Mandy's Thu Blog: An Able Shepherd Event and then Baseball Eats the Show

JOIN THIS COOL EVENT TO RAISE MONEY TO SAVE BABIES And the event is in conjunction with Able Shepherd, a wonderful organization that brings people together, trains they to protect their families and celebrates family values. I've got Jimmy Graham on today to talk about their Family Mountain Adventure event this weekend to benefit Alternatives Pregnancy Center in Denver. Find out more by clicking here. Find out more about Able Shepherd here.

GRANT'S LATEST PODCAST EPISODE IS OUT! And this week he talks to Charlie Fulks. Fulks is a giver and wouldn't have it any other way. He knows the importance of helping those in need through his work with the Peace Corps and Special Olympics, and has continued to give back in his community as well. Charlie's traveled the world from Guatemala to Germany, and has overcome loss in his life, coming out on the other side stronger than before, making sure those bad times don't outweigh the good! Listen to the podcast here!

IF YOU'RE IN CHEYENNE, GO DO SOME PUSHUPS TONIGHT! I just interviewed Darren Hafford about his pushup challenge where he's going to 50 states in 50 days to do pushups to raise awareness about veteran suicide (listen here) well he's going to be in Cheyenne TONIGHT at 7:30 at the Capitol building if you want to be like Nave and Army veteran Scott Jackson and join him. Scott showed up last night in downtown Denver to do 50 pushups with Darren.


Navy and Army Veteran Scott Jackson showed up at Colorado's State Capitol to do pushups to raise awareness about veteran suicide. Photo: Joni Inman

CRITICAL RACE THEORY IS BEING TAUGHT AT THE AIR FORCE ACADEMY Even after Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin got all snotty about denying it was happening less than a week ago. One of the AFA's political science professors took to the Washington Post to declare that she DID teach CRT and would continue to do so. What's super irritating is that professors like her try to make CRT "history" instead of the toxic stew of racist theory and garbage that separates people by color, which it is. Unless the professor has more seniority that Sec Def, someone needs to clarify who is running things when it comes to our military leaders of the future.

NASTY BOULDERITES SEND THREATENING EMAILS TO CHARITIES OVER PLANNED DINNERS The issue is that the Boulder Reservoir is growing up and residents around the reservoir don't like it. In an effort to make the reservoir something people will visit and enjoy, since they PAY FOR IT, Boulder allowed a restaurant to set up shop at the reservoir. They were getting ready to do a series of dinners to see if they could operate the restaurant and not disturb the neighbors. The neighbors decided to attack instead and sent threats to the charities that were hosting the dinners as fundraisers, so the charities freaked out and cancelled. How does a Mandy Connell Dinner sound? I love to annoy selfish people.

CHICAGO PUBLIC SCHOOLS IS MAKING CONDOMS AVAILABLE TO FIFTH GRADERS And I can't even with this so you read it. In case you're wondering, fewer than 25% of Chicago public schools 4th graders read on grade level.

NOW THERE ARE TRAFFIC CAMERAS THAT DETECT IF YOU ARE WEARING YOUR SEATBELT OR NOT And Australia is the first place to use them. They also can tell if you're using your cellphone. I can hardly wait until they get here. Not.


BUT THEY ARE JUST TRYING TO SAVE YOU, DON'T YOU GET THAT? (that is sarcasm) As the government ramps up it's extremely intrusive door-to-door vaccine campaign to get people to get the shot, we know now that they believe they have the right to know if we are vaccinated because they have spent trillions of OUR dollars to "keep us alive". Not their job, not ever. Unless it's keeping us alive from an attack from a foreign power. Watch this claptrap.

HOW COAL IS A PLAYER IN THE ELECTRIC CAR BUSINESS It all has to do with rare earth minerals which are necessary for car batteries. It seems that many of those rare earth minerals exist not only in the rock around coal, but in the ash from burning coal. So far there isn't enough investment in technology to get the rare earth minerals out of the coal because environmentalists and the White House HATE coal because it's efficient but gets things dirty. I remember when shale oil was too difficult to get as well and we know how that turned out.

THREE BAD NIGHTS OF SLEEP CAN WRECK YOU And I know this is fact. One bad night sleep can leave you with decreased mental and physical performance but three can really wreck you. Read it here.

HOW MUCH TIME DO I HAVE LEFT? That's the question answered by a new end of life calculator created by scientists in Canada. It's not designed for young, healthy people, it's designed for people receiving home care. I did the test as if I were doing it for a family member and it's very interesting. Find out more here.

AND NOW, EULER'S DISK From the description on YouTube: Euler's Disk is a scientific educational toy used to illustrate and study the dynamic system of a spinning disk on a flat surface (such as a spinning coin), and has been the subject of a number of scientific papers. The apparatus is known for a paradoxical dramatic speed-up in spin rate as the disk loses energy and approaches a stopped condition. This phenomenon is named for Leonhard Euler, who studied it in the 18th century. This particular version of this toy consists of a heavy, thick chrome-plated steel disk and a rigid, slightly concave, mirrored base.

PLAYING WITH TIME This is just cool.

THIS IS THE KIND OF SOLAR PROJECT I CAN GET BEHIND It comes from India but may be making its way to California now. India covered a series of man-made canals used for irrigation with a solar panel array. Not only did it generate energy, it also decreased evaporation of the water in canals DRAMATICALLY. Now water starved California is looking at doing the same thing.

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