Mandy's Wed Blog: The ? of the Week and Why Don't Youngsters Tip?

THE BIG QUESTION OF THE WEEK AT 2P TODAY And we'll spin the big wheel and get you thinking. Buy your copy of the book here.

***LATE ADDITION: CLIFF MAY AT 1 ON THE RISE OF ANTISEMITISM He's written this column about it and we shall discuss.

WHY DON'T THE YOUNG PEOPLE TIP THESE DAYS? And I'm including millennials even though the oldest of them is 40 (!) and isn't really young anymore. According to a recent survey, Gen Z and millennials were the most likely to say they didn't always tip a server or food delivery person. I need to know about this and why. And if you are this person, you kind of suck. Don't get me wrong, if I get horrible service the tip is definitely affected, but as a general rule I'm starting at 20% and it's up to you to see that go up or down. What gives, youngsters?

YES, UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS ARE WHY PEOPLE ARE TURNING DOWN JOBS And 13% of people surveyed admitted just that. However when you look at all the answers to this survey, you can see other options that can also be tied to those unemployment benefits. When someone responds "I was not given enough money to return to work" to me I'd put that in the same category without a follow up question. All in all, 77.4% of the answers given are lifestyle choices that may not have as much weight if extended unemployment benefits weren't a thing. Read more here and then send it to the Governor.

INFLATION IS WAY WORSE THAN I MENTIONED YESTERDAY And this is going to be a real problem for people who are excited about their new increased minimum wage jobs when they find out inflation has completely eaten their windfall. This column gives the real numbers, with used cars up a whopping 24% since last year! It's depressing but we have to keep reminding people of whose fault this is, and that is the Federal Reserve. They gave us the Great Depression and they are moving us to Stagflation again, just like they did in the 70s.

HERE'S A SUGAR COATED VIEW OF WHAT'S HAPPENING WITH THE AURORA PD RIGHT NOW Written by Aurora's City Manager. In it he lays out all the committees and diversity training that the Aurora PD is forcing on their cops, while completely ignoring the fact that they have essentially disbanded specialty units to put them back on patrol because they don't have enough officers to cover it. But hey, Equity training, amiright??

CALIFORNIA'S NEW MATH FRAMEWORK DENIES WE ALL HAVE DIFFERENT GIFTS And this is what socialism and communism look like in practice. In order for those odorous isms to work, we must reduce talented people until they are no more than everyone else. California's new math framework expressly denies the existence of “ideas of natural gifts and talents.” The framework says that there should be no advanced placement classes until 11th grade and super smart students should be forced to dumb themselves down lest other students feel bad or something. Read the article here and remember, they are coming for your kids.

HOW OUTLIERS BECAME THE LEDE This column does a brilliant job dissecting how we have all become so terrified of covid. It's all about how we focus on the outliers instead of the bulk. Read more here.

THAT MEGA VIRAL THREAD ABOUT MAGA SUPPORTERS IS NOW A COLUMN If you missed Tucker Carlson read Twitter thread about MAGA supporters on his show, or missed former President Trump reference it at CPAC, read this. Though I don't agree with all the things MAGA supporters do, this is the best explanation I've seen about why they feel the way they do, and it's not racism or some such crap.

MIDWEST MEETS EAST COAST And I love this because I was just in Wisconsin.

THE FIVE STAGES OF COSTCO This is 100% accurate.

A REALITY STAR IS SPEAKING REALITY AS HE RUNS FOR GOVERNOR Technically Steve Lodge is the fiance of reality star Vicki Gunvalson of the Real Housewives franchise, but he's the only one speaking the truth about homelessness. He's adopted my suggestions (or came up with them on his own) to forcefully deal with the homeless mentally ill and addicted. Read more here.

TRUST THE EXPERTS UNLESS YOU NEED A KIDNEY IN OHIO Where a hospital transplanted a kidney into the WRONG patient. But hey, they said they were SUPER sorry so it's cool, right?

ATHLETES WILL GIVE THEMSELVES MEDALS AT THE OLYMPICS AS they try to prevent covid spread by not having an official put the medal around the winners neck. The medalists will be presented with the medal on a tray for them to pick up and place around their own necks. This doesn't feel like a big deal to me but we'll see how it plays out.



BIDEN'S SPEECH YESTERDAY WAS FULL OF LIES AND DIVISIVENESS And I was going to include a link today until I watched it and got SUPER ANGRY because he said if you care about election integrity you are practically a Klansmen. Read this scathing column instead.

SO WHAT IS IN THE TEXAS VOTING RIGHTS BILL BIDEN CALLED JIM CROW? Read this and you'll begin to understand it doesn't matter what you do, you will be called a racist for everything if you don't toe the Democrat line. The Texas voting bill is about easily achievable id verification and tightening up when votes can be passed (no overnight voting) and does NOT ban Sunday early voting or make it easier to overturn an election. Read the rest here and if you agree, you're a Klansmen.

A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF BLACK PRIVILEGE If I get pulled over, I get a ticket. Period. It's happened far too often for me to say otherwise. A black representative in Minnesota got pulled over for not having a front license plate and taking off from a light and he claims it's driving while black. I don't have the chance to scream racism when I get a ticket, but he sure did. The police released the body cam footage after he made his claim on social media and you can see the exchange is cordial from start to finish, even after he accuses the cop of pulling him over for being black. Oh, he also has a license from Wisconsin even though HE IS A STATE REPRESENTATIVE IN MINNESOTA but I'm sure that's racism too. I love body cameras on cops both for when they are wrong and when they are right.

HORRIFYING ILLUSTRATIONS OF WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR BODY WHEN YOU DON'T SLEEP ARE ILLUMINATING And though these are about getting NO sleep, they also kick in when you get lousy or little sleep. See the terrifying story here.

HERE IS THE KAREN VIDEO I WAS TALKING ABOUT And there is strong language in this.

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