Mandy's Thu Blog: Thirsty Thursday and Please Tell Me I'm Right!

THE WINE YOGI IS ON AT 1 TO TALK RED, WHITE AND BREW! It's a day drinking discussion as we get ready for the Independence Day weekend of barbeques and fun with friends. Find out more by clicking here!

PLEASE TELL ME I'M RIGHT WITH CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER IS ON AT 2! Get your word and grammar questions ready for our official word nerd. Find out more about Charles, send him a question directly or buy his books by clicking here!

COLORADO'S BOOM YEARS MAY BE COMING TO AN END At least according to a new report by the American Legislative Exchange Council. They do a "Rich States, Poor States" report every year and last year, we were #2 in fiscal health in the entire country. We slid 18 spots THIS YEAR. Why? The growth of government and taxes, which is always a drag on the economy. Read more here.

JOHN HURLEY SAVED LIVES AND GAVE HIS OWN TO DO IT The Good Samaritan who helped stop a shooter who ambushed a cop needs to be remembered. Read this account of what happened.

WE'VE GOT OUR FIRST REDISTRICTING MAP TO CHECK OUT And I honestly don't know which party has the better deal here, though the Democrats say it benefits Republicans I frankly don't believe them. I'm sure they prepared that statement before the map came out. Check it out here.

YOU NEED TO WATCH THIS GEOLOGY NERD FOR A MINUTE A listener sent me this about how Montana got it's silt soil and it's really interesting if you are remotely interested in the changing Earth.

WE NEED STIFFER PENALTIES FOR PEOPLE WHO ABUSE FLIGHT ATTENDANTS And I'm talking jail time and a lot of it. The FAA fines unruly passengers when they misbehave, but I think there is more than can be done. If a carrier has to land an aircraft or return to an airport I think the airline should be able to sue the passenger for the cost of that diversion. I also think if you assault a flight attendant you should face jail time. We have to bring people under control on airplanes, this is insane.

WHY DO SINGLE PEOPLE SMELL DIFFERENT? This article on body odor and how we smell is downright fascinating. Single people may have a different BO because of testosterone levels, but you really need to read the whole thing to realize how biologically driven we really are.


OLDER MILLENNIALS ARE DOING WHAT WE ALL DID AT THE SAME AGE And that is realize that some of the decisions we made when we were young were bad ones. Well intentioned, but bad. This article interviews some millennials about their regret in degree choice, law school and a myriad of other things. I've already had these discussions with my friends who went through the same thing at pretty much the same age.

THE PANDEMIC BROUGHT MANY PEOPLE TO THEIR LOWEST EMOTIONAL POINT And I'm sorry to hear this. 44% of Americans say they hit rock bottom and levels of loneliness, anxiety, and depression are way up. Get up, get out and go, people. Call friends, make plans, do the things. It will help.

SUBWAY IS DEFENDING ITS TUNA AGAINST SCURRILOUS CLAIMS AND DNA TESTS I am fascinated by this story created by a couple who accused Subway of serving something that was not tuna in their tuna sandwiches. Now it seems the New York Times is running a story saying a lab in New York could not detect any tuna DNA is a sandwich from Subway. Subway says DNA tests on cooked proteins are garbage and I can't stop watching this story. u

UK TO BAN JUNK FOOD ADVERTISING BEFORE 9PM So now you won't be enticed to make a run for the border until after the kids are in bed. Why stop there? Why not force junk food manufacturers to put labels on their food of fat unhealthy people?

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