Mandy's Mon Blog: A Good Bidet To You, It's Time for a Follow Up!

REMEMBER THE GREAT TP SHORTAGE OF 2020? During those dark days I had the creator of the Luxury Loo toilet seat on the show to talk about their fancy, easy to install bidet toilet seat. Well that interview (and the tp shortage) propelled their product into the spotlight and their company TOOK OFF. I've got the team from Luxury Loo back on today and now it includes the JD Scott of Brother vs Brother and brother of the Property Brothers! He's joining Sarah Flickers on the show today for a cool follow up. Talk about when a great idea meets opportunity!! Find our more or get your luxy look by clicking here! And someone is gonna WIN a bidet seat today!

Two Ways to Enter:

1. Follow @myluxyloo on Instagram and tag someone on the contest post who would benefit from having a bidet.

2. Follow @myluxyloo on Facebook and tag someone on the contest post who would benefit from having a bidet. 

They will draw a name of a participant at 5:30 pm mountain time, announcing the winner of a free LuxyLoo bidet attachment ($489 value). 

***Listeners who would like to order a bidet attachment, please use promo code KOA75 at checkout for $75 off every bidet. 

WANT A MILLION BUCKS? GET A VACCINE At least that appears to be under consideration in Colorado after it has worked really, really well in Ohio and other states. The Governor alluded to a lottery to encourage Coloradans to get vaccinated and I'm all about a carrot rather than a stick so let's do this.

WE'RE GOING BACK TO THE VICTORIAN AGE WHEN IT COMES TO SEX And we can blame internet porn for a big part of the problem. This article is full of scary information about how our sexual relationships have been changed by constant porn, and more importantly, that after women have been told for years that they should bang whomever they want, now we have men saying, sorry, I'm not interested in a woman with a past. This is jacked up.

35 BIG CATS FROM THE TIGER KING HAVE A NEW, MUCH BETTER HOME IN KEENESBURG They have arrived at The Wild Animal Sanctuary. If you aren't familiar with The Wild Animal Sanctuary is it exactly what it's name implies; a sanctuary for big predators to live out their lives in peace and open space. If you enjoyed the documentary series, maybe throw some money at the Sanctuary to help keep these cats fed and happy for the rest of their lives. It's an amazing place and you should visit, just take some binoculars for best viewing. Donate or find more info here.

PEOPLE DON'T WANT TO MAKE RESERVATIONS TO VISIT ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK And I totally get why. Forever we've been able to hop into our cars on a nice day and head up into RMNP with no issue. Except now it's bumper to bumper traffic as you crawl into the park. And the parks service is overwhelmed and looking to do something to enhance visitor experiences and protect the park from overuse. But their new idea of a reservations system is not being welcomed by the folks who started a petition AGAINST it already. Do they have a better idea?

THE CLICK IT OR TICKET MONEY GRAB IS THIS WEEK And ostensibly it's to remind people to wear their seatbelts as we enter the DEADLY SUMMER DRIVING PERIOD (dun-dun-DUHHHHHH) but we really know it's about a pile of ticket money for law enforcement agencies. At this stage in the game, people who are going to wear seat belts wear them. The rest are not going to. That's it.

DON MATTINGLY IS NOT IN LOVE WITH BASEBALL TODAY And as he's the manager of the Marlins right now, we should listen. He talks about how swinging for the fences only has ruined the game. He even uses the word "unwatchable" and he's not wrong. Watch this.

THE LOG CABIN REPUBLICANS ARE CALLING OUT PRIDE FOR EXCLUDING COPS And I love this so much. Read more here and watch the video. Our friend Valdamar makes an appearance!!

PROMINENT BLM ACTIVIST SHOT IN THE HEAD IN A PLACE WITH STRICT GUN CONTROL And I hope this young woman pulls through, first of all. She was shot in the head at a party in London, England where it is already illegal to own handguns and you need to have a permit to buy ammunition. Just pointing that out.

BUYING A USED CAR IS EXPENSIVE RIGHT NOW As an international chip shortage has created supply issues for new cars. This means that people are looking for used cars and the average price of a used car just topped $25k for the first time. If you have a car to sell, now is the time!

ANTI-SEMITISM IS ON THE RISE AND I SURE HOPE THE SQUAD IS HELD RESPONSIBLE Remember when if anything bad happened in the US it was because Donald Trump set the "tone" from the White House that created strife? Well I sure hope those people are now looking at the anti-Semites who make up The Squad to blame them for the rise in anti-Semitic attacks across the US.

NOW FACEBOOK REJECTS "BACK THE BLUE" ADS And there is nothing surprising about this at this point. Of course they ban ads supporting first responders. Of course they do.

RAND PAUL IS TAKING A PASS ON THE VACCINE BECAUSE HE'S ALREADY HAD COVID And he's saying EXACTLY what I've been saying, and that is that the vaccine does not do anything for people who have already achieved natural immunity by having covid. And here's the best part, he's basing this on SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE from the drug companies own studies. FOLLOW THE SCIENCE, PEOPLE.

HOW ABOUT A THIRD THUMB TO MAKE EVERYTHING EASIER? It's a thing and researchers who invented it say that our brains adapted to our new enhanced hand very quickly and were able to do many things with one hand much easier. I don't know how I feel about this. It feels wrong, but I'm not sure why.

KEVIN SPACEY IS IN A NEW MOVIE COMING OUT And after a flurry of sexual harassment accusations against him in 2017 very little has actually come of them. He's in a new movie playing a small role as a cop. It has just begun filming.

AND NOW, BLOB OPERA And it's just what it sounds like.


NOW THAT TRUMP IS GONE, FAUCI FLIP FLOPS AGAIN And this time it's about the origin of the coronavirus. I've been steadfast in my belief that this virus escaped from a lab in Wuhan, while Fauci told everyone that was dumb. Now Dr. Flip Flop is at it again, saying he does NOT believe it is naturally occurring and that more investigation is needed. Duh. SHUT UP, DR. FAUCI.

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