Mandy's Mon Blog: One Sheriff Says No Thanks to a Concealed Carry Ban

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LOCAL CONTROL FOR GUNS IS ALREADY CREATING AN ISSUE As the Foothills Park and Recreation Department in JeffCo has decided they want to exercise their right under a new bill just passed by Democratic Legislators and ban concealed carry on their property. According to this new bill, they can do that, but according to the JeffCo Sheriff, he isn't going to enforce it. It has to do with how the bill is written when it comes to special districts. From Complete Colorado:

Although the FPRD, which encompasses 24.2 square miles exclusively in unincorporated Jefferson County, is normally policed by the sheriff’s office when criminal matters are present, Shrader’s letter said this is different.
“Such a resolution or rule “may only impose a civil penalty for a violation and require the person to leave the premises” Shrader’s letter quoted from the bill. “The law is clear that for special districts, a violation is a civil offense and not a criminal offense; therefore, my office will not enforce a resolution or rule that would ban a lawfully permitted individual from carrying a concealed handgun on Foothills’ property. Rather, Foothills would be solely responsible for enforcement of a resolution or rule, if enacted.”

So now park rangers are going to pat people down when they enter the parks I guess. I'm just kidding, without an enforcement force of armed people, this is just a dumb rule.

HOWEVER THE SUPREMES MAY WEIGH IN ON THESE NEW GUN LAWS And it's part of a case that has been going on for a LONG time now from New York. Two guys in New York went through the insanely complex process but the "state firearms licensing officer" gave them a permit ONLY for hunting and target practice. Now an amicus brief has been filed by a Colorado attorney and it could spell doom for the new restrictions just passed by the Democrat Legislature.

THE LOS ANGELES SHERIFF WON'T ENFORCE THE INDOOR MASK MANDATE Because he says it's not backed by science as it applies to everyone, even vaccinated people. He's telling everyone he and his people will not enforce it. I'm sure this will go well.

SO I FINALLY SAW THE MATRIX And NOW I get why people who have come from the Left to the Right say they've been red-pilled. What a great metaphor for our current political mess and did they mean it to be that way?

IT'S SO SAD 9NEWS HATES LATINAS AND LATINOS Oh, my bad, I don't know if they hate them, they just keep firing them. Where is Kyle Clark's outrage on this? CPR did a long story about the sordid background of 9News and their parent company Tegna here. I just wanted to write that headline, I don't really care what they do. I do think other tv stations in the market would do well to seek out the most talented Latin reporters and anchors in the business and feature them boldly. Just a thought since 25% of our residents have latin backgrounds. I just checked Kyle's Twitter feed and don't see any pro-Latina or Latino stuff so I assume he hates them too.

IF YOU MISSED CNN'S BRIAN STELTER GETTING CALLED OUT ON HIS OWN SHOW You can watch it here and it goes from mildly uncomfortable to wildly uncomfortable very quickly and it's glorious. Watch his face when Wolff calls him the flip side of Trump. I could watch this all day.

THE FIRST BLACK SPELLING BEE CHAMP DID IT THE OLD FASHIONED WAY The newest Scripps Spelling Bee champ is 14 year old Zaila Avant-garde and she is the first black champ. She won by studying 13,000 words A DAY. She worked her tail off and got great results. She proved we don't have to lower the standards, change the game or do anything else so a Black girl or boy can win. She showed that tenacity and grit and old fashioned STUDYING were the keys. I love her and hope she has so much success in life.

HERE ARE A FEW WAYS TO SAVE WHEN BOOKING TRAVEL But as one who books travel a lot and often, I'm here to tell you there aren't good deals this summer for air travel. American and United have already cut flights this summer, Southwest can't get enough staff and things are PACKED. So don't expect a great bargain, but use these tips to get the best deals out there.

20% OF AMERICANS BELIEVE THE VACCINES CONTAIN A MICROCHIP And it's going to be used to track people. Okay. I'm sure these same people use cell phones, have GPS in their cars and an Alexa in their house, but sure, a microchip is what the government needs to track you. As if you are that important. Read this depressing survey here.

NIKOLE HANNAH-JONES WANTS US TO BE LIKE CUBA Where you may have noticed, unarmed people (because guns were long ago banned for safety) have taken to the streets to demand liberty and freedom. But Hannah-Jones, the very popular useful idiot being wooed by multiple universities to spread her brand of lies and propaganda, said on a podcast in 2019 that Cuba is the most equal society she could think of because of socialism. Someone should tell the Cubans currently being pulled from their homes and shot how good they have it!


REMEMBER WHEN YOU LEARNED HOW TO DRIVE? Remember how many curbs you hit and times you stalled? This kid can remember that time he drove into the pool.

WORST. OLYMPICS. EVER. The Tokyo Games are gearing up to the worst ever for both spectators (there are no foreigners allowed) and now for the athletes too (NO FREE CONDOMS) and it's going to probably be way better to watch from home anyway.

A SOUTHERNER LEARNS TO SPEAK ENGLISH I went through similar classes.

HOW IS WHAT THE BIDEN ADMIN DOING WITH BIG TECH NOT A FIRST AMENDMENT VIOLATION?? This Michael Goodwin column lays out all the ways that the Biden presidency is a failure but the BIGGEST came when last week the admin admitted and encouraged more censorship based on what the administration deems acceptable via Big Tech. This is a whole different conversation than a private company making a choice they deem appropriate.

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