Mandy's Tue Blog: Dealing with Change and the Socialists are Predictable

MICHELLE ZELLNER IS ON TO TALK ABOUT ANOTHER ASPECT OF HEALTH And today we're talking change. Yes, we normally talk fitness and diet and things like that, but this past year has seen significant change for so many people and things that disrupt our flow have a tendency to disrupt our ENTIRE flow whether we realize it or not. Find out more about Michelle by clicking here! Use the Promo codes JULYW for Women’s Wellbeing and JULYM for Men’s Health at YOU Revolution YOUniversity!

Y'ALL HAVE TO SEE THIS TWITTER EXCHANGE I HAD I laughed so hard yesterday at this. It started with me tweeting this in response to the Socialist of America's tweet:


Except they totally said exactly what I said with different words. These people are nuts who when presented with firm and hard evidence that their ideology sucks (re: Cuba AND Venezuela) the fall back position is ALWAYS that the wrong people were in charge and they just did it wrong. And note that they are demanding the ENTIRE WORLD go Socialist, thus setting up an impossible to achieve construct that means they never have to actually DO anything because if the whole world doesn't do it it fails. Good grief.

IN THE MEANTIME, CUBA IS ARRESTING DISSIDENTS AGAIN And please remember this when some stupid progressive tells you we live in a totalitarian society. A real totalitarian society arrests its dissidents and that is what is happening in Cuba. Very predictable, but I hope the Cubans can gird their loins and fight for real reform. We shall see.

HEAD OF THE TEACHERS UNION IS ACTIVELY LYING HER ASS OFF ABOUT CRITICAL RACE THEORY And not like sneakily lying, she's blatantly lying all over the place to any left wing outlet that will let her on to spew her lies. Do NOT fall for this "we don't teach CRT, we teach history" crap because the union just presented the King of CRT for a presentation at a conference about educating children. The NEA, the largest teachers union in the country, has a plan in place to ATTACK any parents who stand up against this mess. Read this for more and read it, because they are literally coming for your kids.

A SCHOOL BOARD HELD A MEETING ABOUT SUING A PARENT ASKING FOR INFORMATION And guess what the parent wanted info about? You got it, CRT and gender identity teachings in her child's school. She made a bunch of public records requests after being told to do so by the principal who could not answer her questions. Then she found out her name was on the agenda for the school board meeting as the board considered SUING HER over her requests. Read more here and be sure to watch the embedded video where a board member says all kids need to learn is teachers and students. Notice parents are not mentioned. This is rich considering that when students fail, we are told it's because the parents aren't involved enough. Huh.

THE MEDIA IS TOTALLY HYPOCRITICAL WHEN IT COMES TO DEMOCRATS SUBVERTING DEMOCRACY And in this case it's the fawning coverage of the chicken crap Democrats leaving Texas to prevent a vote on voting rights legislation. Oddly when Republicans in Oregon did the same thing, they were subverting democracy but when Dems do it, it's AAAAAMAAAAZIIINNNGGG. I wish I were remotely shocked or surprised at this but alas, I am not.


WE HAVE TWO WASTE OF SPACE SENATORS IN DC WHO ARE TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE And I've been saying this for the last two years, but Cory Gardner did an absolutely LOUSY job of touting his many, many accomplishments on behalf of Colorado. He also did a LOUSY job of pointing out how little Michael Bennet did at the same time. Now we can clearly see how bad Hickenlooper and Bennet are when it comes to effectiveness in the fact that Space Command, which was ripped from Colorado by an angry Trump, is still in Alabama and not in Colorado where it was supposed to be. We have a Democrat Governor and two Democrat Senators and we can't get it back from solidly Republican Alabama. That's just pathetic. Read this editorial for more.

GET INSIDE VAN GOGH WITH VAN GOGH ALIVE As most of us won't have the opportunity to see Vincent Van Gogh's masterpieces in real life, this might be the next best thing. It's open now at Stanley Marketplace. Read more here.

#SUPPORTASIANS UNLESS IT'S IN SCHOOL ADMISSIONS Asian students work harder in many cases because education is respected and expected from Asian parents. They work so hard that they are vastly overrepresented in elite colleges and schools across the country. Now the #1 school in the nation is actively discriminating against them to achieve equity by no longer using merit for admissions. The PTA is behind this and now parents are fighting back. As parents opposed to the scrapping of a difficult entrance exam for admission took over the school board, the STATE PTA threatened to pull their PTA charter. For people who keep saying they don't teach CRT they sure do spend a lot of energy attacking people against it. Read more here and gird your loins, parents.

HEADED OUT OF THE COUNTRY? BETTER CHECK YOUR PASSPORT As renewals are taking as long as 18 weeks. If you want to travel in the next year, you best start the process now, just to be safe.

WHITE PEOPLE NOT BUYING ANOTHER BOOK TELLING THEM WHAT RACISTS THEY ARE As Robin DiAngelo's new book Nice Racism sold almost no copies upon its release. Good. She's an idiot.

JOHN STOSSEL TALKS ABOUT RULE BREAKER ELON MUSK Stop asking for permission, be like Elon.

IN THE BIDEN ECONOMY PRICES ARE RISING HIGHER THAN SINCE 2008 And please put the blame where it needs to go: on the government. They have flooded the market with so much money it's devaluing our currency. If you haven't already seen the high prices in the grocery store read about them here.

TOO MANY PEOPLE HAVE EMBRACED RESTRICTIONS IN THE NAME OF SAFETY This is depressing as hell. Recent polling shows that people do NOT want to get back to normal, as two thirds of Brits say they want lockdowns and mask wearing to continue. WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL, PEOPLE????

GOOD GUY WITH A GUN STOPS BAD GUYS WITH A GUN And this is why forcing homeowners to lock up their weapons is unreasonable.

IF EMPLOYEE PRODUCTIVITY IS TRULY DOWN, FIX THAT INSTEAD OF FORCING EMPLOYEES BACK INTO THE OFFICE This article says that 45% of business owners surveyed said that their businesses are not getting as much done as workers work remotely. If you are one of these bosses and are tempted to force people to return, you will lose good people to your competition which embraces the New Office. If you have issues, lay out clear expectations and give your remote employees the chance to meet them. Everyone will be much happier.


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