Mandy's Thu Blog: VP Libertarian Candidate Spike Cohen And our Word Nerd

SPIKE COHEN IS ON TODAY And his is the most recent Vice Presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party. He's in town for the Colorado Libertarian convention and he's very interesting so he's going to talk Libertarian values with me for an hour at 1.

PLEASE TELL ME I'M RIGHT WITH CHARLES HARRINGTON ELSTER AT 2 So get your word and grammar questions ready at 2! Find out more about Charles and buy his books by clicking here!

KEEPING COPS OUT OF THE PRIDE PARADE IS WRONG Especially because the Aurora PD is LEAD by a lesbian right now. The reason given is:

“We cannot in good conscience, as an organization that speaks up for justice, look the other way when it comes to police violence aimed at the Black community,” the statement said.
“While we value our relationships with law enforcement and want to continue to build a safer community for all Coloradans, we feel we must take a stand.”

I sure hope when a gay person is attacked or is the victim of a crime they remember that they can't look the other way on police violence and take care of it themselves. So now Denver PRIDE is proud of gay people unless they are cops. This is a perfect example of looking for a reason to shine a virtue signaling light on themselves, imo. But hey, now that gays and lesbians are widely accepted as a vibrant part of our country's fabric, they can afford to shun and discriminate against others. I wonder if the cops will sue to force the gays and lesbians to let them participate like they sued Jack Philips? Just a thought.

OUR COVID NUMBERS ARE DROPPING! And I'm not going to say I told you so, but here we are with over 40% of the population vaccinated and cases are going down. And I told you this was going to happen. Okay I am going to say I told you so. The only case counts that rose are in the children group. From what I can tell, we've had 11 people under the age of 19 die of covid. That is terrible, but is is well under a single percentage point in the overall deaths in Colorado for Covid, a vast majority of which took place in the over 60 category at 88.59% of deaths. We need to let our kids get back to normal, no masks. NOW. They have suffered enough under this garbage.

THE WOKE BUNCH AT CU-BOULDER WASTED $1.36 MILLION DOLLARS ON THEIR UPSET FEELINGS That's what it is going to cost for CU to part ways with President Mark Kennedy, who had to go because he is a Republican. He agreed to resign after the pissy Boulder faculty made a huge stink about him not doing enough for diversity while ignoring all the things he did for diversity. He is a former Republican Congressman so they had to get his scalp and they did and now the university is wasting 1.36 million bucks because of their hurt feelings.

THE RICH FOLKS IN PARK HILL CAN'T STOP A HOMELESS ENCAMPMENT IN THEIR NEIGHBORHOOD And I sure hope they remember this the next time they vote (spoiler alert: they won't) because as long as you vote for people who want to make homelessness easier you will get more of the same. I have no clue why Republicans can't campaign in Denver on THIS ISSUE and win. Everyone is sick to death of the willfully homeless and their crap. Literally their crap is everywhere. And the courts will not step in to stop it.

POLIS IS BRIBING PEOPLE TO GO BACK TO WORK And if you did the right thing and took a job rather than languish on unemployment, I sure hope you remember this when you vote next time. Montana did this first, but they cut off the extended unemployment benefit spigot FIRST to encourage people back into the workforce. Polis is just offering a $1600 bonus if unemployed people go back to work. We currently have WAY more jobs available than people on unemployment so there truly is no excuse for not at least applying and interviewing. And if you're hiring, it's time to start looking at some of the older candidates applying. I know several over 50 types who are applying for jobs that can't get a call back, even though they want to make a career change or scale back their level of responsibility. Ageism is real and not cool in employment.

IF YOU WANT TO UNDERSTAND THE HISTORY OF THE ISRAEL STORY BETTER This is a great article that gives important background and doesn't shy away from sharing moments where Israel was wrong. It also challenges Israeli Jews to live up to the promises inherent in the creation of Israel.

BUT HAMAS OWN CONSTITUTION CALLS FOR THE DESTRUCTION OF ISRAEL And if someone had Death to America in their Constitution would we give them a pass?

A GUY WHO BOUGHT GWINNIE'S VAGINA CANDLE IS SUING He says her vajayjay candle exploded after he burned it for three hours. That's it, that's the story but I wasn't going to be the only one who knows it.

NERF GUNS DON'T SHOOT LITTLE GIRLS IN THE FACE, LITTLE GIRLS DO And I laughed a little too hard at this.

THE GREAT DIG COVERUP Works perfectly, she's never going to notice that hole.

I AM FAR TOO EXCITED ABOUT THE FRIENDS REUNION This show was such a part of my life because I was the same age as the characters. I still love it.

IT'S NOT RACIST WHEN THEY DO IT I'm talking about the Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot on this one. She is REFUSING to be interviewed on her second anniversary except by people of color.

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