Mandy's Thu Blog: Bosses Are Worried About Control and Stephen Moore!

OUR FAVORITE ECONOMIC NERD STEVE MOORE IS ON TODAY And if you haven't subscribed to his excellent newsletter you can do so by clicking here. His warnings about inflation are coming true so we'll discuss that and more economic news from the Biden economy.

YOU THINK IT'S HOT HERE? It's 126 in Death Valley, hence the name. We are going to check in with one of Dave's chums who lives in Las Vegas about what it's like to live on the sun at 2.

BOSSES, FOCUS ON RESULTS AND NOT CONTROL This should be the way forward as businesses try to bring back workers who don't want to come to the office to the office. This survey has lots of interesting stuff in it. It's actually a survey about employee monitoring of remote employees by their bosses but it has interesting insights into why bosses want people back in the office. They want to have control. It's all about control. I get it, if you have an employee that isn't performing up to snuff or meeting deadlines or productivity goals, it's time to intervene. But if you've got great employees who are getting it done from home, why bother? It just creates stress and unneeded bad feelings. The best boss I ever had said to me once, "I don't care where you work as long as the show starts on time and sounds good". Give a loose leash until you need to tighten it. That's all.

SO HOW SAFE ARE KIDS MASKS ANYWAY? A group of parents sent some freshly laundered masks that had been worn one day at school to a lab for testing. What they found was hella gross. E. coli anyone? How about TB? Or pneumonia? Can we end this mask nonsense once and for all?

A WHOLE STEW OF BUSINESS REGULATIONS GOT PASSED IN THIS LAST LEGISLATIVE SESSION And from a new "Colorado Option" which says it's going to use price fixing to lower costs* to a bill that raised our taxes illegally by calling them fees, this is going to be a very expensive session for all of us.

*Price fixing never leads to lower prices. It leads to price shifting and scarcity every time it's tried.

IF SILENCE IS COMPLICITY DOES THIS MEAN MICHAEL BENNET AND JASON CROW ARE ANTI SEMITES TOO? Because they didn't sign onto a letter calling Rep. Ilhan Omar to "clarify" her anti-Semitic comments equating Israel to Hamas and the Taliban. Several Democrat members did sign on, but Jason Crow and Michael Bennet have been silently complicit with her hateful comments. Oh, and the silence is complicity is something I learned from Joe Biden.

PLEASE HELP THE POOR SOULS WHO WORK FOR JON CALDARA I love and check it every day. Great aggregator of local news. However the people who work there have to work for a cheap bastard like Jon Caldara so they need donations. I just gave them 50 bucks. You can donate here.

A STUDENT WHO REFUSES TO BOW TO CRITICAL RACE THEORY IS KICKED OFF A TEAM And now she's suing, which is awesome. Not that she was kicked off the team, that she is fighting back. Read more here. She is, I believe rightly, arguing that her First Amendment rights are being violated by the government school because they kicked her off for expressing a viewpoint different than the dogma they espouse. I can't wait to see how this turns out.

JUNE 19TH IS A NEW FEDERAL HOLIDAY And it's name is going to sow more division. Why? The official name of the holiday is "Juneteenth National Independence Day" which means now you can choose YOUR independence day based on race. That seems like a really dumb and unnecessary thing, when just calling it Juneteenth Day would have worked. But never let it be said that politicians care about bringing us together. Juneteenth is the day that Texas slaves got the word they had been freed some two yearish earlier. I'm all for honoring the end of slavery but I hate the name. Such a missed opportunity.

LIBERAL COLLEGE STUDENTS AREN'T VERY PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN From a recent survey that does not surprise me in the least. Just 38% of self identified liberals are proud to an American. Conservative students are afraid to speak up in class. College professors are even more pathetic on the proud to be an American question, with just SEVEN percent of them proud to live here. This is not shocking but must be stopped. Read the rest here.


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