Mandy's Tue Blog: Not All Gay People Embrace Discrimination

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VALDAMAR ARCHULETA IS ON TODAY TO TALK ABOUT PRIDE BANNING COPS He's our man in the Colorado Log Cabin Republicans and he's on to talk about the origin of PRIDE and how Log Cabin Republicans feel about the move across the country, including in Denver, to exclude the police from any PRIDE events. He's on a 1 to discuss. Find out more by clicking here.

A GROUP OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE NEVER BEEN POLICE OFFICERS WANT TO TELL THE COPS HOW TO DO THEIR JOBS I'm all for input from all sources about how we can make our streets safer for both citizens AND police officers. However I am immediately skeptical of the 112 recommendations on how to "re imagine" police because the people who came up with these ideas have never done the job and I bet they never even did a ride along either. Being a police officer isn't like any other job. It requires a certain set of skills and level of patience most of us can't even imagine. So when a group of "activists" gets together and creates a group that is so unwelcoming to the ideas of the people who do the job that the Public Safety Director walked out rather than have people think he approved of this mess (my assertion on his motive) you know it's bad. The City Council is so desperate to pander to the activists who bend their ear all the time that my guess we are headed to the kind of policing we're seeing in Aurora, which is hang back and do nothing policing. There is always room for improvement, but just as I give the "you know how you should do your show" emails a cursory glance, the Denver Police Department should give this the same before moving on.

MANY OF THE RECOMMENDATIONS ARE THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT THE MAYOR ANNOUNCED YESTERDAY As murders in Denver are up 21% in 2021 SO FAR. Shootings are way up almost 63% too. Yesterday Mayor Michael Hancock introduced an initiative to attack those problems with MORE community policing and MORE interaction with the cops, both of which are the opposite of what that silly group of activists suggested. They are going into the high crime areas with people on foot and on bikes, many of them NOT police officers, but city workers helping people get into services of some kind. It will be interesting to see how these things play out.

COLORADO DEMOCRATS ARE GOING TO BLOW FEDERAL STIMULUS DOLLARS ON THEIR WISH LIST ITEMS We are about to get almost 3 BILLION dollars in tax money from the Feds. Ostensibly, it's to help us recover from covid. Democrats lined the steps of the Capitol to talk about all the stuff they were going to spend it on and THANK GOODNESS they will spend it responsibly, on things like solar projects and more money for homelessness. You'd think they could find more than a lousy $387 million on transportation projects, especially since that also includes money for the National Western facility and parks expansion. This is shameful and I'm happy no Republicans were there for this. They say they were not privvy to the spending plan before it was rolled out. Let that sink in.

FREE EVICTION LEGAL HELP WON'T KEEP PEOPLE FROM BEING EVICTED As most people are evicted from a property for not paying their rent, I'm not sure what the Denver City Council thinks this feel-good, do-nothing measure is really going to do other than make lawyers rich. And yet they are going to pass it anyway. Why not do something useful with this money, like help people get transportation to and from their job? Or helping them with back rent to get caught up? This is just dumb and useless. Oh, and it's going to cost $4 MILLION bucks.

HERE IS A SUPER DETAILED STUDY OF WHY MASKS DON'T STOP COVID And it's SCIENCE and stuff so I sure hope we can all put this mask nonsense to bed once and for all. If you want to keep wearing your mask because you think it keeps you safe, don't read this.

AOC SAYS SHE'S SERVED IN WAR AFTER JANUARY SIXTH And it must be amazing to be so insulated from ACTUAL WAR that you can think what you went through on one day when the Capitol Police told you to stay in your office IN A TOTALLY DIFFERENT BUILDING constitutes combat, but here we are. Read more of her self aggrandizing garbage here. She must have learned at the feet of the master on how to make her own life seem dangerous when it's clearly not.

DEMOCRATS WANT TO INFLUENCE YOUR VOTE ON TAXES WITH LANGUAGE ON THE BALLOT And Constitutional Professor Rob Natelson writes about this obvious ploy to introduce propaganda onto the ballot here.

WE ARE IN A WORKERS ECONOMY NOW When people complain about low wages and workers being treated badly I always point out that this is a temporary condition because eventually the pendulum swings back the other way and workers have leverage. That time is now, especially in lower paying service oriented jobs like waiting tables and retail. Right now, businesses are competing for good employees and they are offering all kinds of incentives to come to work. Read here for a great example from the restaurant industry.

HEY, MILK IS GOOD AGAIN! There have been some studies that allegedly showed that consuming too many dairy products COULD be bad for your health. Well a new in depth study shows the EXACT opposite, but only for people who have a certain gene variant. High milk consumption could actually lead to LOWER cholesterol levels and a lower chance of heart disease. Good news!

ACTION STAR JOHN CENA HAD TO APOLOGIZE FOR CALLING A SOVEREIGN NATION A NATION AT ALL And of course he is apologizing to China, where the movie audience eats up his films. What is he apologizing for? For calling Taiwan a country. Free speech is dead and John Cena just groveled to a government committing slow genocide against the Muslim Uyghur community. He must feel good about himself today.

WE MAY BE A TINY BIT CLOSER TO A TYPE 1 DIABETES VACCINE Type 1 diabetes is the kind of diabetes that is completely independent of lifestyle and obesity. It is a chronic condition where the body attacks the cells that produce insulin until the body doesn't make insulin anymore. It requires lifelong insulin shots. Now we seem to be a bit closer to a treatment for it, though only for people with a certain genetic mutation. Read more here.

THERE IS GOING TO BE A LUNAR ECLIPSE EARLY TOMORROW MORNING And if you're up at 5am, you should check it out. Find out more here.

VERY SCARY BABY SEAL TRIES TO SCARE YOU OFF Not really, it's just cute and fluffy.

WE ARE NOW GOING TO GIVE MORE AID TO GAZA AFTER THEY STARTED A WAR WITH ISRAEL...AGAIN If you missed my interview with Spike Cohen you may have missed what I think was the most accurate statement about the Middle East situation ever. It does not stop until we stop funding it. Israel is fine without our foreign aid, and Gaza has to be held responsible for the aftermath of what Hamas created. Instead, we are going to give aid to Gaza, and our Secretary of State Antony Blinken said with a straight face that the aid would NOT go to Hamas. Hamas runs EVERYTHING in Gaza so this should be a neat trick to watch.

AMERICANS HAVE AN EXAGGERATED SENSE OF THEIR OWN SURVIVAL SKILLS This made me laugh out loud this morning. Americans, who freak out if the wifi stops working for ten minutes, honestly believe they could survive in the wild for 16 days. This from a group of people who panicked about toilet paper, get into fist fights on Black Friday over a toaster and demand a federal response when an ice storm knocks out power. This is so laughable! How long could you survive?

WHEN WILL THE PRESS ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE RISE IN ANTI-SEMITIC ATTACKS? This is a great article with a laundry list of ways the Big Press has encouraged anti-Semitism over and over again, while hiring open Anti-Semites at the same time. I can't wait to see them hold themselves accountable. Even hard core lefty Mark Ruffalo took to Twitter to own his part:

TALKING ABOUT TRANSITION REGRET UNLEASHED A POOP STORM FOR 60 MINUTES And I want to start by saying good for 60 Minutes for doing the story anyway. They knew before they aired their story about people who transitioned to another gender only to regret it and transition BACK was going to create a problem. But they did it anyway. Read more about the kerfuffle here.



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