Mandy's Tue Blog: The Bible Is Now a Republican Thing

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THE BIBLE IS A REPUBLICAN THING APPARENTLY At least according to none other than the IRS, which denied the non-profit application of a group from Texas. The mission of the group is to urge Christians to pray for the leaders of our nation and government and to inform people of the Biblical values in relation to current issues. In the denial letter, the IRS actually said this:

"Specifically you educate Christians in areas where they can be instrumental including areas like sanctity of life, the definition of marriage, biblical justice, freedom of speech, defense, and borders and immigration, and US and Israel relations. The Bible teachings are typically affiliated with the (Republican) party and candidates. This disqualifies you from exemption under IRS section 501(c)3"

Don't worry, they are already suing, but this is just another example of the Democrats war on religion. We already know that Tea Party organizations were discriminated against during the Obama Administration, so it's no surprise that Biden's IRS would do the same.

A BAD MARRIAGE MAY KILL YOU At least if you are a man in a bad marriage anyway. A long term study seems to show that men in marriages they consider a failure died earlier than their happily married counterparts. If your marriage is bad and you don't have kids, leave. If you do have kids, do everything in your power to fix the marriage, but don't stay in a toxic relationship for any longer than you need to. It's not good for anyone.

NEED A FRIEND? THERE COULD BE AN APP FOR THAT And I've long wondered why there wasn't a friendship app that focused on older people. When my mom moved in with us in a new city, it was REALLY hard for her to make friends. Now we know she is not alone. As people are working from home, they are trying to figure out ways to make friends and now dating apps are creating a space for platonic friendship. This is a GREAT idea because it is really hard to make friends when you move to a city as an adult.

THE HORRIBLE SO-CALLED PAUSE INITIATIVE IS COMPLETELY DEAD Because it clearly violated the Single Issue Rule when it comes to ballot initiatives and even our liberal Supreme Court agreed. They struck the ballot initiative down so it is dead for this year, but expect the animal rights nutbars to run it again because they will not stop until they destroy our ranching communities and businesses in Colorado. But it's done for now.

AN ARVADA POLICE OFFICER IS DEAD After what seems to be shooter who was not in his right mind killed him in Arvada. The shooter is dead, so is another person who seems to have been a Good Samaritan. Details are still sketchy, but please keep the family of Officer Gordon Beesley in your prayers and may he rest in peace.

THE PERA PONZI SCHEME IS IN TROUBLE AGAIN A Ponzi Scheme is a classic investment scam where the new money coming in is used to pay out returns to early investors. This is what our retirement system in Colorado has become. From the Colorado Sun:

But the cost of benefits that the system expects to pay moving forward is a moving target, too. If retirees live longer or retire earlier than expected, benefit costs go up. If the state government or school districts employ fewer workers than expected, less money enters the system to pay off the unpaid debt PERA already owes. (emphasis mine)

PERA had some banner years on returns as of late, but they are paying out a lot and expect more people to flood into the system and they don't have the money on hand to make this happen. You know why we can't truly shrink the size of government? Because we need warm bodies to pay for retirees. This system would end up with someone in jail in the private sector. Period.



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A TRANSGENDER ATHLETE WANTS TO WIN GOLD TO "BURN THE AMERICAN FLAG" ON THE PODIUM Because she hates Trump THAT MUCH. Luckily she is a BMX rider, an event where skill matters more than power, so she is only an alternate. Hopefully she won't get to compete for the country she so clearly wants to humiliate on the podium. She can suck it if you ask me.

THE PANDEMIC KILLED JACKETS REQUIRED At fancy restaurants nationwide the "jackets required" signs are being pulled down as society is just more casual than it used to be. During the pandemic, loaner jackets given to patrons arriving without coats became a germ-ridden disaster, so restaurants have simply been moving to "jackets suggested" rather than required. Apparently the lone holdout is Ballatoires in New Orleans, which is totally worth being uncomfortable for.

DRAMATIC RESCUE OF A WOMAN IN THE SEA ISN'T WHAT IT SEEMS Because this was no average "lady". As a matter of fact, she was not human at all, she was a sex doll.

INSANE PHILIPPINE PRESIDENT DOING WHAT SOME DEMS WOULD LOVE TO DO And that is put unvaccinated people in jail. This is the guy who instituted martial law on drug dealers with almost no due process. He's now going to force every Philippino to get vaccinated or else. I bet it works.




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