Mandy's Fri Blog: Bosses Spying, Cruella and Rosen

CRUELLA AND SOME OTHER STUFF ON TAP WITH MIKE ROSEN And neither Dave nor Mike wanted to see Cruella but I think they made a mistake. We shall discuss at 2.

THIS STORY FROM YESTERDAY IS ON DECK TOO Probably right out of the chute.

BOSSES, FOCUS ON RESULTS AND NOT CONTROL This should be the way forward as businesses try to bring back workers who don't want to come to the office to the office. This survey has lots of interesting stuff in it.It's actually a survey about employee monitoring of remote employees by their bosses but it has interesting insights into why bosses want people back in the office. They want to have control. It's all about control. I get it, if you have an employee that isn't performing up to snuff or meeting deadlines or productivity goals, it's time to intervene. But if you've got great employees who are getting it done from home, why bother? It just creates stress and unneeded bad feelings. The best boss I ever had said to me once, "I don't care where you work as long as the show starts on time and sounds good". Give a loose leash until you need to tighten it. That's all.

WHO IS GONNA LOBBY FOR YOUR FAMILY? The American Principles Project is a new political organization that wants to represent the traditional family in politics. Why do we need this? I'll talk to Terry Schilling, President of APP, at 1. Find out more or join by clicking here.

AND NOW THE CUTEST BADGER EVER Because it's Friday and you need this.

I WAS TOLD IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO MAKE FUN OF DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENTS And yet, Dana Carvey found a way on Colbert's show.


ANTARCTICA'S MELTING GLACIER SPELLS DOOM...IN HUNDREDS OF YEARS Remember when sea level rises were going to swallow up New York City? In this super scary story about Antarctic sea ice melting, we find that if this super huge glacier melts, it will mean a rise in sea level of just 2/3 of an INCH by the END OF THE CENTURY. It's time to stop trying to stop climate change and shift to mitigating it's effects. I was reading about the geologic formations in Montana and was shocked to find that Montana had been part of a sea floor MULTIPLE TIMES over the last several million years. This just confirms my belief that anyone who thinks they can control the climate in any way shape or form is just foolishly fooling themselves and trying to fool everyone else.

CHILDLESS BY CHOICE COUPLES ARE MORE LIKELY TO BE LIBERAL AND THAT CAN'T HAPPEN Being a liberal means you want government to solve the world's problems. This study showed that if a couple were childless by choice, they are more likely to liberal, which I then extrapolate out to mean that they want big government, except they aren't having the replacement children to pay for all of this. If you want big government, you should be REQUIRED to have as many taxpayers as you can possibly squeak out to pay for the programs you want. Plus, if you don't have to worry about what sort of world you are leaving for your children you may make much different choices. Read more here.

MESA COUNTY LAGS IN VACCINATIONS, LEADS IN COVID INFECTIONS And again, do what you want, but Mesa County has just under 40% of it's population fully vaccinated and now they have the highest rate of covid cases in the state. Their hospitals are almost full and the Delta variant is moving fast there.

A CHECKLIST TO WATCH FOR CRITICAL RACE THEORY IN YOUR LIFE And now that pushing back is not only acceptable but being embraced across the country, you need to know what to watch for as the people pushing this toxic ideology will try to tell you that what they are doing ISN'T CRT when it CLEARLY is CRT. Read this for more.

DON'T BE AN IDIOT AND LEAVE YOUR KEYS IN YOUR CAR Because car thefts are WAY up and a lot of those cars were stolen because people left the keys in them. Don't be that person.

DAVE MIGHT HAVE A POINT ABOUT THIS FEDERAL HOLIDAY THING When Dave argued that we didn't need another federal holiday, he may be right. I had NO idea that federal workers have so many days off including federal holidays. Read the infuriating facts here.

VICTORIA'S SECRET IS OVER NOW And I don't mean just for their uncomfortable bras. They are going Full Woke and replacing the Victoria's Secret Angels with a diverse group of women that includes Megan Rapinoe, the outspoken women's soccer player who has zero sex appeal. But hey, maybe Victoria's Secret this whole time is that she's not very smart.

HALF OF AMERICANS NEED TO SUCK IT UP AND MOVE ON This kind of stuff genuinely makes me disappointed in what Americans have become. From the brave men who stormed the beach at Normandy to half of Americans saying they may never recover from Covid stress after the pandemic. Good grief, how soft is your life normally if the last year broke you? If you're a front line healthcare worker I can totally see this, but these are just normal people. People who are soft and pathetic.

SHOCKER, AMAZON THINKS ANTI-COP MERCH IS JUST FINE And they are defending selling "Blue Lives Murder" tshirts even as they ban criticism of Kamala Harris' past as Willie Brown's mistress on a similar t. Read more here.

SIGNS YOUR BABY IS A WHITE SUPREMACIST From our friends at the Babylon Bee

NEW YORK CITY IN 1911 BROUGHT TO LIFE AGAIN This is so cool. Much like the video I found above. Dave sent me this one today after I had already posted the other one. Weird.

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