Mandy's Mon Blog: Larry Reed and a Rat Utopia

MY FAVORITE ECONOMIC HISTORIAN IS ON TODAY TO TALK RAT UTOPIAS I read this column by Larry a couple of weeks ago and knew we had to talk about it. It's about a scientist who created a rat utopia where all the rats needs were met perfectly and they had plenty of space to run around happily. Sounds perfect, right? Not so much and it is chilling how much we act like rats. So we're expanding that conversation to include other planned "utopian" communities that all failed miserably pretty quickly. Read about one of the biggest experiment/failures here. And Larry LOVES Calvin Coolidge, who was the only President born on the 4th of July and he's written about his stewardship here. Read it and be sad for where we are now.

DON'T LET ANYONE GASLIGHT YOU ON CRITICAL RACE THEORY The narrative is being spun now by the media and education players that it's RIDICULOUS for parents to worry about Critical Race Theory because it's merely a HIGH LEVEL theory being discussed in college classrooms, which is a total lie. From the head of the teachers union, which recently voted to legally protect the right to indoctrinate our kids with an ideology they say isn't being taught to NBC News painting concerned parents as QAnon freaks, the press is on but don't be fooled. Teaching the history of slavery and racism in this country is necessary and important, but teaching children that race is the MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE of their identity is not. Read more here.

AND NOW, TAXES EXPLAINED WITH BEER A kind listener sent me this (thanks, Pat!) and it's a good one. Show this to your kids, will ya?

HERE ARE THE SUPER FUN WAYS GOVERNOR JARED POLIS IS RUINING THE ECONOMY And even if we hadn't had a pandemic shutdown (overseen by Polis) the policies outlined in this column would have a negative effect. And boy have they. My favorite is our supposed data-driven Governor refusing to listen to the people who can't find workers and not ending the extended unemployment benefits. He's doing that so you, as an employer, will be forced to raise wages. Yes, that's really why.

CSU IS MAKING STUDENTS PAY OVER $1600 BUCKS TO BE OFFICIALLY INDOCTRINATED As they are going to force graduates to take three hours of diversity and equity claptrap to graduate. I sure hope some kid and his or her parents fights this in court. This is why I want to go back to college, just to take these classes and cause absolute havoc.

ILLEGAL VOTING IN GEORGIA WAS A THING And it had to do with people moving and not changing their addresses with the Sec of State's office, which is bad and illegal, but not evidence of some concerted cheating effort. However, the illegal votes may be enough to swing the vote to Trump in Georgia. Investigations are happening. To be clear, he still would have lost the Presidency with Georgia, but this crap has to be fixed going forward.

IF YOUR KIDS WEREN'T IN SCHOOL LAST YEAR IT'S THE TEACHERS UNIONS FAULT And much like the gaslighting on CRT, the union wants you to forget that inconvenient fact. This column reminds you of every action the union, who has President Biden's ear via his wife DR. Jill Biden (she's a doctor you know), took to keep your kids home last year. It's an impressive list of actions that hurt kids.



CUBANS ARE RISING UP TO DEMAND THE END OF THE COMMUNIST REGIME And what must be SHOCKING to useful idiot Michael Moore is a big part of the protests is the failing socialist health care system. Huh. He may want to talk to actual Cubans the next time he decided to feature them as a good role model. Of course conservatives rose up and supported this, while the democratic socialists were silent. So weird.

BUT WHO WILL I TALK TO ABOUT MY CAR'S EXTENDED WARRANTY? The FCC and phone carriers are working with a new technology designed to stop the annoying robocalls from spoofed numbers. Now I will have to wonder if the cops are coming to my house sent by the IRS or if my nice Chinese friend who calls multiple times a day is okay. I'm cool with that.

MEN ARE FROM MARS AND WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS AND THEY ARE HOOKING UP TONIGHT At least the planets are anyway. They will appear just a fingertip's length away in the night sky tonight.

ANTI-RACIST PRINCIPAL TRIES TO GET WHITE TEACHERS FIRED But I'm sure it's just to fight racism. Read this and know that this is what CRT believes and indoctrinates our children with. Racism is racism. Period.

SHRINKFLATION IS THE PERFECT NAME FOR HIDDEN INFLATION This is the shrinking packaging issue I've talked about but never knew had a name. It's rampant in the ice cream section and now it's hit the cereal section. Don't be mad, they are all trying to cover the devalued dollar and still deliver affordable products.

NOW PROGRESSIVES WANT TO SCOLD YOU FOR VISITING YOUR FAMILY And I'm not even kidding. Here is a column on a different column where a liberal columnist makes the case that air travel should come with "some measure of social opprobrium" because the writer believes those of us who travel are killing the planet. He can eff right off if you ask me. If he doesn't want to take a cruise, stay home. Don't ban them for everyone.

PFIZER WANTS TO SELL A BOOSTER SHOT BUT THE CDC SAYS NOT SO FAST And they are already giving booster shots in Israel as cases rise, but they haven't had a death since the beginning of June so I'm not sure why. The notion that we must eradicate covid entirely isn't realistic and the initial vaccines have largely prevented death in breakthrough infections so I'm good. The CDC says the evidence is simply not there for a third shot. We'll see how this plays out.

OFFICIALS SAY WE'RE ALL GOOD FOR THE ALL STAR GAME AFTER A WEAPONS BUST Officials say there is no ongoing danger after they busted a bunch of drug addled armed idiots at the Maven hotel. The hotel is located with a birds eye view of the stadium and there was concern about a Vegas style shooting (which we still have no motive for, weird).

I WANT THIS GUY TO WIN EVERYTHING He's an Army reservist at the Olympic trials who was running down the lane to his pole vault attempt when the anthem started.

HEALTHY KIDS ARE NOT DYING OF COVID And we need to stop allowing the teachers unions to act like they are caring for kids when they demand masks and online school. The very, extremely rare cases of death in children involve kids who have significant issues already. Not to minimize their deaths, but we can't extrapolate that out for every kid. It's not fair. Even kids with stand alone diagnoses like asthma are not dying of covid. Send your kids to school.

CHRISTIAN TOTO CALLS OUT HIS PROFESSION And uses the new Purge movie to make his point about how liberal nearly ALL movie critics are. Well duh.

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