Mandy's Fri Blog: The Worst Movie Ever and Willie B Does Another Nice Thing

I MADE US WATCH A HORRIBLE MOVIE Usually it's Mike that makes us watch some horrible piece of shlock, but this time I was like "hey let's watch the new Angelina Jolie movie" so this is on me. I'm only telling you that Those Who Wish Me Dead is on HBO Max so you don't accidentally watch it. We're also talking about an older Will Farrell movie that is quite good, so that's coming up at 2.

WILLIE B IS AT IT AGAIN If you listen to KBPI at all or have heard Willie B on my show, you know he does a lot of cool stuff for people, including giving away a bunch of refurbished cars to people at Christmas. He has taken on a new project, and it's for a sad yet heartwarming cause. He joins me at 1 to chat about it.

GRANT'S NEW EPISODE IS ALL ABOUT HAPPINESS And it's a GOOD ONE. He just asked a bunch of people, friends and families about happiness and it's really interesting to hear someone else's perception of happiness. Listen to it here.

SUMMIT COUNTY NEEDS A NEW SCHOOL BOARD And I sure hope people everywhere are paying attention the new diversity and equity programs being adopted left and right by school boards everywhere. The people in Summit County are, and many of them were in a Zoom School Board meeting to voice their opinion before the board voted in the controversial policy. Instead of extending the public comment period to allow everyone to speak, they muted the parents and moved on. This is shameful and I hope the people there are mad enough to do something like get a new school board.

ONE AURORA COP HAS HAD ENOUGH AND SENT AN EPIC EMAIL ON THE WAY OUT And I'm glad this is being made public, because many, many cops are feeling like doing the same right now. In his email, sent system wide, he announces he's leaving Colorado for palm trees and less communism. He's not wrong in his assessments which you can read about here.

WE MAY NEED A BOOSTER FOR THE VACCINE BUT I'M NOT WORRIED YET Because I'll wait for the data on how our immune response fades or doesn't before I line up for a booster. Read more here.

PARENTS DON'T THINK THEIR KIDS CAN PLAY OUTSIDE WITHOUT BEING BORED And what I find interesting is they all wax poetic about their own childhoods for the freedom of being outside playing with friends, but they don't believe their own children have the same imagination and creativity they had when they were kids. Why? They blame technology, which is probably not inaccurate, but WHO CONTROLS TECHNOLOGY? Parents, we can fix this. We really, really can. But it requires making ourselves go outside and put down our phones too.

LEAST SURPRISING STUDY EVER SAYS MEN ARE ATTRACTED TO LOOK WHILE WOMEN LIKE MONEY AND CHARM And I'm not sure how and why this study was undertaken but someone paid for it. It showed that men care a LOT about looks, while women care more about personality and financial security. Well duh. It did say that as men age, they begin to care about trustworthiness and caring more, which is nice.

NO MORE MASKS AT COORS FIELD! This is good news and may entice me to go to a game soon. Read more here.

NO 300 GAME FOR YOU! This is exactly what would happen to me if I was ever lucky enough to get close to a 300 game bowling.

WE DON'T TRUST DR. FAUCI AS MUCH ANYMORE At least according to this new Trafalgar poll. It leans right, but even Democrats say they have lost faith in the man who has admitted he lied several times during the pandemic. 20% of Americans think the pandemic is over. I don't think we're there yet, but I think it's coming.

ARE THEY TRYING TO HIDE THE ALIENS WITH REASONABLE EXPLANATIONS? This National Review story that just dismisses UFOs as easily explainable may be part of the cover up. (insert spooky music here) If the government is being forced to release all sorts of information about UFOs of COURSE they are going to release stuff that is easily explainable FIRST, in the hopes we will all lose interest. I'M NOT FALLING FOR IT.

I SURE HOPE DEMOCRATS ARE WORKING ON AN ANTI-SEMITISM RESOLUTION Like the one they just passed condemning Anti-Asian hate crimes because Anti-Semitic attacks are exploding in the US. Fox News notes that the coverage for the two different kinds of crimes are being covered much differently.

MILLENNIALS DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD AND ARE VERY INTOLERANT According to this latest survey. When asked the question about God 43% of Millennials said “don’t know, care, or believe that God exists.” which is higher than any other group. They are intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them, they believe in revenge and want a big welfare state but they aren't having the kids needed to pay for it when they are old. They sound narcissistic.


WHEN YOU DECRIMINALIZE SHOPLIFTING EXPECT MORE OF IT This is what's happening in California right now, as they made shoplifting of anything less than $950 a misdemeanor that doesn't even get you arrested. To be clear, you could walk into a store and take three Coach purses that cost $300 each and get a ticket if you get caught, if the cops show up at all. Now stores are closing because their losses are so high. Well done, Cali!

JOE BIDEN PLAGIARIZES REAGAN AND IT FALLS FLAT Watch this and remember, Reagan was at the end of his term when dementia rumors were rampant.

SNUGGLES HAS A FLAIR FOR THE DRAMATIC She's a kitty who knows what she wants and that is to be inside with food.

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