Mandy's Mon Blog: The Book of Questions Kicks Things Off + Sleeping Apart

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THE BOOK OF QUESTIONS SHOWS UP Because all the other days are baseball or guests so let's get philosophical on a Monday. Buy your copy of the book here.

COUPLES SLEEPING APART ISN'T JUST FOR THE QUEEN As I watch The Crown on Netflix I am often tinged with jealousy when the Queen and Prince Philip retire to their respective beds for a good night sleep. I adore my husband more than anything, but I am a very light sleeper and when anyone or anything is in the room, chances are I'm going to be the one affected by it. This article from the Wall Street Journal has some ideas on how to make it work as most of us WANT to sleep with our spouses, but I don't see how any of these deal with light sleepers vs normal sleepers so I'm screwed. Do any of you sleep apart by choice? I want to know how this works.

WHY IS THE REPORTING ON ISRAEL SO BAD? Meaning so hopelessly one sided? This article is from 2014 and I did not realize that until AFTER I sent it to Susan Witkin for her opinion (she is both a journalist and a Jew who lived in Israel so I think she is more than qualified to give me some perspective) and she pointed out it came out then. According to what's happening now, nothing has changed. We shall discuss, read it here. This is a prime example of what I'm talking about here. Here is another example from Chuck Todd here.

THIS AS THE ANTI-RACIST LEFT REMAINS SILENT ON ANTI-SEMITISM RISING This is a great article written by a guy who seems genuinely mad about the Left refusing to denounce...or even acknowledge, the rise of anti-Semitism in their ranks. From the article:

Over the past few days, as the conflict in the Middle East has intensified, there have been explosions of anti-Semitism in many European and American cities and the self-styled anti-racist left has been cravenly, shamefully silent. At a pro-Palestine demo in London a group of protesters chanted, ‘Khaybar Khaybar, ya yahud, Jaish Muhammad, sa yahud’ – a celebration of the slaughter of Jews by ‘Muhammad’s Army’ in the 7th century. Another protester carried a huge dummy depicting Israel as a caricatured Jew, complete with hook nose, sinister features and horns. This vile racist creation could be seen bobbing up and down close to Jeremy Corbyn as he addressed the crowd. Imagine a mainstream politician speaking at a demo on which someone was likening black people to monkeys. This is as shocking as that. And yet there’s silence.
Elsewhere in the UK the words ‘Kike Free Palestine’, along with a swastika, were daubed on the front door of the Adat Yeshua Synagogue in Norwich. Most disgustingly of all, a convoy of brazen anti-Semites drove along Finchley Road in north London this weekend, waving Palestinian flags from their car windows and screaming through a megaphone: ‘Fuck the Jews… Fuck their mothers… Rape their daughters.’ Finchley Road runs through Hampstead, Golders Green and other areas that have large Jewish populations. This was a clear attempt to intimidate and terrify London’s Jewish population. It has been widely condemned by political leaders. Will the anti-racist left hold a solidarity gathering along Finchley Road? Will footballers take the knee for our Jewish citizens currently suffering extreme racial abuse? I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

This will not stop until EVERYONE demands it stop and calls anyone who engages in casual anti-Semitism an actual anti-Semite.

THIS LOVE HAS WON MUMMIFIED LEADER STORY IS JUST CREEPY I have never really truly understood how someone ends up in a cult, but maybe that's because I am not a good candidate for a cult myself. This story about the cult whose leader was just found dead and somewhat mummified is super creepy and made more so by the fact THE CULT IS STILL ACTIVE and will likely recruit new people into for more nonsense. If any organization tells you to stare into the sun, they are not good or decent and you need to leave. It's really that simple.

FAUCI'S SKILLFUL FLIP FLOPPING WAS HONED DURING THE AIDS CRISIS Remember when people thought you could get AIDS just by normal everyday contact with someone who had it? It caused outrage when a boy with AIDS he got from a blood transfusion tried to move into a community. It got gay people ostracized from society by scared people who were afraid of catching the AIDS in incidental contact. Who started that crisis? Anthony Fauci. And then he went to the papers to tell them how stupid it was to think they thing HE HAD SUGGESTED in a paper. I really, really don't like this man. This article will infuriate you.

NOTHING COOL LIKE THIS EVER HAPPENS ON MY FLIGHTS The Australian touring cast of The Lion King treated the cabin to a song.

COLORADO MEDIA SHOCKED TO LEARN REPUBLICANS DON'T LIKE THEM And I laughed and laughed at the smug response by noted jackass Kyle Clark from 9News, who tweeted out his joy at being seen as hopelessly biased and left leaning by Republican lawmakers. Seems this was news to him and others in the media. Not to the rest of us. We already knew just by watching.

FEELING DOWN? HELP SOMEONE ELSE This column by Heidi Ganahl is OUTSTANDING and I hope everyone reads it here. She recounts how she has gotten through difficult times in her life by focusing on others and I can't recommend this strategy highly enough.

WHERE YOU GET YOUR NEWS MATTERS WHEN IT COMES TO BLACK PEOPLE BEING KILLED BY COPS And it's no surprise that CNN and MSNBC viewers are left with the impression that black people are being mowed down EVERY DAY in this country when the reality is MUCH DIFFERENT. Read more here.

THE FIRST TEST ON ABORTION FOR THE NEW COURT IS MOVING FORWARD And this is about Mississippi's ban on abortion after 15 weeks. The Court decided to take the case. Stay tuned.


HUGS ARE RETURNING. NOT EVERYONE IS THRILLED And I am one of those who was EXCITED to hug friends this past weekend, and hug them I did. But not everyone is stoked. Read more here.

SOME PEOPLE WILL NEVER UNMASK AND WE SHOULD LET THEM BE This story features a man who wore TWO masks and goggles for the entire pandemic, got the rona anyway and is fully vaccinated and he says he's going to wear a mask for the next five years. What??? Poor man. Leave all these people alone until bad guys use masks as a mask to rob stuff again, then they have to go.

SHOP MASK FREE AT TARGET! As you can at Walmart, Costco and Starbucks. All these companies are adopting the rational Don't Ask, Just Vax stance for their customers.

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