Mandy's Fri Blog: Let's Talk About the Job Market and Mike Rosen

MIKE ROSEN IS BACK FOR MIKE ROSEN AT THE MOVIES And we're talking about Long Story Short, which is a delightful Australian film I am halfway through. I am also going to throw in a documentary I watched last night that was just brilliant and reminds us of when space travel mattered. It's called Apollo: Missions to the Moon and I just saw it on Nat Geo but it's available on Prime and so worth your time.


COMPANIES ARE IN SUCH DESPERATE STRAITS THEY ARE CALLING APPLICANTS FROM YEARS AGO Restaurants across the country are calling applicants from YEARS ago trying to fill positions in their stores. I have some advice for businesses struggling to find good employees and it's sneaky as hell but I'd do it. I also want to talk to some of you frustrated workers who are still having trouble even though you are trying very hard to find a job.

MOST OF THE OLYMPIC ATHLETES ARE VACCINATED And we'll see what happens next. Eighty-three percent of the athletes at the games have gotten vaccinated so that's good. No fans, no mixing of athletes may keep everyone healthy but how booorrrinnggg. I am trying to get excited about the Games but the tape delay thing is frustrating.

HICK GAVE HIS APPROVAL TO AN ECO-TERRORIST TO OVERSEE THE BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT And to be clear, this dame worked with green orgs to spike trees to potentially injure or kill foresters cutting them down. Her husband thinks letting homes built near forests should be allowed to burn and such burning would be "satisfying" to see. And Hick thinks she is awesome. I sure hope she lets his mountain home burn. Even the Daily Sentinel thinks she stinks.

NANCY PELOSI WANTS TO KILL THE POORS She kind of said that in these comments where she talked about being a devout Catholic who supports killing babies of poor people.

PROGRESSIVE BOULDER GETS TOUGH ON URBAN OUTDOORSMAN Last night they banned tents on public property in Boulder. Just banned them. They will be removed without notice and they will be removed immediately. I'm guessing Denver's homeless population is going to go up by exactly what Boulder's population is going to go down. To be clear, Boulder didn't ban camping, they banned tents. Don't hate the player, hate the game.

COLORADO DEMOCRATS VOTED AGAINST TRANSPARENCY ON THE ORIGIN OF THE VIRUS And one must wonder why U.S. Reps. Diana DeGette, Ed Perlmutter, Joe Neguse, and Jason Crow voted against a bill that would have declassified all of the intelligence on the Wuhan lab and the origin of the virus. By the way, it passed the Senate UNANIMOUSLY and the House Democrats killed it. What is San Fran Nan afraid of? My guess is that her boy Fauci will be exposed as funding the gain of function that lead to this pandemic.

CERTIFIED, REFURBISHED OR JUST PLAIN USED, ARE SUCH ELECTRONICS A GOOD IDEA? This article talks about the differences between when an electronic device that isn't quite new comes back on the market. They spoke with a woman from a website who only sells such things so she gave it a glowing review. I have not had good luck with refurbished electronics but I'm wondering if any of you have.

RACIST ALGERIAN ATHLETE DROPS OUT BEFORE HIS FIRST MATCH Because there was a chance he may face an Israeli opponent. I'm not joking. He's done it before but apparently anti-Semitism is allowed in the Olympics. The International Judo Association banned Iran from competition for five years for pulling this crap in the past and an Egyptian pulled out of a match in 2016 against the eventual Bronze medal winner. I'm not sure it's about competing with Israel as much as it is the real chance they will lose to Israel. Better quit than lose to someone you think is beneath you, amiright?

TOO MUCH COFFEE CAN SHRINK YOUR BRAIN And this effect seems kick in if you are an all-day, more than six cups a day sort of coffee drinker. You could also be headed for dementia as too much coffee ups your chances of that.

THINGS DON'T ALWAYS GO WELL DURING A PUBLIC PROPOSAL I think this looks a tad bit staged but here you go.

DON'T WORRY ABOUT ISRAEL SURVIVING THE BEN AND JERRY'S BOYCOTT As the super liberal Vermont ice cream maker tries to influence Israeli policy towards settlements by taking their ice cream and going home, Larry Reed is here to tell us not to worry about Israel. He rightly points out that petty boycotts like this never do much to change the policy of a far away nation who doesn't give a crap about two fat guys making ice cream. He also takes a moment to shine a light on the Israeli economy and how free and vibrant it is.

OUR FRIENDS AT CAUCUSROOM.COM ARE TEAMING UP WITH AMAC And AMAC is the conservative alternative to AARP. They are using Caucus Room to reach their people where they are, which is on social media designed for them.

A TEACHER IS FIRED FOR EXPRESSING CONSERVATIVE VIEWPOINTS ON HER FACEBOOK PAGE One thing that is different than many of the "teacher gets fired because" stories is that this teacher isn't being accused of being racist, or anti-Semitic, or even hateful, she's just accused of being conservative. Read more here, it's quite scary when you think about it.

IS THIS THE END OF THE COMBUSTION ENGINE? The auto makers seem to think so with billions of dollars shifting dramatically from R+D for combustion engines to electric vehicles. This article in the WSJ shows how nervous the unions are about the coming changes, as it's much easier and requires less labor to build an electric car apparently. We are entering a period of creative destruction in the auto industry but I would not expect the unions to go quietly into the night.

THIS COP NEEDS TO BE FIRED Because he looks and sounds like he's a cop from Reno 911, all jacked up and ready to yell curse words at the old angry man in shorts. This is shameful.

YOU WON'T HAVE THE CLEVELAND INDIANS TO KICK AROUND ANYMORE Now you can kick around the Cleveland Guardians instead.

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