need about why parents across the country are organizing to defeat CRT.
Not only should parents be stunned by the congresswoman’s ignorance, but they should be insulted by what her remarks suggest. Implied in her is argument is that parents are incapable of teaching their own kids about racism. Apparently, the only way to get kids to understand the immorality of treating people differently based on skin color is to get the government and CRT-trained teachers involved. Ironically, though, CRT would teach students that skin color is suggestive of a perpetual societal power struggle rather than an accident of birth.

WE GAVE THEM FREEDOM AND THEY ARE RUNNING RATHER THAN PROTECTING IT The men who run Afghanistan and it's army, trained by the US for over 20 years, are cowards. How do I know this? Because without the Americans there to back them up, they are giving up territory to the Taliban, deserting from the Army, and actually running over the border to Tajikistan rather than fight for their country. I feel very sorry for the women and children who will be murdered and mistreated by the barbary of the Taliban regime. Read about it here.

IS BILL MAHER CHANGING OR AM I? Because I find myself agreeing with him more and more these days. He says his politics haven't changed, but hmmmmm.



THE TRANSGENDER WEIGHTLIFTER FAILED ON HER FIRST THREE ATTEMPTS And I'm not sure she didn't throw the matches to make a point. She failed to lift 120kg (264 pounds) and then failed again on an attempt at 125kg. So why do I think she tanked on purpose? Because in her qualifying for the Games she lifted a total of 285kg in two lifts. Add that up. Now you see why I think she tanked it.

THE TEACHERS UNIONS LOCKDOWNS HAVE DAMAGED AN ENTIRE GENERATION OF CHILDREN In terms of their learning, and the impact is felt most by poor and minority students. A new study about learning loss during the pandemic is very concerning, especially as the head of the AFT says they are going to "try" to open schools this year. Because they don't care about students at all. Not. At. All.

USED CAR PRICES ARE OUT OF CONTROL and it doesn't look like they will be coming down anytime soon. The issue? A microchip supply chain issue that is preventing new cars from hitting the market. Some prices have exploded and here is a handy list of the cars with the biggest increases overall.

AUTHORITIES CAN'T SHUT DOWN HOMELESS CAMPS BECAUSE THEY ARE BUSY SHUTTING DOWN LEMONADE STANDS This story is just perfect for the times we are living in right now. In Everett, Washington there is a massive homeless camp that neighbors have been complaining about for some time. It's still there. A lemonade stand set up by a young girl was too much for Everett though, and after a neighbor complained (CAN WE STOP RATTING OUT CHILDREN WITH LEMONADE STANDS ALREADY???) the cops showed up tout de suite to make sure the young scofflaw was shut down immediately. Priorities!

AND NOW, MAX AND QUACKERS They are best friends.

THIS IS A REALLY GOOD PRANK And I'm not sure what I would do.

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