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HAPPY FLAG DAY, EREBODY! We love the flag in our house and this guy loves the flag too. Watch this and be proud of the flag.

ECONOMIC HISTORIAN LARRY REED IS ON TODAY TO TALK INFLATION AND HIS LIFE OF CRIME President Emeritus of the Foundation for Economic Education Larry Reed is on today. We're talking about inflation, which is as old as greed, and Larry's brief stint as a milk smuggler. Read more about how Henry the VIII not only debased marriage but currency as well here, or about Larry's stint as a criminal mastermind here. He also wrote recently about the hypocrisy of the "global minimum tax" being floated by Janet Yellen and Joe Biden and did an excellent piece on the Founding Fathers and their genius and imperfections here. Read them all and be smarter for it.

WE'VE GOT THE BIG QUESTION OF THE WEEK TODAY TOO! The rest of the week is super busy so we're kicking things off with a philosophical question. Buy your copy of the book here.

FANTASIZING ABOUT KILLING WHITE PEOPLE PASSES FOR INTELLECT AT YALE Isn't it odd that so much idiocy is coming from our elite schools? From the Dalton School, where a teacher just resigned after teaching first graders about masturbation, to Yale University where a lecturer shared her fantasies about killing white people with no remorse, it's insanity out there. Another reason to save your pennies and not go to Yale.

A BUNCH OF DENVER STUDENTS WANT TAY ANDERSON'S NAME OFF THEIR DIPLOMAS And they are signing a petition to make that happen (but it won't, just saying). We've heard no follow up about the investigation into sexual improprieties (alleged) by Tay Anderson. We'll see if the media can find out any leaks on the story, (but they won't, just saying).

WE ARE STILL NIBBLING AROUND THE EDGES OF HOMELESSNESS And this article does a good job of giving an overview of what's happening in Denver and Aurora when it comes to homeless camps. You'll be surprised by none of it, except maybe the sums of money involved in putting people in tents and calling it a solution.

OUR GOVERNOR IS KEEPING OUR UNEMPLOYMENT RATE HIGH FOR NO REASON Governor Jared Polis could have done what other Governors around the country have done: end extended unemployment benefits. There are a MILLION JOBS out there and no one is applying for them. But he refuses to do this, even as our state unemployment fund is running in the red BADLY.

ASIDE FROM THE G7 FAUCI DID NOT KILL THE HANDSHAKE Did you see this bit of nonsense at the G7 Summit last week?

Every single one of these morons has been vaccinated. EVERY SINGLE ONE. And yet, here we are. Dr. Fauci said last year that the handshake should go away forever (before he was photographed with his mask around his chin shaking hands at baseball game anyway) but he has failed. HANDSHAKERS UNITE!

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU IS OFFICIALLY OUT After a long run at the top in Israel, he has lost his position to a barely held together coalition of Arabs and Jews who have nothing in common. We'll see how long this lasts.

RIP NED BEATTY The character actor passed away at the age of 83. Read more here.

REPUBLICANS MOVE TO SHINE A SPOTLIGHT ON THE SQUAD'S ANTI-SEMITISM And in doing so they are stirring the pot of discord in the Democrat party. Heh. Read about the censure resolution they are pushing here, and I have to say, well done on this one.

THE NOVAVAX VACCINE IS FOR YOU FOLKS CONCERNED ABOUT MRNA TECHNOLOGY As it uses a lab grown protein to mimic the spike protein found in coronavirus. It can be stored easily and will be deployed to low and middle income nations struggling to get vaccines. Oh, and it's super effective. It won't be ready to go before September though.

EXPECT ANOTHER COVID WAVE IN THE FALL WITH UNVACCINATED FOLKS BEARING THE BRUNT At least that's what is projected based on the Indian variant that is gaining steam in the US. Note: doctors are pointing out that they are not seeing ANY vaccinated patients needing critical care. NONE. But you do you. A former Trump adviser expects Red states to be hit hardest, as more people there are unvaccinated. I think this is probably 100% accurate, although the climate of those regions will definitely help mitigate it.

HEY, ANOTHER FAKE HATE CRIME And it is impossible to believe any college hate crime report at this point because they seem to be lies a vast majority of the time. Like this one.

MAN PEACEFULLY BURNS DOWN BUSINESS This is epic from The Babylon Bee

IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A SIGN These are some classics!

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