Mandy's Tue Blog: The Mayor is Up and Polis Wants to Control Your Driving

MAYOR MICHAEL HANCOCK IS UP TODAY AT 1 And we're talking economic comeback, social equity pot laws and rental licensing fees for landlords in Denver.

THE GOVERNOR IS BACKING A SCHEME TO LIMIT EMPLOYEE DRIVING And weird that he hasn't rolled this out for state workers to show the private sector how it's done. JK, that will never happen. From the Complete Colorado article about this nonsense:

The stated goal is for large companies to“achieve an SOV Drive Rate of 75% or less” by 2022 and 60% by 2024 by offering employees a menu of options and subsidies as part of their mandatory ETRP.
The SOV Drive Rate is calculated by “dividing the number of employees who report or are assigned to a worksite, by the number of vehicles that arrive at the worksite, from all shifts, seven days a week, averaged over the calculation period.”
CDPHE is essentially farming out to large companies enforcement of something it cannot do on its own; tell people they can’t drive their own cars to work. (emphasis mine)

So if you work for a company with more than 100 employees, you are going to be forced to force at least part of your workforce into public transit or car pooling. What happens if you don't comply? There is a meeting coming up and it's a Zoom meeting this upcoming Thursday at 9am and I sure hope EVERY BUSINESS OWNER with more than 100 employees is going to show up for this one. Find all the details in the story here.

AURORA MAYOR MIKE COFFMAN TRYING TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT HOMELESSNESS IN AURORA And he is starting with a camping ban in Aurora. He says he wants a ban crafted that meets both the covid requirements AND that will stand up to court challenges based on recent court decisions about urban camping bans. God Bless this man for trying to do something other than make homelessness more comfortable for the drug addicts and mentally ill people who are chronically homeless.

DEMOCRATS LIED ABOUT WANTING FEDERAL TRANSPORTATION DOLLARS FOR TRANSPORTATION And instead are funding their giant transportation bill with taxes called "fees" on the people of Colorado. This column explains their lies.

THE BIDEN ADMIN ENDORSED WARRANTLESS HOME SEARCHES AND GUN CONFISCATION And luckily even the liberal justices from the Supreme Court were not swayed. The vote was 9-0 in Caniglia vs. Strom, a case about a man whose home was searched and guns were confiscated during a mental health crisis. Thankfully the amicus brief filed by Biden's DoJ supporting the warrantless search and seizure was ignored. The next time you hear a progressive say they aren't coming for your guns, don't believe them. Not that you do anyway. This case could have serious implications for Colorado's Red Flag laws, at least according to Justice Samuel Alito. I thought the same thing.

DR. FAUCI ADMITS HE WEARS A MASK BECAUSE OF THEATER He was photographed this week with a mask on, at least according to one photo I saw, but on Good Morning America today, he says this. So Rand Paul was 100% right.

HOW IS TEXAS DOING WITH IT'S NEANDERTHAL THINKING? Remember when our President said it was "neanderthal thinking" for Texas to end all mask mandates and covid restrictions in March? So are people just falling over in the streets? Not hardly. One of the most populous states in the country reported ZERO covid deaths Sunday, the fewest covid cases in 14 months and lowest number of covid hospitalization since March 2020. Maybe that's why the CDC decided to use neanderthal thinking finally. Just as a comparison, California had 22 deaths Sunday and New York had 40 so sign me up for neanderthal thinking please.

TIRED OF AMERICA? HERE IS WHERE EXPATS ARE HAPPIEST And I am kind of surprised that Taiwan is tops but I've never been there so it may be amazing. Costa Rica is on the list!

WE ARE LIVING THROUGH THE EVOLUTION OF NEWSPEAK NOW And you don't know what Newspeak is shame on you. Read George Orwell's 1984 today and it's downright eerie to see that language being manipulated for the benefit of the ruling class. Read more about the Orwellian turn we're taking here.

COVID HAS TAUGHT MANY OF US LEARNED HELPLESSNESS AND IT MUST STOP This is a great column on something that we've all seen, but I didn't know it had an official title. It's called "learned helplessness" and we are seeing in real time on a grand scale during covid. Read this:

They were aided in manufacturing learned helplessness by the most sophisticated propaganda operation ever created. Already engorged with the coin of three years of fake news, the legacy media saw the value of a new crisis in working toward their two real goals: making as much money as possible garnering clicks, and defeating Donald Trump. Previous shows—Russiagate, with a hat tip to 9/11 when Americans demanded fewer freedoms to feel safer—illustrated the way. On a 24/7 basis Americans were injected with the message: You are helpless and Donald “COVID” Trump will kill you; your only hope is to comply fully with the people at CNN who are administering the electric shocks.
Truth is useless to propagandists, actually a threat. Look at what turned out to be false (in addition to Russiagate): We never ran out of ventilators or PPE or nurses or ICU beds or morgues.Masksare not needed outdoors. We did in fact develop a vaccine, several for that matter, in less than a year. Almost everyone who died was elderly or had serious comorbidities (a distinct class) but we salivated over “new case numbers” as the primary metric anyway because they went up so much faster. When people questioned the real-world view against the media portrayal, they were told about “asymptomatic COVID” or shunned as hoaxers. Everyone makes mistakes. But just as with Russiagate, all the media mistakes swung one way.
It worked. Condo boards boarded up their gyms. Restaurants forced diners to eat outside in the rain. Entire industries, such as tourism and hospitality, disappeared overnight. New groups were shoved into poverty and unemployment. Children were denied education, criminals released from jails. People were told not to hug their loved ones or celebrate birthdays or attend church. We were told to fear our neighbors as potential carriers.

Read the rest here and then make sure you aren't in this category.

CAN WE STOP WITH DEMOCRATS FOLLOWING THE SCIENCE LIE ALREADY? because if they did, there would not still be indoor mask mandates in multiple Democrat run states right now, but here we are.

ISRAEL SHARES THE DETAILS ON HOW THEY FIGHT HAMAS IN CIVILIAN AREAS Please be clear about this, Israel fights Hamas where they are. Hamas puts themselves in civilian areas to up civilian deaths for PR purposes. Israel released video of its pilots calling off a bombing run because they thought maybe kids were present. If Hamas didn't use children as human shields this is a non-issue.

PRINCE HARRY IS AN IDIOT And should probably just shut up about our First Amendment. We do owe him a debt of gratitude for one of his ancestors being such an ass we decided to break away, but my warm feelings end there after he called our free speech protections "bonkers". He can suck it.

AOC AND HER GANG GO TO BAT FOR GANG MEMBERS HERE ILLEGALLY And is this the position that rank and file Democrats really want to stake out? The one that puts the interest of violent gang members ahead of law abiding American citizens? I sure hope so because it's a loser in the next election.

IF YOU'RE GONNA BE STUPID, YOU BETTER BE TOUGH A DEA instructor shoots himself teaching a class on gun safety. I have to give the guy credit for using his mistake as a teaching tool though.



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