Mandy's Fri Blog: Let's Talk the Trades and Mike Rosen at the Movies!

JANET MARTIN IS TALKING POWER AT 1PM TODAY Janet Martin is the CEO of Bret's Electric and ALSO the President of the International Electrical Contractors association nationwide. She is one of the 10% of women who work in the electrical trades and she's on today to talk about the value of the trades and their role in providing great, well-paying jobs that don't require a mountain of student debt. Find out more about Janet here! Find out more about becoming an electrician by clicking here!

MIKE ROSEN IS TALKING ABOUT A NEW DOCUMENTARY ABOUT WORLD WAR II He's on at 2 to discuss "Mission to Mangart" a new documentary about the legendary 10th Mountain Division in WWII. Find out more here.

HEY, GRANT'S NEW PODCAST EPISODE IS OUT! And this time he's talking to Richard Zimmerman, a former high school teacher and world traveler. Listen to it here!

GOOGLE FIRED IT'S ANTI-SEMITIC DIVERSITY DIRECTOR Oh, not from the COMPANY, you can still be an open anti-Semite and WORK there, you just don't get to be head of Diversity Strategy anymore. It started when a blog written by Kamua Bobb in which is perpetrated all kinds of anti-Semitic tropes came to light. A group that represents over a thousand rabbis sent a letter to Google demanding that something be done. Now something has been done, Bobb has been re assigned. Not fired, just re assigned, which of course Google has the right to do. But remember this when someone is fired because of an ancient blog where they said bad things about black people.

THE VACCINES ARE WORKING! And here is a great story about how we know that for sure. Please read these particular paragraphs and remember who told you first that we only needed to hit 40% of the first injection to see a huge impact:

Cases in the U.S. started declining when about 40% of the population was vaccinated with at least one dose, which happened around April 14, said Monica Gandhi, an infectious diseases specialist at the University of California, San Francisco. Infectious diseases experts call this momentthe inflection point— when there was enough immunity in the population to change the tide of the pandemic.
of the adult population became fully vaccinated. After the inflection points in Israel and the U.S., cases have steadily declined day after day, week after week.

I wonder which talk show host has been saying this for three months now? Oh, that was me. Yeah, I did an I told you so.

YOUR HEALTH CARE IS BEING COMPROMISED BY WOKENESS And this article genuinely scared me because these are the people who in theory are going to seek out the best treatment options based on science, not fear of being called a racist. From teaching doctors being told they can't chide students for being late to entire fields of study simply being shut down, wokeness is keeping science, which many claim to follow, from doing it's job. Read more here, but I'm not sure what you can do about it. There has to be a backlash that is fierce and strong and we have to stop the Critical Race Theory madness behind it.

HEY GUESS WHAT? FAUCI SEEMS TO HAVE LIED AGAIN And this one is a WHOPPER because he went to bat for the Chinese Communist government and towed their line so he didn't get called out, as he was by Rand Paul, for funding the research that helped unleash Covid-19 on the world. What did he know and when did he know it? Read about it here. Watch Rand Paul three weeks ago ask Dr. Fauci about this very thing. And Fauci lies to his face in a Senate hearing, at least that's what it seems to be.


WASHINGTON STATE INFESTS IT'S SCHOOLS WITH CRITICAL RACE THEORY And they made it law that children MUST be taught that the only thing that matters about them is the color of their skin. Don't be like Washington state, be like Deborah Flora who went to the Douglas County School Board meeting to make this statement on CRT. (Pssst...she may have a show on a different talk station on Sundays that is really good)

HOW SMART ARE YOU? YOUR PUPILS CAN TELL This is super, super cool. Pupil size in humans seems to be correlated to intelligence and I'm sure mine are HUGE. Heh.

SUPERSONIC AIR TRAVEL MAY BECOME A THING AGAIN And Boom Supersonic, a Denver start up, is trying to make that happen. They are working on the next generation supersonic aircraft, the first I'm aware of since the retirement of the Concorde. I'm interested to see if they can make the planes efficient enough to make the tickets within reach for most people, or if this will be like the Concorde, which was strictly for the rich jet set. United is banking on their success by ordering some of their yet-to-be-developed aircraft already.

IT'S NATIONAL DONUT DAY! CELEBRATE ACCORDINGLY Here are some places giving away freebies to help you have a great day.

NOW 23 STATES ARE SUING THE BIDEN ADMIN OVER THE CANCELLED XL PIPELINE As Alaska and Florida join 21 others in suing to stop his cancellation. Read more here. It's almost like he doesn't know that the safest way to transport oil and gas is a pipeline. He should listen to his Energy Secretary.

WE'VE BANNED NATIVE AMERICAN MASCOTS IN COLORADO The bill is headed to the Governors desk. I would be honored if a school nicknamed themselves The Talk Show Hosts, although they may never win another game again.



WANT TO SEE WHAT A SOROS BACKED PROGRESSIVE DISTRICT ATTORNEY CAN ACCOMPLISH? Just look at San Francisco. This is a VERY depressing article about what a lack of enforcement, the elimination of cash bail and "reimagining" policing REALLY looks like. And Denver wants to do this too.


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