Mandy's Thu Blog: Homeless Sweeps Have NOTHING To Do with the All Star Game

IS THE REAL ESTATE MARKET COOLING OFF? My favorite realtor from the Chad Madlom team Mike Potarf is on deck to talk about our housing market. An article last week says it's cooling off, but how accurate is that? And what can buyers do to increase their chances of winning a multi offer home? Find out more or talk to Mike or any of the great team at Madlom Realty by clicking here.

LET'S SPIN THE BIG WHEEL AND SEE WHAT THE QUESTION OF THE WEEK IS! Get your philosophical thinking caps on for the 2pm hour.

THE MAYOR SAID THAT THE HOMELESS SWEEPS DOWNTOWN HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ALL-STAR GAME And I love the Mayor personally, but we all know this is horse hockey. Watch this.


He's not wrong that we are near the end of the covid emergency, but we all know this is crap. Denver is not about to let the outside world see what a cesspool downtown has become. If the Mayor is telling the truth, the cleanups will continue well beyond the All-Star Game. I hope he is telling the truth. But seriously. You can read more about how much money Denver is going to waste treating this like a housing problem instead of an addiction and mental illness problem.

AFTER READING THIS ARTICLE I AM MORE CONVINCED THAN EVER COVID IS LAB CREATED AND RELEASED I still don't believe it was released on purpose, but I do believe it was created in a Wuhan lab. Read this for a history on the sort of research, being done in Wuhan, that lead to the virus in the first place. And yes, an American scientist is at the center of it, but not for nefarious purposes.

THE VIEW WON'T HAVE MEGHAN MCCAIN TO KICK AROUND ANYMORE And maybe they will hire a woman who isn't a grown child to represent a conservative point of view, but I doubt it. If they had anyone with half a brain it would expose Joy Behar for the mental midget she is. Meghan is leaving at the end of July.

UNC CAVED TO THE CULTURE MOB AND IS GIVING NIKOLE HANNAH-JONES TENURE And frankly I don't give a rat's ass about this story but I wish I could be a fly on the wall as the other faculty grumbles about her getting tenure when others do not. They can have her.

THE COLORADO BOARD OF EDUCATION WANTS TO KICK DECISION MAKING BACK TO DISTRICTS At least when it comes to in person schooling in the fall. This would be great, as the teachers unions are working overtime to get the state to take control and force kids to do online schooling again this year. At least if your district shuts down in person schooling in defiance of the science you can go raise hell at a school board meeting and not have to worry about going to the capitol.

COLORADO IS SUPER MURDERY RIGHT NOW As we have a crap ton of people in jail right now on some sort of murder charges. In three Northern Colorado jails there are over 100 people waiting for trial. Why? Read this to get the full picture.

THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION IS ANTI-SCIENCE As they have come out with a recommendation that people who are vaccinated STILL need to wear masks. I'm sorry, what??? The vaccines WORK and they work on the Delta variant and if you'd like more check out India. Do NOT let them scare you into continuing to wear a mask and dehumanize yourself. If you are vaccinated, please proceed with your life accordingly. China controls the World Health Organization and the Chinese love masks for that very reason. You are not an individual wearing a mask, you are just another part of the collective.

DENVER'S NEW BAG FEE IS IN EFFECT And those who hate it will shop elsewhere. Those who don't will pay a fee for a bag that costs less than a cent. And there will still be litter all over Denver's streets because the homeless people don't care about litter.

STRAIGHT OUT OF THE WWC It's a super cute little wrestling match.


LOCKDOWNS MADE THINGS WAY, WAY WORSE And now we have the first of what I'm sure will be many analyses of excess mortality in areas where lockdowns (or Shelter in Place (SIP)) orders were given. Newsflash, they made things worse. Read more here.

ONE TEN YEAR OLD'S MOM REFUSED TO AFFIRM HER FAKE TRANSGENDERISM And likely saved the girl from permanent harm. The medical community is committing malpractice every time they demand parents "affirm" the supposed gender identity of children. Read this woman's story here.

IT'S A LABOR MARKET SO BE SURE TO ASK FOR GOODIES WHEN GOING FOR A JOB Because companies are starting to do things like signing bonuses again. The perks are good for people willing to work with manufacturing and food processing jobs giving over a grand in signing bonuses to get people back to work. If you hate your job, now is the time to seek out another one.

BILL COSBY MAY BE OUT AND ABOUT SOON As his conviction was overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. This is the best explainer of why that happened I've seen, and though I certainly believe Cosby is a creep who drugged and raped women, our justice system must be held the highest standards and the DA who prosecuted him did not do that. We'll see if he's charged with other crimes. The real issue is that the women he attacked waited to report it, and now it's "he said, she said" and in this case and many others, he said means more.

THE JOURNAL FOR AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION'S PEDIATRIC BRANCH FINDS MASK ON CHILDREN ARE NOT GOOD Because they cause CO2 levels to rise to unacceptable levels within the mask. Huh. It's almost like me saying I can't breathe with a mask on is accurate. Huh. Read more about the study here.

A SIXTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL IS HIT BY STRAY BULLETS IN DOWNTOWN DENVER And the owner of the parking lot where she was shot after an altercation broke out says he's not surprised as he watches people dealing and smoking heroin all day every day in his lot. But I'm sure we don't have time to arrest those unhoused individuals we are buying hotel rooms for. I'm sure the multi-million dollar redo of the 16th Street Mall will take care of all of this.

WHEN YOUR NEIGHBORS DON'T LIKE YOUR TREE YOU NEED KING SOLOMON TO MAKE A DECISION At least that's how it seems in the UK where a neighbor was not happy with another neighbor's tree hanging over their driveway. They paid to have the tree cut in half. Jokes on them though, they got the ugly half to look at.

NEW YORK'S EXPERIMENT WITH RANKED CHOICE VOTING HAS BEEN SOMETHING OF A DISASTER And it may simply be the incompetence of New York Election officials (strong possibility) or it just may be too cumbersome and complex to do. This editorial lays it out.

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