Mandy's Fri Blog: Another Short but Incredible Show!

BASEBALL HIJACKS US AT 1:30 But we'll keep you entertained until then.

I HAVE SOME WORDS FOR YOU FOLKS TOO LAZY TO RETURN YOUR CART TO THE CART BARN I have to give this scolding lecture every so often and today is the day. I'm at Costco yesterday and if you shop at Costco you know the parking lot is a hot mess. Not because of anything Costco did (I commend them on their large parking spaces) but because NO ONE CAN DRIVE. And into this chaos yesterday you get an old guy who couldn't be bothered to take his flat bed cart back to a cart barn and he just leaves it at a median at a hot corner in the lot, where it is almost immediately joined by a lazy ass woman parking her cart right next to it totally in the way. Let me say this clearly for those of you in the back: IF YOU DON'T HAVE A MEDICAL CONDITION PROHIBITING IT, TAKE YOUR DAMN CART BACK TO THE DAMN CART BARN.


THIS AS PARENTS SHOW UP IN CHERRY CREEK TO SUPPORT TEACHING KIDS TO BE RACIST Critical Race Theory wasn't on the agenda at last night's Cherry Creek School Board meeting, but it was discussed anyway. After some parents showed up to speak against the teaching that skin color is all that matters, others showed up to try to recast Critical Race Theory as history, which it most certainly is NOT. Teaching a full and even history of America is critical, but CRT is a Marxist ideology that assigns blame and victimhood status based on skin color. It must be stopped. Cherry Creek parents, this is happening are you paying attention?

THE TEACHERS UNION WANTS YOUR KINDERGARTNER IN A MASK AGAIN THIS YEAR They want ALL unvaccinated children in masks, even though statistically this virus is way less likely to kill any of them than a car accident or even the normal flu. But the unions want to keep draconian measures in place because they want to continue to exert their power over children while doing nothing to improve their educational opportunities. For the love of God, we must get rid of this union. It's poison. If you think this is stupid, please feel free to call the Governor's office and let you voice be POLITELY heard. If they pursue this I will pursue a Pull Your Kids Out Movement in response. If we all just say no together, what can they do? The Governor's office can be reached here. Here is a copy of the union's unscientific demands. Since they reference the Delta Variant which has been rampant in India, I did what they didn't do, I looked at numbers for India and found this. Out of the over 30 MILLION cases in India, most of which were the Delta variant, you know how many children died? Thirteen. And they all had significant comorbidities. Here are the numbers for the Governor, let's let them know how stupid this is:

Constituent Services Help Line: (303) 866-2885

Governor's Office, Front Desk: (303) 866-2471

VACCINATED PEOPLE ARE NO LONGER DYING OF COVID BUT UNVACCINATED PEOPLE ARE Sure, a FEW are dying, but the stats look like this: Of the 18,000 people or so who died of Covid in May, 150 of them were fully vaccinated. So .8% of the people who died from covid were fully vaccinated and 99.2% were not. But make your own choices and live or die with the consequences.

THIS BICYCLIST IS JUST LIVING HIS TRUTH AND WINNING RACES Because he is a motorcyclist who identifies as a bicyclist. Thanks, Babylon Bee!


THE NHS IS COLLAPSING WITH WAITING LISTS IN THE YEARS FOR SIMPLE CONSULTATIONS And I say "in the years" because there are MILLIONS of people waiting for care right now. If you get cataracts, expect to wait over a year to see a specialist and hope you don't go blind in the meantime. In Northern Ireland the waiting times are EVEN LONGER. I am interviewing my friend next week who you all donated so generously to so she could have her gallbladder removed privately in Belfast. She STILL hasn't heard from the NHS about her "urgent" referral in December. STILL.

POOR OPPRESSED PALESTINIANS BEAT A POLITICAL CRITIC TO DEATH IN THE STREETS And he wasn't an Israeli, he was Palestinian. He spoke out against the rule of the Palestinian Authority and they dragged him from his home and beat him to death in the street. I sure hope Hollywood does a fundraiser for his family.

WHY HASN'T JIMMY KIMMEL BEEN CANCELLED? Christian Toto asks that questions and provides reason why he should have already been taken down by the PC Mob here.

IMAGINE IF TRUMP DID THIS IN A PRESSER And it's nice to see Biden admitting that his policies are keeping people from going back to work. The internet was not impressed with this.

DON'T USE MAGIC ERASERS ON YOUR TEETH Or better yet, stop doing dumb crap you see on Tik Tok. Read more here.

ISRAEL IS RE INSTATING IT'S INDOOR MASK REQUIREMENT BECAUSE CASES ARE RISING But you need to understand, DEATHS are NOT rising AT ALL. They are all freaked out about the Delta variant from India even though children and people are NOT dying from this variant any more than they died from the regular one.



THIS VACCINE SEEMS A LITTLE CAPTAIN AMERICA TO ME A scientist at Stanford is working on a vaccine that would prevent heart disease, Alzheimer's, and liver disease by using the genetics of elite athletes in great physical shape. I see a lot that could go wrong here.

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