Mandy's Wed Blog: Shooting and Murders and Defund the Police On Deck

DEFUND THE POLICE IS NOT A WINNING MESSAGE And as a former cop just won the Democratic primary (and likely the Mayor's race) in New York, perhaps the pendulum is swinging in the other direction. I've got Lee Williams on at 1. Lee is also known as "The Gun Writer," and has been writing about the Second Amendment, firearms, the firearms industry, and the gun culture for more than 10 years. He is the Chief Editor of the Second Amendment Foundation's Investigative Reporting Project, and is a frequent contributor to Ammoland News and Armed American Radio. He also serves as a board member of Florida Carry, Inc.  We're going to talk about Biden's ridiculous crackdown on rogue gun dealers and how 2nd Amendment Candidates may have an opportunity in this next election cycle.

AMERICAN MEN ARE SUFFERING A FRIEND DEFICIT And I am genuinely surprised but as a read more, I guess it makes sense. With declining church attendance and civic organization participation, men have fewer opportunities for friendship than in earlier decades. The number of men with only one or fewer close friends has risen five fold in the last twenty years. So what do we do? Do we need to make a club just for friends or is that genuinely cheesy? I blame social media for part of this, as people substitute Facebook friends for real friendship that requires effort and work. Every good relationship does.

OUR DEMOCRATIC LEGISLATURE WAS VERY WORRIED ABOUT MAKING LIFE BETTER FOR CRIMINALS THIS YEAR And this article lays out the various pieces of legislation designed to protect criminals instead of victims. The worst of the lot was killed when people got wind of how much it would tie the hands of our law enforcement agencies, and give violent adults access to the juvenile parole system. But this is just the beginning, so don't let up now. Elections have consequences.

WIKIPEDIA IS A LEFT WING PROPAGANDA ARM SAYS ITS FOUNDER Larry Sanger is a philosopher who helped create Wikipedia. It was designed to be a neutral repository of information where people could go to get all sides of an issue and make up their own minds about said issue. It's become nothing but left wing propaganda according to this article by Sanger. He gives examples and clearly makes his case about the censorship of conservative points of view. Fox News is not allowed to be used as a source, for instance, but The Guardian is a-okay. I share this with you so you don't tell you kids to use Wikipedia without understanding that it is far from accurate and complete.

A REAL LIVE QUEEN'S GAMBIT DAME This young, pretty chess champ is making waves by taking on the chess hustlers in New York. Read this if you liked the series.

JON CALDARA TALKS TO THE CHAIR OF THE DENVER GOP And it's a very good interview and gave me a bit of hope that maybe we can get someone elected someday.

IF YOU WANT TO SEE HOW MUCH DENVER SPENDS ON HOMELESSNESS It's all in this article from Westword and it's a LOT. We've spent 150 million out of covid dollars on top of the over 90 million dollars in the city budget. This is to deal with less than 5,000 people who are either temporarily homeless or chronically homeless. And the problem has only gotten worse. We are throwing good money after bad and it's time to decide to really go after solutions for addiction and mental health and stop pretending that this is all about housing. Yes, for some it is. For many it is not.

WE COULD LEARN A LOT FROM AUSTRALIA ABOUT IMMIGRATION As they have been very successful in stopping illegal immigration by being extremely tough on people trying to bring people to Australia illegally. This is a great article about it.

AMERICANS BELIEVE IN UFOS And with a clear majority. From Axios:

  • About 65% of respondents said they think there is intelligent alien life on planets other than Earth, and about 87% said UFOs aren't a security threat to the U.S. at all or only represent a minor one, Pew found.
  • According to the poll, only 12% of American adults had heard or read a lot about the UFO report before its release.
  • "Some segments of the public are more likely than others to believe that intelligent life exists on other planets," Pew wrote in arelease. "This view is especially pronounced among younger Americans. About three-quarters (76%) of adults under age 30 say intelligent life exists on other planets, versus 57% of those 50 and older."

Yup. It seems unreasonable to think we are the only ones. And a bit egotistical if you ask me.

MASK MANDATES LEAD TO ROTTEN BEHAVIOR ON AIRPLANES And it's time for them to go. I think that the dehumanizing effect of masks is a HUGE issue and you've made flight attendants into mask police instead of bringers of cocktails and now people are just mad. The FAA is reporting that 75% of the problems reported on planes are because of masks and passengers who don't want to wear them. To be clear, I think they are stupid and ineffective, but if you fly, they are the rule so don't be an ahole.

A PRIVATE SCHOOL KICKS OUT STUDENTS WHEN PARENTS COMPLAIN ABOUT CRT And in my view they did the parents a favor. After two moms organized in order to push back against the so-called but actually racist anti-racism curriculum, the Columbus Academy kicked out their kids. The moms say there are a lot families in their group and I sure hope they stand up and support these women. What I don't understand is why any OTHER parent would subject their kid to this school AND pay for the honor of having their child told they are inherently bad or a victim.

JOURNALISTS MAKE FUN OF WHINY VOX JOURNALISTS FOR BEING OVERLY DRAMATIC And I can't agree with this story enough. After spending so many years getting vicious hate mail, being called sorts of names, having people show up at my house, to say that I have no compassion for journalists who got jostled on January 6th is an understatement. But that didn't stop Vice News from doing a story about the "survivors" who work in their newsroom. Other journalists did a collective eye roll on the internet. Good grief, grow up and move on.


WHERE ARE THE BEST STATES TO RETIRE? Spoiler alert, not Colorado. Four of the top five are on the east coast and sticky and hot during the summer. Read them here.

WELCOME TO CORNY-GIE HALL! This is a great way to teach kids about classical music, just like it taught us.

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