Mandy's Wed Blog: The POTUS Didn't Tell People His Butt's Been Wiped

THIS ACTUALLY GAVE ME A SIGH OF RELIEF I mentioned yesterday the over the weekend twitterstorm about a comment shouted by President Joe Biden as he approached a press gaggle. It clearly sounds like he shouts "My Butt's Been Wiped!" which would be horrifying for our President to yell, even if he is a Democrat I disagree with. I could NOT figure out what the heck he could have been saying different. Watch it.

The AP has come to rescue with what they say he said, which is "What Must Be What?" in response to a reporter asking if immigration could be part of reconciliation. I re watched it knowing this but can't shake the butt's been wiped. What do you think?

DEAR COLORADO REPUBLICANS, PLEASE DON'T SCREW WITH THE PRIMARIES Jon Caldara writes a great column here on the Colorado GOP making a move to close their nominating process again. They want to return to the caucus system and lock out Republican voters who don't have the time or energy to be deeply involved in party politics. This is the system that has given us candidates with ZERO chance in a now blue state like Colorado. If you are a Republican who wants our candidates to be chosen by .1% of people registered in the Colorado Republican party, please call anyone you know in party leadership and let your voice be heard. Jon is joining me at 1 to discuss.

GRANT HAS A NEW PODCAST OUT! After taking a well deserved vacation, he's back with a new episode! He talks to Wic Whitney, who is a musician who is sometimes labeled as a rapper, but blends the genres of hip hop, folk, soul, and a little rock to create his own unique sound. He's an advocate and voice for the LGBTQ+ community, and as a gay man himself, he uses his platform to help others become their true selves. Wic is as genuine and real as it gets, and that shines through in his music and his personal life! Click here to listen!

THE BOOK OF QUESTIONS TODAY And we'll spin the newly refurbished wheel and find out what deep philosophical question we can ask.

SIMONE BILES HAS WITHDRAWN FROM THE ALL-ROUND INDIVIDUAL COMPETITION TOO And she has come out and said that her mental game is so off that it could result in physical harm if she tried to compete. I have to take her at her word, because she's right, if she tries to do her normal stuff and doesn't have the mental part down, she could really hurt herself. I find the reaction to all this very interesting. We shall continue to discuss. No word on the individual event finals. I hope her teammates kick booty in the individual all-round, they deserve to shake the shadow of her withdrawal.

THE NEW CDC GUIDANCE IS BASED ON "DATA" ON THE CDC HAS SEEN and I'm truly confused as to why Rochelle Walensky would not make that data available if it's so compelling, but it's not. The only recent PUBLISHED study I could find is from the New England Journal of Medicine and it clearly says this:

Among participants with SARS-CoV-2 infection, the mean viral RNA load was 40% lower (95% CI, 16 to 57) in partially or fully vaccinated participants than in unvaccinated participants. In addition, the risk of febrile symptoms was 58% lower (relative risk, 0.42; 95% CI, 0.18 to 0.98) and the duration of illness was shorter, with 2.3 fewer days spent sick in bed (95% CI, 0.8 to 3.7).

So where is this magical study the CDC is relying on? I think we all deserve to know why they are relying on an UNPUBLISHED data set when the PUBLISHED studies show something completely different. If there is data specific to the Delta variant that shows otherwise, the public needs to know about it now. Because I am done with masks. Done.

The CDC director said this:

CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said: "We have new science related to the delta variant that requires us to update the guidance regarding what you can do when you are fully vaccinated."
According to unpublished data, vaccinated people who get infected with Delta variant carry the same viral load as those who are unvaccinated, said Walensky. But she also clarified that so far, most coronavirus transmission is occurring through people who are not vaccinated. (Emphasis mine)

So we're supposed to believe that the viral loads are the same, but for some reason, only unvaccinated people seem to be giving covid to others. It must be magic. Like how covid didn't appear at protests but was rampant at Sturgis. They are just making crap up.

THE NEW FELON GUN RIGHTS BILL IS A MESS And is going to create problems because it may be in direct conflict with federal law. While rushing to curtail the rights of people who were convicted of certain misdemeanor crimes, the legislature also allowed certain felons to now own a firearm. Does this mean they can BUY a firearm? No. So what does this mean? I have no idea but you can read more here.

COLORADO'S ADHERENCE TO A DUMB CALIFORNIA LAW MEANS GAMERS CAN'T GET CERTAIN COMPUTERS HERE NOW And I wonder if this will be enough to get young people to start wondering why government should be involved in every aspect of your life and vote differently. Because Hick flew to Cali to suck up to voters there so he could run for President (wildly unsuccessfully, btw) and committed our state to California's energy plans, now we can't get computers that use a lot of power. Read more here.

THE TOTAL LIE OF TAXING THE RICH TO PAY FOR INFRASTRUCTURE I have an emailer Joe who does GREAT work. He sent me this today and I'm sharing it in it's entirety because it's THAT GOOD. From Joe:

President Biden and his liberal supporters have claimed that they will pay for the proposed massive increases in Federal spending by increasing taxes on "The rich" and Corporations. Politicians like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders are also proposing a wealth tax (2% of asset annually) on high net worth individuals implying that such a tax would pay for things like "Universal health care" and "Free College tuition for all". All of those individuals are either very bad at math or are knowingly are lying to the American people.
Here is that math behind those claims:
Raising the tax rate on millionaires & Billionaires back to the old 39.6% top rate from the current 37% top tax rate (a 7.02% increase in the effective tax rate):
According to the most recent IRS data available, under the current tax plan, the top 1% (those making more than $540,000/year) paid $615.7 Billion in Federal income taxes.
If the Federal government did indeed realize the entire 7.02% increase in tax revenues by restoring the top tax rate to the old 39.6% top rate, that would increase Federal income tax revenues by $43.6 Billion, just a hair shy of the proposed $1.5 trillion increase in new spending programs and not even coming close to eliminating the current $3 Trillion annual budget deficit.
Now how about the wealth tax? The combined wealth of the top 10 richest Americans is estimated at $1.049 Trillion. Assuming that no billionaire decided to leave the US and establish residency and citizenship in a foreign country to escape that new tax, 2% of that figure is another $20 Billion per year in incremental tax revenues, still just a little bit shy of the proposed $1.5 Trillion in proposed new spending.
How about just confiscating e wealth of all those billionaires in one felled swoop? Would that eliminate the US budget deficit? At the current Federal sending level of roughly $20 billion PER DAY ($7.49 Trillion per year) here is how long the complete wealth of this country's richest Citizen would fund the operation of the Government:
Jeff Bezos -        8.6 day
Elon Musk -       7.5 days
Bill Gates -       6.2 days
Mark Zuckerberg -  4.8 days
Warren Buffett -   4.8 days
Total            31.9 days
Our President Democrat politicians have apparently also never read the fairy tale about "The Goose that laid the golden egg" because they appear to be fixated on killing the goose.
What do they think that "The rich" do with their money? Park it in an offshore bank account where it might earn 1.5% annual interest?
They are apparently unaware that most venture capital funds in this country that fund the vast majority of new start-up companies and provide growth capital to existing small companies rely heavily on the participation of high new worth individuals.  Those investments create hundreds of thousand of new jobs in this country every year. Example: Before they went public, Tesla, Google, Amazon & Facebook were all funded by venture capital investments.
And how about the jobs that are created by the spending of those wealthy individuals? How many people (and supplier companies) benefited financially from the $5.5 Billion space flight taken by Jeff Bezos this month? 
How many people benefit and receive a paycheck for a year or more when a billionaire spends $1.2 billion to have a custom yacht built?
So sure, killing the goose that laid the Golden egg to make an almost insignificant dent in the Federal budget deficit probably won't have any unintended consequences (will it?) so why not try it?

Thanks, Joe!


WALMART WILL PAY FOR YOUR COLLEGE NOW And if I am a new high school graduate without the means to pay for college, I'm high tailing it over to the Walmart to take advantage of 100% payment for classes and books at ten schools now. Several of them are online options that can be accessed from anywhere. By the way, Walmart has had this program for a LONG TIME already. I know two people who got a degree working for Walmart, both of whom have continued to work for them. This is what happens in a labor tight market.

ONLY HALF OF AMERICANS DONATE TO CHARITY And this is a sad commentary on our society. The number is down from previous years, with 66% of Americans donating in 2000. The only year that was lower was 2008 during the Great Recession. Pony up, people!

AND NOW, SOME CARS FROM THE FUTURE FROM 1948 and after seeing this I must know WHERE ARE MY HYDROLIC JACKS????

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