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PLEASE TELL ME I'M RIGHT WITH CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER AT 2 So get your word and grammar questions ready for him so he can tell you that you're right or wrong. Find him by clicking here and buy his books because they will make you smarter.

THE DEMOCRAT 2021 LEGISLATIVE SESSION IS GOING TO COST US ALL A FORTUNE Because they completely ignored the stated will of the people and raised our taxes left and right. This article has a full overview of the ways they are picking our pockets for their pet projects (a state run health care plan??) and also reminds of us of how completely they disregarded the Taxpayer Bill of Rights to stick it to the taxpayers without our consent. At this point they have literally done and funded EVERYTHING Colorado voted against in referendums since 2017. EVERYTHING.

FLORIDA MAN HEADS OUT TO DO WHAT THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION WON'T And that is save Cubans fleeing persecution from a communist regime. After DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced that Cuban refugees would not be accepted into the US and would be "resettled" in other countries the internet EXPLODED. Why is the Biden Admin willing to let every hungry Central American come in the country while keeping out Cubans fleeing real persecution? Cubans vote Republican. I'm for real, is there another good reason? Now Florida Man and all his Boat Owning Florida Man friend is taking to the high seas to help these people by bringing supplies...and possibly a way Cuban shores. Read more about these heroes who may be insane here.

SPEAKING OF STUPID CRAP AND CUBA Black Lives Matter tweeted out their support for the murderous regime in Cuba and the internet responded with less than love. BLM tried to blame all Cuba's woes on...guess who, US... and made an asinine statement you can read here, but be warned, your IQ will drop.

If there were any doubt about what truly motivates the official BLM movement, this should clear that up.

YOU MAY BE THE BEST PERSON TO TALK AN UNVACCINATED FRIEND OR FAMILY MEMBER INTO GETTING VACCINATED Because in recent polling of people who in January said they were reluctant to get or never getting the shot, those who are now vaccinated said it was a family member or close friend who convinced them. Also, seeing friends and family members getting the shot with no ill effects is also helpful. So if you want to help, have a conversation kindly with someone who is hesitant. Read more here.

SPAIN SAYS LOCKDOWNS ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL At least the high court did anyway. The severe lockdowns Spain put in place early in the pandemic "violated citizens’ basic rights and the state of emergency was a constitutionally insufficient mechanism to do that. The six magistrates said a state of exception, which does allow the government to suspend basic rights, would have been necessary." Of course they are a violation of our basic rights. Of course they are.

IRAN TRIED TO KIDNAP AN IRANIAN-AMERICAN JOURNALIST Because she works for the Farsi edition of Voice of America and has been highly critical of the treatment of women by the regime. Four Iranians have been arrested in the plot, which would have seen her swept away on a ship to South America for transport to Iran for beheading. The Iranians seem nice, don't they?

IRAN IS SO NICE BIDEN IS DROPPING PRETTY MUCH ALL SANCTIONS ON THE ROGUE NATION A report crafted by Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif lays out ALL THE WAYS that the Biden Administration is letting them get back to business as their economy teeters on the brink of collapse. From the Washington Free Beacon:

Iran says it has extracted guarantees from the United States that a full range of sanctions will be lifted, including those impacting Iran's illicit oil trade, financial sector, state-controlled banks, automotive industry, aviation sector, and mining industry. Iran also claims the United States will suspend the implementation of several laws that have targeted Iran's regional support for terrorist groups, including those in Syria. Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif disclosed these concessions in a 264-page report sent to the country's parliament this week, portions of which were translated from Farsi for the Washington Free Beacon.
While the extent of sanctions relief was widely reported in Iran's state-controlled press, Zarif's report has garnered little attention in the United States as the Biden administration attempts to sidestep questions about just how far the country will go in relieving pressure on Tehran's economy. If the report is accurate, the number of new concessions goes even further than the original nuclear deal negotiated by the Obama administration. Republicans in Congress have been warning the Biden administration against removing sanctions and also say they have not been briefed about the status of talks. Most lawmakers have had to rely on media reports and leaks from the Iranian government to gain insight into the issue.

If this report is accurate, and why would we doubt it, this is EVEN WORSE than the crap deal negotiated under Obama. EVEN. WORSE. But at least he doesn't do mean Twitter.

SHEPHERD SMITH IS TANKING AT CNBC AND TAKING IT OUT ON STAFFERS I don't like Shepherd Smith. I haven't since he worked for WKMG in Orlando and I knew some of his co-workers who also didn't like him. So I was not sad when he burned his Fox News bridge and jumped to CNBC (truth be told I watch neither) but I am enjoying the fact that he is now realizing it wasn't HIM the Fox News viewers were tuning in to see, it was the STATION they were tuning in to see. His CNBC show is tanking and staffers say his tantrums behind the scenes don't help.

AND NOW, A 12 YEAR OLD ART PRODIGY She is amazing. I am jealous.

DOCTORS ARE PUSHING BACK AGAINST FORCING KIDS INTO MASKS AGAIN And thank goodness some reasonable MDs are willing to talk about this nonsense in time for schools to screw up this decision again. Read more here.

GUYS, I'VE GOT BAD NEWS ABOUT BEER Worried about "bitch tits"? Libido gone flat? It could be all that beer you're drinking. Read this entirely depressing story about how much estrogen you get when you drink beer. It's not good.

A NEW SLEEP APP TRACKS YOUR SNORING And it is designed to help you get a better idea of your sleep patterns and even diagnose sleep apnea, which can lead to real health issues. Soon they want to use AI to analyze your sleep even if you don't snore to help you get better sleep.

WHAT KIND OF MONSTER PUTS A LOCK ON ICE CREAM??? This guy, but his wife wasn't buying it.

BIDEN'S ECONOMY IS CRUSHING SENIORS ON FIXED INCOMES AND THEIR COLA RAISE DOESN'T KICK IN UNTIL JANUARY If you have a loved on on a fixed income, you may want to check in and make sure they are still making it. As the price of everything skyrockets, they may be happy to know they are getting the largest Cost of Living Adjustment in decades, but it won't kick until January.

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