Mandy's Fri Blog: It's a Free For All and Mike Rosen at the Movies

HOLY COW I WATCHED BOTH MOVIES THIS WEEK! Mike Rosen joins us at 2pm to talk movies and this week we're discussing The Boss Baby: Family Business, the sequel to the very funny and entertaining The Boss Baby. It is streaming on Peacock. We are also discussing The Tomorrow War with Chris Pratt which is available on Amazon Prime. Both were good, but one was downright subversive. We shall discuss at 2.

I'M TIRED OF THINKING OF THINGS TO TALK ABOUT So today is a true free for all. Want to dive into a topic we haven't touched? Today is your day.

LARRY REED WALKED THE WALKWAY OF DEATH He of course wrote a great column on it (click through the link in the story to see his incredible photos) and about a Spanish King who had the heart of a true democrat. Read it here.

DUDE, HOW COOL IS THIS? The world's first 3D printed steel bridge was dropped into place in Amsterdam. Not only is it a very cool bridge, it's also got a ton of sensors on it to find areas of weakness and stress so we can build better bridges. It took four robots six months to make it by layering layer after layer of steel on top of each other. Super cool.

ANOTHER STORY ABOUT HOW COLORADO DEMOCRATS ROBBED US BLIND And did so without our permission. The last session added a whopping $302 million in new taxes and fees and they didn't ask us about any of them.

CANCEL CULTURE SIMPLY MIRRORS THE SOUTHERN SLAVEHOLDERS OF OLD If you can't beat the message with logic and facts, beat the messenger instead. That is the summary of this column on how cancel culture from the woke mob is exactly the same as the power wielded by slave owners in the antebellum south. Constitutional Attorney Rob Natelson does a nice job reminding people with totalitarian spirits that they are never in good company historically. Read it here.

RAND PAUL DOESN'T SUFFER FOOLS In this exchange with United States Agency for International Development director Samantha Power about how much money the US spends on foreign stuff.

PEOPLE LATER IN LIFE ARE FINDING NEW WAYS TO COUPLE UP And I've seen this in practice and it works. From long term relationships that never end in cohabitation to long term shacking up with no marriage, people in their later years are breaking traditions and finding happiness.

THE SORDID HISTORY OF COLORADO DEMS AND CUBA And I had no idea how Ted Trimpa was involved in all this, but here it is. I like Ted. I've met him a few times now and I wish he were still on my side of the political spectrum, but he's not. He was apparently behind an effort to normalize relations with Cuba during the Obama admin. As Cuba is now breaking down people's doors and shooting protesters I wonder how he feels about this move now.

THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION IS TRYING TO WALK BACK IT'S LIE ABOUT THE ORIGIN OF COVID With the Chinese puppet leader now saying it was "premature" to rule out a lab escape of the virus. You don't say.

PLAY STUPID GAMES, WIN STUPID PRIZES One of the Jackass team was waterskiing through sharks when he fell and they bit him.


COLORADANS WERE NOT TEMPTED BY THE VACCINE LOTTERY As vaccinations FELL during the time of the giveaways. This makes me laugh somehow though it's not funny.

FRONTIER AIRLINE DOESN'T JUST TREAT IT'S PASSENGERS LIKE CRAP It treats it's flight attendants like crap too. Four flight attendants have been given the go ahead for their case against Frontier Airline about how they treat pregnant and nursing women and I can't even believe how bad their policies are. Read more here.

ENOUGH WITH THE NAZI INDIGNATION Can we all agree that using a Nazi reference is just stupid unless someone is actively trying to exterminate an entire race of people? The Denver Gazette Editorial Board makes the case really well here. And they also urge politicos to save the (un)righteous indignation, as this is a scourge on all houses.

CALIFORNIA IS INCENTIVIZING MORE POOR PEOPLE TO COME TO THEIR STATE This as high earners are leaving the state for more tax friendly destinations. The latest wealth transfer is a universal basic income scheme that I can already tell you is going to be so badly managed it may kill the entire concept. Read more about it's many layers available for grift here. Expect the Democrats in Colorado who are desperate to be liked by their California colleagues to jump on board soon.

YOUR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE AND HIGH CHOLESTEROL MEDS COULD HELP YOU BEAT COVID This is kinda cool. If you are on a statin AND a high blood pressure med and get covid, you are increasing your chances of survival quite a bit. Read more here.

TEXAS DEMOCRATS DO LAUNDRY IN THE SINK SO GET THEM A MEDAL OR SOMETHING The Texas Democrats who ran away to avoid doing their jobs want us to recognize the tremendous sacrifice they are making by doing their laundry in the sink. I can't make this up.

99.5% OF COVID DEATHS ARE IN UNVACCINATED PEOPLE Just wanted you to know this. But you choose for you.


YES, SUNSCREEN EXPIRES AND YOU NEED TO CHECK IT I learned this the hard way years ago. However many sunscreens do NOT include an expiration dates so here is how you determine if your sun protection is out of date.

THE CHAIRMAN OF THE JOINT CHIEFS MUST GO I had no idea just how bad this situation was but Tucker Carlson is calling for the resignation of the man who called Trump AND Trump supporters the equivalent of modern day Nazis. To be clear, I don't give a rat's ass if he thinks that, but he sure doesn't need to be in charge of the military if he does. Read more here. This is genuinely frightening for the future of our country.

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