Mandy's Fri Blog: Why Doesn't The CDC Look at the UK And India?

MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIES TODAY AT 2 And we're talking Black Widow and Old.

LET'S TALK ABOUT THE MANDY CONNELL ADVENTURE FOR A HOT MINUTE Because I've got Charlie Crull from Cruise and Tour at 1. I realize that the latest CDC scare may freak some of you out, but this trip is in August of 2022 for that very reason. Find out more and book your trip to ride the rails in the Canadian Rockies by clicking here!

LET'S GET SOME REAL TALK ABOUT THE DELTA VARIANT From reporter for the Wall Street Journal Jason Douglas. I saw this story this morning about the Delta variant receding very quickly in the UK, which is the same thing that happened in India, by the way and asked Jason to come on to talk about what is actually happening already in the UK, where this variant has been spreading all summer. Jason is in the UK so he'll give us the skinny on real world experience with this variant. And it doesn't seem to match what we're hearing from the CDC. From the article:

The decline follows a stretch of rising caseloads as the Delta variant spread through younger, mostly unvaccinated age groups during the summer. In mid-June, cases were jumping 50% to 60% a week, prompting Prime MinisterBoris Johnsonto delay plans to ditch almost all public-health restrictions in England, a decision that eventually took effect July 19.
For Mark Woolhouse, professor of infectious disease epidemiology at the University of Edinburgh, shrinking caseloads suggest vaccines are winning out and the U.K. is approaching the point where the virus’s opportunity to spread is being circumscribed by growing population immunity.
“This is the first time there’s been a decrease for a major epidemic in the absence of a lockdown,” he said. ”Something here is fundamentally different, the most obvious difference being the possibility of herd immunity.”

The big difference is that the UK is about 70% fully vaccinated right now. The UK actually re OPENED the economy during the delta surge and yet, it's retreating. The vaccines work, they are safe and I with my unvaccinated friends, who are going to be the ones to get this and get sick from this variant. Some vaccinated people are going to get this variant, but it's not going to kill us.

THIS AS A CDC REPORT SHOWS THE DELTA VARIANT IS EXTREMELY CONTAGIOUS This sucks if you are unvaccinated, but don't panic about this AT ALL if you are vaccinated. You are good unless you are immunocompromised or have significant other medical issue with your heart or lungs. SIGNIFICANT issues. Read this Twitter thread from a senior scientist in vaccine development about what, exactly, is in that "leaked" CDC slide show. The air quotes are because I don't believe for a second it was leaked, this was given to settle down the natives by scaring the to death again.

WHY ARE CUBANS SECOND CLASS UNDOCUMENTED PEOPLE? Remember how we've been told that we can't stop the flow of illegal immigrants from the south because they are fleeing violence and persecution because we need so show compassion? Well the Cuban people are in the midst of the worst crackdown on democracy seekers in a few decades but the Biden Admin just returned 27 people on a raft to the communist dictatorship. Compassion my ass.

THE RATE OF HOMESCHOOLED STUDENTS IN COLORADO DOUBLED THIS YEAR And now a whopping 11% of kids are being homeschooled. That's a big number. And if the teachers unions keep up this crap, it's going to be even more this year. Watch here here to find out why the union is going to keep your kids in masks.


THE SAN FRAN DA SAYS SHOPLIFTERS CAUGHT STEALING ARE JUST DESPERATE This is utter madness. The man in charge of enforcing the law in San Francisco is making excuses for criminals rather than charging them the way they need to charged. He is also putting the blame for the rampant shoplifting in his city on the retailers and their security guards. I wonder if desperate retailers told their security to beat the crap out of people if he would be as kind to them as he is to blatant criminals.

PEOPLE ON AIRLINES ARE BEING HORRIBLE AND NEED TO STOP The number and volume of passenger related incidents could total more this year than in the HISTORY of aviation. Drunk people, mask fights, and other horrible behavior are putting flight attendants in harm's way and I hope they start charging people with serious crimes and banning them from flying on any airline. These people ALL need to be on the No-Fly list, imo.

DISNEY ATTACKS SCARLETT JOHANSSON BECAUSE THEY BROKE THEIR CONTRACT WITH HER And they have the nerve to blame covid for doing so. In Disney's deal with Scarlett to play Black Widow, she negotiated and was given the assurance that the film would be released in theaters FIRST, then move to streaming. Her compensation is tied to theater sales, not streaming sales. Disney released her movie on the same day and now they are attacking her for wanting her contract upheld. They should have called her agent and re-negotiated first, but then they would have had to share streaming dollars. Read more here.

RIP FORMER GOVERNOR DICK LAMM He passed away at the age of 85. Read more here.

NPR DROPS THE VEIL OF OBJECTIVITY BY UNLEASHING ITS REPORTERS FOR ACTIVISM And this isn't surprising but it will be funny when they realize everyone thinks they are hopelessly left wing because of their reporters activism. Read more here.

WE'VE ALL STRUGGLED WITH LOADING THE PEZ DISPENSER This is my LEAST favorite thing Q ever loved. The Pez dispenser is an absolute pain in the butt to fill, right? Not so much says Pez. Watch the video in this story.


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