Mandy's Wed Show: Dave Logan Joins Us to Pimp His Book!

DAVE LOGAN IS COMING, DAVE LOGAN IS COMING! He is going to be on right out of the chute to talk about his new book, which is the PERFECT gift for Father's Day for the rabid Bronco fan in your life. His book If These Walls Could Talk: Denver Broncos: Stories from the Denver Broncos Sideline, Locker Room, and Press Box is full of cool stories about his life in the NFL and in the Press Box. Buy it here for the football lover in your life!

THE BOOK OF QUESTIONS IS UP TODAY AT 2 So get ready for your deep, philosophical question to ponder. Buy your own copy of the book by clicking here.

GRANT'S LATEST PODCAST IS WITH OUR MAN ROB!! And I can't WAIT to listen to this. Rob Williams was the guy who just showed up for Of the Day until he changed jobs and has to work and stuff. Now he's talking about the veteran issues so near and dear to his heart and his own podcast focused on those things. Listen to it by clicking here.

NBC NEWS IS HIP TO THE PROGRESSIVE HYPOCRISY IN PARK HILL And this is a good article that very fairly outlines the story of how progressives, who probably vote for every tax increase to help homeless people, are none too happy when that money is spent to house homeless people in THEIR neighborhood. I find this wildly entertaining and will continue to share stories when I see them. Heh.

THERE IS A MASK BURNING PARTY AT THE INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE THIS THURSDAY! And Jon Caldara is going to start a bonfire for everyone to throw their masks into. I love this guy. Read more here.

THIS IS A GREAT EXPLAINER ON CRITICAL RACE THEORY Speaking of Jon Caldara, he just did a great interview about Critical Race Theory and you need to watch it.

A NEW STUDY ON WHEN THE BEST TIME IS TO WORK OUT And this is a topic that has had multiple studies done about it. Some say it's best to workout in the am, some say that's bad and this one says an evening workout can undo some damage from a lousy diet. I say work out when you can work out consistently and let the chips fall where they may. Not tortilla chips into queso, mind you.

COULD YOU LIVE TO BE 150? One scientist says the answer is YES and has come up with an Iphone app that correctly estimates biological aging. I'm not sure I want to know this for some reason. This scientist says it will be possible to DOUBLE our current lifespan, but I'm guessing that's for people who don't wreck themselves with bad lifestyle choices to begin with.

ONE COMPANY WANTS YOUR PET TO LIVE LONGER WITH YOU And they are working on anti-aging treatments for Fido, which if they work, could make the leap to anti-aging in humans. Read more here.

ONE OF JAPAN'S MAJOR NEWSPAPERS IS DEMANDING THEY CANCEL THE OLYMPICS As cases are rising in Japan, one newspaper is calling on Japan to cancel it's Olympic games scheduled to start in just two months.. They are demanding the PM cancel the games in an editorial which read in part:

"We cannot think it’s rational to host the Olympics in the city this summer," the paper wrote in an editorial published Wednesday. "We Demand PM Suga Decide Cancellation."
"Distrust and backlash against the reckless national government, Tokyo government and stakeholders in the Olympics are nothing but escalating. We demand Prime Minister Suga to calmly evaluate the circumstances and decide the cancellation of the summer event."

So it's not just here that people don't trust the government.


YOU EVER WONDERED HOW THOSE "FIRST LOOK" PHOTOS GO AT A WEDDING? This one went a bit differently as the Best Man decided to have some fun with the groom.


REMEMBER WHEN THINKING COVID WAS FROM A LAB MADE YOU A CRAZY, XENOPHOBIC NUT? The internet does. Open and read this ENTIRE thread for more on this. Oh,and let's not forget that while Biden is now calling for more investigation, he SHUT DOWN an investigation started by the Trump admin when he came into office.

DEAR MEN, LET'S PRETEND THE SHORTS SUIT LOOK ISN'T A THING I don't care if Lebron does it, please stop. The only thing that could make this worse is if it were made out of denim. NO. STOP.

AMERICANS SURE DON'T WANT TO PUT THEIR MONEY WHERE THEIR MOUTH IS ON CLIMATE CHANGE This has to be VERY frustrating for the climate alarmists who have been trying to scare us into submission for decades now. Sure we may say we are concerned about climate change, but don't ask us to pay for trying to fix it. A whopping 35% of Americans say they wouldn't give a single dollar of their money to fight climate change. I find this amusing in an apocalyptic sort of way.

THE TAX MONEY BEING GIVEN AWAY TO GET PEOPLE VACCINATED IS TAXABLE But only if you win one of the $1 million prizes in the Vaccination Lottery announced by an enthusiastic Governor Polis yesterday. A little too enthusiastic for some. The money is taxable though. Of course it is. Gotta tax that same money as many times as possible.

RTD, WHICH IS HEMORRHAGING MONEY, CAN NOW LOWER FARES WITHOUT ASKING I'm genuinely not sure why this is a thing since RTD is starving to death during the pandemic, but now they can LOWER fees if they want to without asking anyone. Okay then.

GOTTA LOVE A GOOD TRICK PLAY WHEN IT WORKS And I have to say the creativity of this one is pretty epic.


SAY THEIR NAMES, ANGRY DEMOCRATS Four Democrats sent a letter yesterday to President Biden demanding he do more about the anti-Semitic attacks that are on the rise nationwide. They stopped short of naming the four anti-Semitic Democrats who have been demonizing Israel, though we all know it's The Squad of Idiots they are talking about. From the letter:

“We also reject comments from Members of Congress accusing Israel of being an ‘apartheid state’ and committing ‘act[s] of terrorism.’ These statements are antisemitic at their core”

Say their names. Just do it.

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