Mandy's Tue Blog: The Mayor is on to Talk Fun Stuff, DIA & Homeless Showers

MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK AT 1 And we're talking Denver Days, the potential new DIA chief and showers and laundry for the homeless.

I NEED HELP FROM YOU RV AND TRAVEL TRAILER TYPES Driving to Montana reminded us of all the cool stuff we haven't seen in the Western United States and that lead to a conversation about how was the best way to do that and now we're going to buy some sort of camper trailer. However, we have never done this and need some advice so I'm asking you kids to help. That's at 2pm.

GOP CHALLENGERS ARE BEGINNING TO EMERGE FOR POLIS And I am THRILLED that Heidi Ganahl is one of them. Read more here, but I'm trying to get her on the show asap. I am huge fan of hers and have had the chance to get to know her a bit and I would be so happy if she were our nominee! She would be an amazing Governor.

POLIS SAYS HE WANTS TO STOP USING EXECUTIVE ORDERS BUT KEEPS USING EXECUTIVE ORDERS ANYWAY His eyes say yes, but his actions say no. Even as the Governor is on record saying he wants to end his endless stream of power grabbing Executive Orders he is STILL issuing them and Democrat activists want him to continue to use them for their pet issues. I don't know why when the Legislature will do exactly the same things unimpeded, but read more here.

DOES THIS MEAN THE END OF PAID VACATIONS? I don't think this will become an issue right now as employers struggle to fill jobs everywhere, but it could be an issue in the future. The Colorado Supreme Court ruled that if a company offers paid vacation, they MUST pay accrued vacation time if an employee quits or is fired. Here's the kicker though...if the company DOESN'T offer paid vacation this is a non-issue. Watch this when we get back to an employers market for labor.

A HORRIBLE MAN SHOOTS A CASHIER OVER A FACE MASK ARGUMENT And I'm sure hoping there is more to this story than an argument over a cashier asking a guy to pull up his face mask. As it stands now it appears this idiot left the store, went to his car and got a gun to come back and kill the cashier. Look, I think masks are stupid, I don't think they work, and yet, I wore one the ENTIRE time they were required and now if a store wants me to wear one, I take my business elsewhere. Nicely. This guy deserves to fry for this one. She was just doing a job she didn't ask to do, which is be the mask police.

NO, GOVERNMENT SPENDING DOES NOT CREATE ECONOMIC GROWTH And one only needs to go back in our recent history to see examples of this in action. FDR, who is credited by Keynesian economists as ending the Great Depression with massive government spending, actually EXTENDED it with that spending. It wasn't until the severe contraction of government spending AFTER WWII that the economy roared back to life in the 50s. By the way, when politicians moved to dramatically reduce spending, economists said it would send the economy into a tailspin. Read this economics article on that contraction:

1. There was massive austerity, as government spending fell by far more that 20%. We suddenly went from a deficit of 20% of GDP, to a surplus.
2. Several top Keynesian economists warned that this austerity would lead to another post-war depression.
3. Short term interest rates were very low, but slightly above zero (0.38% on T-bills, for instance.)
Sound familiar? Here’s what happened next. After WWII, the Fed did not cut rates at all to offset the fiscal austerity. Indeed after holding them at0.38% for about 2 years, they began gradually raising them in mid-1947. Nor did they do any QE. And despite all that, the economy remained fine, with the unemployment rate fluctuating between 3% and 5% throughout1946, 1947, and1948, despite millions of men suddenly being discharged from the military. The Keynesian predictions did not come true.

And yet, we have a President who is proposing a budget that would require 2/3 of it to be paid for on borrowed money. This is shameful and if we don't get serious, we are going to end our country's reign as a world power.

WHEN CANCEL CULTURE COMES FOR YOU As a media person I am always waiting to have the mob come for me. It's happened before, and it's not fun. However, I have the benefit of a platform to defend myself against scurrilous attacks and I've used it to successfully beat back the mob. However not everyone has that platform. This story is about a composer upset about a courthouse in Tennessee being set on fire. He made a post about that, and the mob came in force. It has cost him his job, his ability to sell his music, his friends and more. Why? He refused to bow to the mob and apologize for a comment that was not a racist comment at all. He refused to apologize to hysterical people looking to be offended and he lost everything. It's a scary time to be alive.

EVEN KIDS ARE STARTING TO FIGHT BACK AGAINST THE TOXIC STEW OF CRITICAL RACE THEORY Watch this kid at a school board meeting. I applaud him and hope he continues to speak out.

THE LAB LEAK THEORY IS NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY ACCORDING TO....JOHN STEWART? He said so on his friend Stephen Colbert's show. Start at the 2:48 mark for the good part.


A FORMER DEAN OF STUDENTS WONDERS HOW MUCH DAMAGE UNIVERSITIES HAVE DONE When it comes to sexual assault allegations on campus. This is a long column totally worth your time, especially if you have college bound sons and daughters. For sons, it is downright frightening, and for daughters, we need to teach them not to abuse their power.


DEMOCRATS ARE GOING AFTER RICH PEOPLE AND I CAN'T WAIT To be clear, I am mostly always anti-tax. But sometimes the unintended consequences are too tempting so I have to support one. Democrats are floating the idea of a one time (yeah, sure it's gonna be one time) "patriot" tax on the super wealthy that would confiscate 2.5 or 5% of their total wealth. I would love to see Tom Steyer and George Soros get clipped by this.

IT'S A SMIDGE ON THE WARM SIDE OUTSIDE But be grateful we don't live in other places in the Southwest where temps over 110 are expected this entire week. Heat is FAR more deadly for people than cold. Please be careful if you need to be outside!

WE ARE GEOGRAPHIC IDIOTS IN THIS COUNTRY And a new poll shows it. When quizzed about where some of our national park treasures are, 22% of Americans thought that Niagara Falls was in....wait for it...Iceland. Sigh.

MAYBE THIS PITCHER HEARD OUR SHOW YESTERDAY Because in his first major league appearance as a pitcher for the Detroit Tigers he puked all over the mound. He was sent back to the minors the same day.

THERE MAY BE DEALS TO BE HAD ON GIRL SCOUT COOKIES Because there are 15 MILLION unsold boxes sitting in warehouses right now. It's probably because after we all made bread we made Thin Mints.


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