Mandy's Thu Blog: Mike Rosen Has Something to Say about The Flag

MIKE ROSEN IS ON TODAY ABOUT THE FLAG Or rather I should say the LACK of an American flag outside a bank. The bank in question is Bank of the West, which is owned by French bank PNB Barnabas, and a listener sent Mike a note that they had removed the flag because someone complained about it. Mike investigated and the flag has been restored. But in his column here he makes the point that it's time for people like us to adopt the tactics the left has used so successfully. He's on today at 1 to talk about why this disturbed him so.

THE QUESTION OF THE WEEK IS ON AT 2! Buy your own copy of the Book of Questions and play along.

I GOT AN EMAIL FROM A LISTENER WHO ISN'T VACCINATED And I found it to be a pretty encapsulation of a lot of the fears I hear from others so I asked if I could share:

To:Connell, Mandy <>
Subject:[EXTERNAL] I'm waiting to get the vaccine because...
 If I'm unlucky enough to suffer an adverse reaction, my doctor won't believe me. And, if I'm lucky enough to get a doctor to report it to VAERS, there will still be no help for me. I'll be on my own.
 If I'm unlucky enough to suffer a bad COVID case, there is help for me. No one will question my sanity, I will be believed that my suffering is due to COVID.
There hasn't been enough time for the accumulation of long term consequences to present as a pattern in the vaccine monitoring system. Most people only concern themselves with short term reactions, but I'm concerned about the long term ones.
If I am infected with wild Sars-Cov2, I will develop immunity power against all of its proteins, not just the spike protein.  
I think I'll reserve the time to unnaturally assault my immune system for a vaccine that protects me against a more serious disease.
When doctors are finally able to speak out about adverse vaccine reactions without fearing for their careers, I'll get vaccinated. When clinics stop receiving insurance kickbacks for meeting vaccination quotas, I'll get vaccinated. When medical schools stop taking money from pharmaceuticals to push their products as the only option for health, I'll get vaccinated. When my doctor can look me in the eye and tell me she has no real idea if I will be harmed or not, but she'll be there for me every step of the way, I'll get vaccinated. When more than 1% of adverse reactions actually get reported to VAERS, and aren't downplayed by health officials, I'll get vaccinated:
Your caller with the unlucky son is exactly why I won't vaccinate myself or my kids. Doctors are crucified if they even breathe a sigh of commiseration to those who have been damaged by vaccination. And some even double down and insist a booster shot be given, side effects be damned. They're taught from med school on that vaccination is the Jesus Christ and Mother Mary of the medical universe. Only heretics would doubt or question vaccines, and those people should be destroyed. It's awful. I feel for your caller today, and all those who will go through the same.

I think she speaks for a lot of people here.

ONCE AGAIN, SCIENCE PROVES YOU DON'T NEED A VACCINE IF YOU ALREADY HAD COVID And this is a random controlled study where they followed a group of vaccinated people, a group of unvaccinated people who had covid, and a group of unvaccinated people who had never had covid. Guess how many people who had already HAD covid got it? ZERO. This is the conclusion to this scientific paper:

Conclusions Individuals who have had SARS-CoV-2 infection are unlikely to benefit from COVID-19 vaccination, and vaccines can be safely prioritized to those who have not been infected before.

There are enough people in this study to give it great credence in my view, and it also CONFIRMS what Pfizer's own research showed when they found NO BENEFIT for people who have already had and recovered from covid. NONE.

THIS ARTICLE LITERALLY HORRIFIED ME YESTERDAY And when someone tells me to listen to the "experts" I'm going to say, "you mean like Helmut Kentler?" He was the German preeminent "expert" on sexology and he convinced politicians to give him money so he could place on purpose boys living on the streets with pedophiles in foster homes. ON PURPOSE. For DECADES. And this pedophile was CELEBRATED for what he was doing. As I read this article, I could not help but think about the "experts" who are supporting children with gender dysphoria making permanent changes to their bodies and taking unproven hormone treatments. On what authority? Their own, and if this doesn't make you realize that a smooth talking "expert" with an agenda will totally experiment on children with government support you are blind.

"EXPERTS" SHUT DOWN THE WUHAN LAB LEAK THEORY AND MAY HAVE KILLED PEOPLE Because of that choice to let China off the hook too soon. Read about it here.

COMPANIES ARE IN SUCH DESPERATE STRAITS THEY ARE CALLING APPLICANTS FROM YEARS AGO Restaurants across the country are calling applicants from YEARS ago trying to fill positions in their stores. I have some advice for businesses struggling to find good employees and it's sneaky as hell but I'd do it.

THE NFL IS PLAYING THE BLACK NATIONAL ANTHEM BEFORE GAMES And I had no idea there was a separate Black Nation in America but okay. The NFL will be playing the song that some Black Americans believe is the "real" national anthem before the Real National Anthem. Just as long as the anthem is separate but equal, we're all good, right?

NOW IT WILL BE EVEN EASIER FOR TECH TO READ OUR MINDS Scientists have successfully implanted a chip into someone's brain that could read their mind. Though rudimentary, the tech has given a digital "voice" back to a stroke victim who had lost his ability to speak. This kind of stuff fascinates me because it is science fiction come to reality, but knowing that Big Tech is doing this freaks me the you-know-what out. They currently use AI to read our minds from outside the brain, but now they are going to straight to the source. I would fully endorse this for my dog Jinx though, that would be cool.

THE HISTORY OF JUNK FOOD! When did your favorite sugary or salty junk food snack appear? This story gives a cool timeline of when these artery clogging treats hit the market. Dang it, now I want Cheetos.

OUR WOMEN'S SOCCER TEAM SHOULD HAVE PRACTICED MORE THAN THEY PROTESTED Because they got their asses handed to them on a platter after kneeling during the anthem yesterday. Idiots. They lost 3-0. Heh. ***Correction, they did NOT kneel for the anthem, they kneeled before the game during a moment of silence to protest racism.

JOE BIDEN WANTS YOUR PISTOL And I welcome his honesty on this issue because the MILLIONS of people who carry a handgun or own a handgun for protection. He's right about people acquiring them illegally, he's just totally wrong about who is selling them to criminals.

NEXT TIME SOMEONE SAYS THE RICH DON'T PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE Show them this graphic, which is from 2018, the first year that Trump's "tax cuts for the rich" went into effect. He sucks at giving tax cuts to the rich if this is the result.

FOUR KINDS OF CAMPERS And I feel like he really got everyone in this one.

HOW WOULD FAMOUS COMPOSERS PLAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY? This is really clever and entertaining and a lesson on composer styles too.

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