Mandy's Tue Blog: What DOES Tay Anderson Do For Money? Other Than Beg?

REMEMBER WHEN DEMOCRATS WANTED TO KNOW WHERE A POLITICIANS MONEY CAME FROM? Oh, that was just Trump. Now we know that for SOME Democrat politicians it is NONE OF YOUR BIZNESS where they get money to live. At least when it comes to the Future of the Colorado Democrat Party Tay Anderson. (someone called him that in an angry tweet at me and it still makes me giggle). He sat down for a softball interview with a 9News reporter and she asked the elected official where he worked. This nonsense was his response.

He is so arrogant he really believes that that comment is going to put to rest questions about where he works. I've got some. Does he work or "represent" anyone who does business with Denver Public Schools? How does he know that "people" donating to his various GoFundMe campaigns are not going to want favors going forward? How do WE know that people giving him money via GoFundMe don't do business he may vote on as a board member? This display of ego is the official beginning of his downfall and if it's not, shame on everyone who enables this grifter. Colorado Peak Politics writes about it here. Just remember after watching this interview TAY IS THE VICTIM HERE. TAY IS.

COLORADO IS NOT THE SHINING BEACON IT USED TO BE And this column by Heidi Ganahl lays out how much our business environment has changed since the Dems took over. We've fallen in nearly every ranking across the board. But I'm sure it will be fine.

THE OLYMPICS ARE HERE! MAYBE. The head of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games says even though the Games have already started, they may be cancelled if cases keep rising. This would be devastating obviously. I hope they can just muddle through.

PEOPLE ARE BEGINNING TO DEMAND TYRANNY AND TWO CLASSES OF CITIZEN This letter to the editor is just one example but they are bubbling up everywhere. Scared vaccinated people are demanding a two class system where unvaccinated people are required to stay home and wear masks if they DARE to leave their homes. It's amazing how quickly tyranny pours out of some.

NOW IS THE TIME TO WEIGH IN ON MASKS FOR KIDS IN SCHOOL THIS UPCOMING YEAR And I am firmly on the side of making masks optional. If you want your kid to wear a mask, go right ahead. If you want to send you kid to school unmasked, go right ahead. But if you've got a kid in school you need to call your school board office and let your voice be heard NOW while they are making decisions. Read more here.

A MAJORITY OF PEOPLE IN COLORADO NEEDING TO BE HOSPITALIZED OR DYING ARE UNVACCINATED Since January of this year a stunning 95.3% of those needing to be hospitalized for covid were unvaccinated. Since January nearly 78% of deaths were in unvaccinated people. Those are real people who lived and died in Colorado and as far as I know, we've had ZERO cases confirmed of death after vaccination in this state. But make your own choice.

THE FLAG STILL BRINGS OUT GOOD FEELINGS FOR A VAST MAJORITY OF AMERICANS With Democrats LEAST likely to say it brought them feelings of patriotism and goodwill at just 70%. The other 30% of Democrats felt "shame", "indifference" or "suspicion". Republicans, not shockingly, love their country and flag more. Just sayin.

THE SWEETEST LITTLE 911 CALL EVER Not everyone hates the cops like Tay Anderson does.

CLEANING TIK TOK IS A THING I am guilty of some of this, as I follow Indy Rug Wash on Instagram where all they post is videos of them deep cleaning disgusting rugs. Apparently cleaning TikTok has created some new stars full of great cleaning tips to your home will sparkle! Or just really satisfying videos of OTHER people cleaning anyway.

DON'T LET COLUMNS LIKE THIS SWAY YOUR JUDGEMENT OF CRITICAL RACE THEORY There is a full court press to make conservatives and many others look foolish for protesting against an ideology that teaches us that black people are hopelessly oppressed by a system gamed for whites and that whites like it and want to keep it that way. THAT is WRONG. Once again when faced with people having too clear of an understanding of what something is, the Left is determined to tell us we just don't UNDERSTAND it. Then they begin to rebrand whatever toxic nonsense they are trying to shove down our throats. This column is a PERFECT example of this. Don't fall for it.

HEY KIDS, READ THIS COLUMN ABOUT CUBA FOR A HOT MINUTE What is happening now in Cuba is long overdue, though it may be stamped out before it has a chance to take hold. This column written by a young woman whose father escaped Cuba as a child because of her grandmother will tell you what you need to know.

WANT TO RIDE AN ELEPHANT? YOU BETTER HURRY Because Colorado has banned "travelling animal shows" starting August 14th. However, if you MUST ride an elephant you can do so at the Renaissance Festival any weekend before the 14th. No word on what the Festival plans to do after that. Read more here.

HEY GUESS WHAT? GOOGLE HAS BEEN LISTENING TO YOU TOO And this isn't surprising to anyone who has mentioned a product in passing only to have it show up on your feed ten minutes later. Google says that the Google Assistant OCCASIONALLY turns on when it thinks it hears it's "Hey Google" wakeup call. Google says those don't get sent up to workers, but sure, whatever Google.

YES, YOUR EMPLOYER CAN REQUIRE VACCINATION But it's not quite that simple, there are other accommodations they have to make for those with religious or medical exceptions. Read more here.

AND NOW, A GUY PLANTED TO MAKE OTHER PEOPLE LAUGH The contest is to NOT laugh but this guy's silly laugh made everyone else laugh.


STILL NOT CONVINCED COVID IS A BIG DEAL? WATCH THIS From my friend Steffan Tubbs, who missed 51 days of work and was hospitalized for a week with covid. He's in his early 50s and perfectly health, btw.

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