Mandy's Mon Blog: My Friend's Crazy Year + Stop Paying People to Stay Home

SO HOW IS MY FRIEND KELLY DOING LIVING OFF HER URBAN FARM? My friend Kelly Maher (many of you know her from her political work) made an insane bet with her friends last year. She bet them that she could live off her small urban farm for a year. That meant NO outside food (aside from a few cheat meals during the year) and nothing she could not barter or trade for. She started last August so I thought it would be fun to check in with her and find out how she's doing and see if she's starved to death yet. Spoiler alert: she has not starved. Find out more and check out her killer recipes here.

COLLEGE ATHLETICS JUST CHANGED FOREVER As the Supreme Court just CRUSHED the NCAA with its ruling about not paying college athletes for their Name, Image and Likeness. It was a unanimous decision that took the NCAA to task for its argument that its business model was built on not paying the people who made it BILLIONS of dollars over the years. This is HUGE news for college athletes and will fundamentally change sports in college and not necessarily in a bad way.

GOVERNOR POLIS IS DEAD WRONG ABOUT EXTENDED UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS And the man must never leave his house, or he would notice Help Wanted signs EVERYWHERE. Now Republicans are calling on him to end the extended unemployment benefits so people will go back to work. Twenty six other states ended them as of this week. We have yet another real world opportunity to see this play out, as our unemployment rate remains stubbornly high as people would rather stay home and do nothing than take a job that they don't want. I don't blame them, but enough is enough.

DENVER REALLY SHOWED IT'S ASS AT THE WESTERN CONSERVATIVE SUMMIT And it was a bunch of losers who have nothing positive going on in their lives so they tell themselves they are going to go fight "Nazis" to give their pathetic lives meaning. They descended on the Western Conservative Summit this past weekend to harass people who had the nerve to want to hear speakers from a right point of view. These people are sad and need to find real meaning. Or a job, they should find a job.

SENATOR MICHAEL BENNET IS NOW TAKING CREDIT FOR CORY GARDNER'S BILLS And truly it's because Bennet has no ideas on how to help his home state without Gardner. As Gardner got multiple pieces of legislation passed that benefit Colorado, Bennet just hung around to co-sponsor after the real work had been done. Now he's taking credit for a bill Gardner was working on when he lost to Hick, who apparently has no ideas on how to help Colorado either. So Bennet took Gardner's bill, which would have streamlined the process for ski areas to work with BLM, and added some other crap and now he's a hero according to the Vail Daily, which slobbers all over Bennet to give him credit for an idea he didn't have in the many years he's been our Senator. Too bad Gardner's gone, now no one can tell Bennet what to do. Sad.

COLORADO COLLECTED SO MUCH IN TAXES WE ARE GETTING A TABOR REFUND And please remember this when our Democratic Legislature poor mouths and raises taxes illegally by calling them fees and whatnot. They are SWIMMING in our tax dollars. Absolutely OVERCOME with money. Read more here.

IF YOU HAVE CANCER OR SOME PRE EXISTING CONDITIONS YOU NEED TO READ THIS ABOUT COVID VACCINE EFFECTIVENESS A family whose fully vaccinated father died from covid is trying to alert other people with significant underlying health conditions that the vaccine may not work as well for some. Their father had a form of cancer that seemed to lessen the creation of antibodies even after vaccination. Read more here.

WHICH DENVER MAYORAL CANDIDATE WILL SPEAK THE TRUTH LIKE ANDREW YANG DID? Andrew Yang is running for Mayor of New York. Though I think he is nutso on some issues, he NAILED it during a debate recently.

He is spot on. He's lost support among the NY liberals who want to be seen as caring while allowing their city to be pulled back into the cesspool of the 1970s, but I'm really glad he said it. Why do we give our city streets to the homeless without even CONSIDERING how it impacts the people who PAY for those streets on a daily basis? It's insane what's happening right now in the name of compassion.

RANKED CHOICE VOTING IS ABOUT TO GET ITS FIRST BIG TEST As New York City is going to be using it in its municipal elections this year. The mayoral race is a barn burner and actually has candidates campaigning TOGETHER for the first time as they try to get the 1 and 2 spots at the top of the ranked choice ballot. Read more about this here.


COULD METERED RAMPS BE THE SOLUTION FOR TRAFFIC NIGHTMARES? I've always thought the metered ramps onto 25 were stupid because they didn't do anything but slow you down if traffic was moving and did little to reduce congestion if it wasn't. Now we're adding science to the mix for an experiment on metered ramping patterned after a similar program in Australia. Read more here.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE LIBERTARIAN PARTY! And I had no idea it started right here in Colorado! This is really cool and speaks to what our state USED to be. Read more here.

A FORMER DUDE IS PROBABLY GONNA WIN THE GOLD AT THE OLYMPICS IN WEIGHTLIFTING Because a weightlifter from New Zealand, who was a man until his 30s, has won a spot on New Zealand's Olympic weightlifting team. Please take a moment to look at her and tell me how she does not have a HUGE advantage over women who did not go through puberty as a boy. This is madness and totally unfair for the women who have trained their entire lives for this moment in time.

WHEN PEOPLE QUITTING THEIR JOBS IS A SIGN OF GOOD THINGS TO COME The pandemic is fundamentally reshaping the workplace and people are finding out that they can get a better workplace somewhere else so they are quitting in DROVES. This is a good thing, as it shows that we are in a SUPER good economy for jobs and that people are optimistic about the near term. It also shows that people are not willing to put up with your crappy as bosses anymore. They can go elsewhere.



THIS DAD HAS A MAGIC TOUCH And who hasn't fallen asleep with a cookie before?

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