Mandy's Tue Short Week Blog: Commercial Real Estate and THE FUTURE!

WHAT'S REALLY HAPPENING IN THE COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE WORLD RIGHT NOW? We all see the empty storefronts all over the place as we continue to work from home. What is the future for Denver's commercial real estate market? I've got Commercial real estate broker Justin Rayburn on at 1 to discuss what's happening in the commercial real estate world right now. Find more about Justin and get his help by clicking here.

OUR FUTURIST THOMAS FREY IS BACK! And I have no clue what cool thing we're talking about now, but I can't wait. Find Thomas for speaking or to help your business plan for the future by clicking here.

WHY ARE YOUNG PROGRESSIVE WOMEN SO UNHAPPY? I have a theory about this poll that shows that women between the ages of 18-29 who identify as liberal or progressive are diagnosed with mental health issues at an alarming rate. Depression and anxiety are off the charts. This is truly, truly sad and I think it is the unhappy end to what feminism has wrought. They are finding out that no, you can't do it all and if you have to, it sucks. But this article has a much different framing of why they are all so unhappy. While you're at check out the other stories they have and notice something important...they have a right bent. They have a story about the success sequence for criminy's sake! I love this site.

TAY ANDERSON HAS STEPPED BACK FROM HIS ROLE ON THE DENVER SCHOOL BOARD At least while what appear to be numerous accusations against him alleging sexual assault and violent rape among other things. To be clear, I think Tay Anderson is an immature man-child who has no business being on any school board, but I sure hope this is not true. Not just for him, because he just fathered a child (out of wedlock, of course) but for the 61 young teenagers and women who he allegedly assaulted. If it is true, I hope they lock him up for a very, very long time and his son grows up nothing like him. IF IT IS TRUE. We shall see. He issued this statement announcing his step back:

THE LAW OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES IS KEEPING REMOTE WORKERS FROM GETTING JOBS IN COLORADO It's adorable when clueless legislators pass feel-good laws with the intent of doing something good while honestly believing that business won't make any changes in response. It's adorable unless you are a remote worker seeing a lot of job postings for good jobs that say things like "work can not be performed by workers in Colorado". It's happening and it's going to happen more. Find out more here.


AND HERE COMES INFLATION... When the government prints gobs of money and injects it into the economy, as they have been since 2008, eventually people realize the money isn't worth much. That is happening now. A key inflation metric hit a 29 year high in April, with no signs of slowing down. Don't listen to the talking heads who tell you it's about pent up demand, that is only a tiny part of the story. Inflation is the hidden tax on your savings, your home values and your income and it's a killer for older people living on a fixed income. Read more here. And businesses aren't just raising prices, they are hiding the inflation in things like package sizing and weight. Check it out in the ice cream section if you don't believe me.

ISRAEL IS DROPPING THE REST OF THEIR RESTRICTIONS FOR COVID With 80% of their adult population vaccinated and caseloads of about 20 per day, Israel seems to be past the worst of it. Now they are doing away with their controversial Green Passport for vaccinated people.

MLB IS GETTING SUED FOR MOVING THE ALL STAR GAME OUT OF ATLANTA And I'm not sure a judge is going to see the Job Creators Network as having standing in this case, but it will be interesting to see it play out. What would be awesome is if a bunch of minority owned Atlanta business owners joined the suit so MLB has to fight against minorities on this issue.

THE BALL BOY WITH THE BIG GAME I love that the crowd gets so invested in this kid hitting a half court shot.


NOW CELEBRATING LEFT WING VIOLENCE IS WHAT PASSES FOR COMEDY Oh, my bad, this story is about Stephen Colbert, who USED to be funny. Now his late night show is a long form Angry Democrat performance piece. Apparently he thought having Richard Marx on, whose only claim to fame in the 2000s is inciting more violence against Rand Paul, was comedic gold. Read this column by Christian Toto for more.

WHO KNEW ALL THESE OTHER COUNTRIES WERE SO RACIST? Did you know that almost ALL developed nations in the world require an id to vote? Yep. All of them are hopelessly, utterly racist according to the Democrats in this country who are fighting any effort to make elections more secure.

THIS WOMAN IS BRINGING JOY EVEN AFTER DEATH By sharing her fudge recipe on her headstone. I love her.

A LITTLE PATRIOTISM FOR A BRITISH CONDUCTOR He thought they were practicing The Star Spangled Banner but the orchestra had other ideas.

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