Mandy's Tiny Wed Before Baseball Blog: Our President is Not Well

BASEBALL TAKES OVER AT 12:30 But we've got a tiny but mighty show for you!

HEY GRANT'S NEW PODCAST IS OUT! And this one is a good one. Ben and Emily Roberts have been hitting the road together in their band Carolina Story for a decade, and being a married couple touring together definitely presents its own challenges. They found each other through music, and continue to spread their message of hope and happiness through their songs. This is especially evident in their latest album "Dandelion" available for purchase on their website or check out their latest tour dates to catch them when they're in your neck of the woods! Click here to listen!

OUR PRESIDENT IS NOT IMPRESSIVE RIGHT NOW First off, there are over 16,000 kids in cages at the border. That's just a point of order that most in the media are missing. But he's been in Europe at the G7, where he was drug around by Jill and told what to say by handlers. Watch some of these clips from the last week. In the first one, he mixes up Syria and Libya REPEATEDLY.

Now here is a fun one where he was asked about Russia and did this. Oh, and he showed up 2 and a half hours LATE to the press conference in the first place.

Oddly, the Australian media is covering Biden accurately and put these clips together in a rather damning story. I wonder why our media is not doing this? Ha, of course I know why.

But I'm sure it's fine. This story says the media is getting tired of covering for Biden, instead of covering Biden. I'll believe it when they start treating him like they treated Trump.

A CASE AGAINST DU IS MOVING FORWARD NOW And this is EXACTLY what I spoke of yesterday when it comes to colleges investigating sexual assault allegations. A young man had consensual sex with a young woman and later she talked to her friends and they told her she had been assaulted so she filed a complaint (I'm not even oversimplifying this, that's what happened). The University of Denver investigated in a completely one-sided way that assumed his guilt and then kicked him out and he's suing. Good for him and I hope he wins. Universities need to stop with this madness and call the cops if someone alleges sexual assault. Period. A judge dismissed the case but on appeal it was found to have merit.

THIS ISN'T THE SUMMER TO VISIT NATIONAL PARKS As people desperate to do ANYTHING that feels normal try to head outside, they are ALL heading to our National Parks. All of them. At the same time. Our parks are being over run, the experience for visitors is miserable so make plans for NEXT year, k? Parks are shutting their gates during the day as they hit capacity and towns around the parks are being overwhelmed with customers they don't have the staff to handle. It's gonna be a looooonnnnggg summer.

DEMOCRATS IN COLORADO RAISED YOUR TAXES WITHOUT ASKING To the tune of $617 million bucks in this legislative session. And they don't intend on asking ever again, as they use the word "fee" instead of "tax" to get around TABOR and take more of your money without asking. I honestly hate any politician who thinks this is a clever workaround instead of a complete slap in the face to those of us who want a say in our taxation. Aholes, every one of them.

NO REPUBLICANS, THE VOTING REVIEWS ARE NOT GOING TO CHANGE THE ELECTION And this sort of stuff infuriates me because it could really screw up the very important 2022 election cycle. Polling shows that even as a plurality of voters support state reviews of the 2020 election, only Republicans think that it will change the outcome of the election. Let me say it loud for those in the back....IT'S NOT GOING TO CHANGE THE OUTCOME. TRUMP IS NOT GOING TO BE PRESIDENT. Just stop it. Move on and focus on taking back the House and Senate.

THE PEOPLE IN THE HOSPITAL WITH COVID NOW ARE THE ONES WHO AREN'T VACCINATED And they are younger than previous patients. A tiny percentage of people needing hospitalization are vaccinated and states with low levels of vaccination are seeing the highest levels of ICU patients with covid. The vaccine works, friends. If you can afford to miss a couple of months of work, go right ahead and roll the dice. I hope you don't die.

PERFECT SYNCHRONICITY It happens so infrequently that we love it when it does.

BIDEN PAUSE ON OIL AND GAS LEASES IS PAUSED BY A JUDGE A Federal judge in Louisiana ruled that the President did NOT have the unilateral authority to stop oil and gas leases on federal land without action by Congress. I hope Democrats enjoy judges blocking all of his Executive Orders like judges blocked Trump's. I'm okay with that, I hate rule via Executive Order, it's never what our Founders intended.

THE GORILLA GLUE HAIR GIRL STARTED HER OWN LINE OF HAIR PRODUCTS And though I still think she's an idiot for gluing her hair in the first place, good for her for trying to capitalize on her stupidity with something productive. I hope she is successful and has help with her business because we all know she isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

EXERCISE IS A MONEY SAVER! At least in the long run anyway. According to a pretty cool study, people who begin to exercise in middle age spend much less on medical bills in old age than their peers. It makes a lot of sense and it's never too late to start taking a daily walk. You're already up early, just head outside for a walk!


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