Mandy's Mon Blog: Equity Comes to Women's Gymnastics

SIMONE BILES IS BEING DOCKED FOR BEING INCREDIBLE And I missed this story when it came out, but a listener sent it to me and I'm glad she did. Simone Biles, The Greatest Gymnast Ever, is SOOO GOOD that she does tricks that no other gymnast can pull off. That should be worth more in a sport that relies on judges for scoring, right? Not so much. The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) decides what and how much to score each skill, and they REGULARLY downplay Biles' athletic moves. Why? They say so she doesn't encourage young gymnasts to try tricks that may hurt them. This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Gymnastics is an inherently dangerous sport. For some, trying a back handspring on the balance beam could lead to permanent harm. This is simply to keep Biles from running away with the medals even though no one is remotely close to what she can do. This is what equity looks like in practice and it's ironic that the best gymnast, who is black, is finding out the hard way why striving for equity is stupid.

IS RAISING YOUR ELECTRIC RATES 20% IN PURSUIT OF GREEN ENERGY OKAY WITH YOU? If you're an Xcel Energy customer you may not have a choice. Xcel is being super aggressive with green energy goals, but they don't want to pay for any of it THEMSELVES. They want to pass those costs onto rate payers and the Public Utility Commission is hearing them out now. Read more about it here, but if I were an Xcel customer I'd be sending my thoughts to the PUC here already.

THE GERMAN RENEWABLES EXPERIMENT HAS FAILED And it's not just me saying that, it's Germany. After spending more than any other nation to pivot to renewable energy, they are realizing that renewables are NOT reliable and are tearing up the German countryside to get at the coal buried beneath. You'd think we'd learn from them, but no. See the story above for more.

WHO IS LYING IN THE PAUL-FAUCI GAIN OF FUNCTION DEBATE? What is the answer is neither of them? This article explains the argument and the science they are arguing about easily and better than any I've seen and it uses the Bill Clinton "it depends on what the definition of is is" as an analogy. So who do I think is lying? Neither of them. Read more here.

A COLORADO DAME WINS GOLD IN SKEET SHOOTING! And I'm going to have her on the show when she gets back. Congrats Amber English!!

THIS IS A GREAT SERMON ON WHO GIVES MORE And it's not about keeping score but this sermon does a great job talking about who giving is important. You can go back and watch the whole thing but I skipped to the part after the readings for the sermon. Thanks to emailer Michael for sharing!

A HOMELESS ENCAMPMENT IN GLENWOOD SPRINGS HAD 60,000 POUNDS OF GARBAGE IN IT And why is this okay? Why do we continue to allow these things to spring up and remain until they reach this level?

HERE ARE THE COLLECTIVE NOUNS FOR 50 DIFFERENT ANIMALS I have no idea why I find this so fascinating, yet here we are. Want to know what a group of owls is called? Click here!

SO HOW ARE THINGS IN AFGHANISTAN GOING? About as well as you could expect. The Afghan forces that we spent 20 years training have collapsed completely and the Taliban has taken over many areas already. They are murdering women and children at a rapid clip as they try to murder anyone who cooperated with the democratically elected government. A group of girls who had the nerve to go to school were murdered. This is where anyone who tries to tell me that we are not a better country than places like this can go pound sand. The culture that leads to the murder of women who can read needs to be wiped off the face off the earth. It would be nice if some of their fellow Arabs felt like helping, but I don't foresee that happening.

CAN OUR TWO DEMOCRATIC SENATORS KEEP THE BLM IN COLORADO? Likely no. The Interior Secretary visited last weekend and said the following:

“We need to put the BLM employees first and do what is right for them,”

You can go ahead and read this as "we're moving them back to DC" because that's what it means. The Denver Gazette has an editorial about it here.

THE MAKER OF MARLBORO IS ADVOCATING CIGARETTES BE BANNED Yep, you heard it here first. Philip Morris International is the company which makes cigs like Marlboro for consumption outside the US is advocating the cigs be banned, as they are horrible for your health. Just in case you are concerned about how you are going to get your nicotine fix, don't worry, Phillip Morris is well invested in vaping products to do just that.

I'M ODDLY COMFORTED BY THIS COLUMN ABOUT AMERICANS HATING EACH OTHER Because the end conclusion is that we MUST get involved in knowing people not like us, but this time of strife and division is NOT uncommon in our free society. Again, oddly comforted.

THE BABYLON BEE REPORTS ON OUT-OF-WORK MASCOTS And it's funny and brilliant, as usual. Read about all the culturally inappropriate mascots now looking for work here.

ONE MORE TIME, IF YOU'VE HAD COVID, YOU'VE GOT IMMUNITY The studies are coming in fast and furious and they ALL SAY THE SAME THING. Covid immunity after infection lasts. Meaning you don't need a vaccine if you've already recovered from covid. Repeat, if you've already had covid, you are good. Read more here.

A LITTLE KITTY IS INTRODUCED TO TOM AND JERRY And this is absolutely fantastic.


THE BIDEN ADMIN HAS THOUSANDS OF KIDS IN CAGES ON MILITARY BASES AND THE MEDIA IS UNINTERESTED Save this article from written by an immigration attorney. Children are being housed in tents that hold 1000 to 1500 kids, they smell like sewage, the children don't have enough socks and underwear, their bedding HAS NEVER BEEN WASHED in two months and that is JUST at Fort Bliss. But don't look for AOC to head down the border for a photo op, her team is in charge now.


FINALLY DEMS ARE ON BOARD WITH PROPER FOREST MANAGEMENT And it took three summers of everything being on fire for them to come around. Read more in this column about controlled and prescribed burns and why we may go back to managing forests properly again.

YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE SUPER FUNNY? If we replaced the NBA with robot players. A demo at the Olympics has everyone talking. He already shoots free throws better than Shaq ever did.

A MINNESOTA SCHOOL DISTRICT IS TELLING KIDS TO HIDE EQUITY SURVEYS FROM THEIR PARENTS And honestly I love this because it finally exposes the lie that school districts want parents involved with their children's learning. The NEA has actively worked for decades to take our children as soon as they are born for indoctrination, but parents didn't seem to realize how much they were willing to do to have your children only get what the NEA wants them to know. Now we have an example from Minnesota where elementary age children were given an "equity survey" that asked them questions like what their gender identity is. When kids were confused, they were told NOT to repeat the questions to their parents. This should be a conversation you have with your student TODAY.

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