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THIS HORSE CRAP EDITORIAL IS ATTEMPTING TO REBRAND HISTORY AGAIN This is EXACTLY what I have been telling you is happening from people on the Left. The Daily Camera Editorial Board, which is hopelessly bleeding heart lefty, has proven my point brilliantly by telling you that CRT is JUST HISTORY. It is NOT JUST HISTORY. The Biden Administration just sent out new guidance for school re opening that EXPLICITLY supports teaching black and brown kids they are hopelessly oppressed and white kids they are the problem. Read this from the material linked BY THE BIDEN ADMIN:

The Abolishionist Teaching Network’s guide states that social emotional learning (SEL) "can be a covert form of policing used to punish, criminalize, and control Black, Brown, and Indigenous children and communities to adhere to White norms" and that "most SEL standards are rooted in Eurocentric norms, not to empower, love, affirm, or free Black, Brown, or Indigenous children."
The group advocates instead for an "abolitionist" approach to SEL in which students and teachers "Learn about the beauty, joy, and resilience of Black, Brown, and Indigenous folx and the complexity of the African diaspora (because not all Black folx are African American)."
They also advocate for investigating "how existing SEL frameworks are weaponized against Black, Brown, and Indigenous children and communities."
In a list of demands from abolitionist teachers, they advocate for "Free, radical self/collective care and therapy for Educators and Support Staff of Color," "Free, antiracist therapy for White educators and support staff," as well as removing "any and all police and policing from schools."
The network of teachers "is dedicated to not creating new schools or reimagining schools, but destroying schools that do nothing but harm Black and brown children," said Abolitionist Teaching Network co-founder Bettina Love during a welcome webinar

Is this "history" to you? Read more about that toxic crap here and never let them tell you it's about teaching history, because that is an evil lie designed to gaslight anyone who can read for themselves.

NO, KIDS DON'T NEED TO BE VACCINATED As a whopping 335 deaths have occurred from Covid in children under 18. And yet, there is a HUGE push to vaccinate the children who are least affected by this illness. From the Wall Street Journal:

My research team at Johns Hopkins worked with the nonprofit FAIR Health to analyze approximately 48,000 children under 18 diagnosed with Covid in health-insurance data from April to August 2020. Our report found a mortality rate of zero among children without a pre-existing medical condition such as leukemia. If that trend holds, it has significant implications for healthy kids and whether they need two vaccine doses. The National Education Association has been debating whether to urge schools to require vaccination before returning to school in person. How can they or anyone debate the issue without the right data?

But there's more.

Authorities should also consider whether a single-vaccine dose is a safer option for healthy kids. Researchers at Tel Aviv University reported that a single dose of the Pfizer vaccine was 100% effective against infection in kids 12 to 15. Not only has the CDC refused to examine the possibility of a one-dose regimen for minors; Harvard epidemiologist Martin Kulldorff told me he was kicked off the advisory committee working group on Covid-vaccine safety after he expressed a dissenting opinion.
The CDC’s poor performance isn’t limited to kids or vaccine safety. Early in the pandemic the CDC left us all flying blind by not reporting the medical conditions of those who died of Covid. Collecting this information early would have made it easier to protect nursing-home residents and patients with renal failure or diabetes. It took until March 2021 for the CDC to report that 78% of Covid hospitalizations were among overweight or obese patients.
Most striking, the CDC has never systematically collected and reported the No. 1 leading indicator of the pandemic—daily new hospitalizations for Covid sickness. Instead, the CDC offers the lagging indicator of hospitalization for anyone who tests positive for Covid.
The CDC data on natural-immunity rates is similarly disappointing. The CDC reports this measure in fragments on their website, but it’s outdated and some states are listed as having “no data available.” The low priority given to this indicator is consistent with how public-health officials have played down and ignored natural immunity in their drive to get everyone vaccinated.

If you don't subscribe the Journal you should, but here is a column about the study you can read for free.

IF THEY MOVE THE BLM HICK AND BENNET MUST BE KICKED OUT OF THE SENATE Our former effective Senator Cory Gardner did something monumental while in office, he got the Bureau of Land Management moved to Colorado. As an overwhelming majority of the lands managed by the Feds are West of the Mississippi, it makes good sense to put the office there too. But now that is in question as the Biden admin may be yielding to the powerful public sector unions who like the Christmas party in DC to move it BACK. The Interior Secretary, who was invited out by Rep. Lauren Boebert, is coming to Colorado. We'll see if our new, wildly ineffective Senators can save this office. Right now, I totally doubt it. Prove me wrong, yahoos.

THE UNION HAS STOPPED THE DEMOCRAT GRAVY TRAIN UNTIL NEXT YEAR Because the Colorado AFL-CIO says the legislature ignored them during policy discussions and lawmaking. Congrats, boys, now you know what it's like to be a Republican in Colorado. They say they will make no donations until May of next year in protest. Wow, that should show them. Not.

PARK HILL RESIDENTS ARE NOT DONE FIGHTING SANCTIONED HOMELESS CAMPS And good for them. If they wanted to buy a home with a homeless person sleeping in front of it, they could have paid much less somewhere else. When the initial lawsuit was tossed by the judge, he said they had not utilized all avenues to fight it, so they are doing that now. They appealed to the Zoning Board, which predictably shot them down because I'm sure THEY don't live in Park Hill and don't want to risk that camp being moved to THEIR neighborhood. We'll see what happens next.

WE'VE ALL BECOME WEARY OF COVID NEWS And a new study shows that not only are we all going back to normal life quickly, we are all more likely to eye roll or even ignore the so-called "experts" in news stories today. This is not surprising.

THE WORLD'S BEST AIRLINES ARE OUT AND THE US DIDN'T SHOW WELL Out of the top 20 airlines, only United, Delta, Hawaiian, and Alaskan cracked the top 20. Number 1 is Qatar Airlines and when you are owned by a ridiculously rich sheik you can afford the finer touches.



THESE PEOPLE CAN DO WAY COOLER STUFF THAN YOU CAN And I put myself in your category here.

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