Mandy's Fri Blog: Oh Hey, I AM Here After All! Let's Kick off Memorial Day

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LET'S NOT FORGET WHAT WE ARE MEMORIALIZING THIS WEEKEND And I want to give a big shout out to Lou from Littleton, who was supposed to fill in for me today before my plans changed. He jumped right into the spirit and booked two perfect guests for today that I get to interview now about Memorial Day. They are:

DAVID ROBERTS FROM FORT LOGAN NATIONAL CEMETERY AT 12:35 We're going to talk about what's happening at Fort Logan in terms of honoring the fallen this weekend. Find out more about Fort Logan National Cemetery by clicking here.

LET'S TALK FLAGS WITH JACK TOMCZAK FROM THE ROCKY MOUNTAIN FLAG COMPANY! What is the proper way to display your flag this weekend? How do you dispose of it properly? I've got answers at 1:35. Get your new flag from the Rocky Mountain Flag Company by clicking here!

THIRSTY THURSDAY IS NOW FROSTY FRIDAY AT 2 Because TT got eaten by a double header yesterday and The Wine Yogi Kristal Alfonso has some KILLER wines and moonshine from veteran owned businesses for Memorial Day! She has a great blog post with all the info (to be updated after today's blind tasting) with all the details here.

IF YOU'VE HAD COVID YOUR BODY CAN MAKE ANTIBODIES FOR YEARS According to this study published in Nature magazine. Researchers say that the proteins that react to the spike protein in coronavirus remain active for a very, very long time, even as antibodies themselves drop. This is not only good news if you've had covid, but good news for the vaccines as well. Read more here. Also more evidence you don't need a vaccine if you've had covid.

SPEAKING OF COVID, STEFFAN TUBBS NEEDS MY PRAYERFUL TYPES TO HELP My former colleague and still good friend Steffan Tubbs has covid and is in the hospital with it. According to his current co-worker Peter Boyles he was NOT vaccinated. Please lift him up and send him healing prayers and energy, he is one of the good guys and needs to heal completely!

THANK YOU FOR KILLING THE ATTACK ON CHARTER SCHOOLS BILL! And it was phone calls and email from all of YOU who made Dems back down on their attack on charter schools in Colorado. The bill failed in committee with the help of two Democrats who voted with three Republicans to strike it down. God bless all of them for supporting school choice!

SMOKING CIGS IS STILL A THING FOR A LOT OF PEOPLE A whopping 1.1 BILLION people in the world smoke tobacco products, the highest number EVER. Almost a third of them are in China. This article discusses the need for early interventions to prevent young adults from starting in the first place.

ARE YOU SUNDAYS RUINED BY THE UPCOMING WORKWEEK? This is so very sad to me because I am one of the lucky ones who gets to do a job I love. A full 67% of workers say they are struck by the Sunday Scaries, which is the feeling of dread and anxiety you feel about the upcoming work week. NO, people, just NO. Here are my tips to avoid this: turn off all work notifications on your phone Friday at 5 (if you can take your work email off your phone, do it), schedule an activity you love for late Sunday afternoon and then LIVE IN THE MOMENT. As in, don't think about the upcoming week. You can do this, it just takes time. Then, Sunday night before you go to bed, look at your calendar to see what you REALLY have all week so you aren't dreading something that isn't always dreadful.

THIS DOG THOUGH Don't mess with his video games

CBS NEWS ADMITS THAT THE WUHAN LAB THEORY IS A VINDICATION OF THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION And they did it in this clip, though they did say it was a "vindication, of sorts" rather than going the full monty.

WEIRD DEEP NOSTALGIA TOOL BRINGS DEAD SOLDIERS BACK TO LIFE(LIKE) We've talked about this Deep Nostalgia tool and Dave even tried it out on some photos of his parents. Now it's being used to bring back dead and missing soldiers, at least in moving photograph form.

COLORADO TO PROVIDE FREE BIRTH CONTROL TO PEOPLE HERE ILLEGALLY And I am not opposed to this. Nor am I opposed to programs that specifically target teens and young women for long term IUDs. Birth control used properly can solve a lot of problems for a lot of people.

BANNING PLASTIC BAGS DOESN'T DO WHAT YOU THINK IT DOES And that is keep a straw out of a turtles nose. The Colorado Legislature is considering a bag ban that would eliminate pretty much every type of recyclable bags. It's a dumb, virtue signaling idea with a huge cost attached for small businesses who have already been devastated by the pandemic. But the Dems simply don't seem to care.

THE QUIET PLACE II MIGHT BE A WINNER The reviews are in and they are good! Go get scared this weekend.

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