Mandy's Fri Blog: Are You Scared to Ditch the Mask and Mike at the Movies!

MIKE ROSEN IS IN TO TALK MOVIES TODAY And I'm also going to ask him about Bruce Kennedy being forced out of CU and if he agrees that CU should end the Conservative Scholar program he worked so hard to bring to fruition?

THE CDC SAYS VACCINATED PEOPLE CAN DITCH THE MASK AND SOCIAL DISTANCING And last night I was SHOCKED at how many people on Twitter were coming unglued at the prospect of people walking around with masks on. Some folks interviewed in this article say they feel brainwashed and are now afraid to take the mask off even though it's okay. Gov Andrew Cuomo, who recently defined down harassment, is saying he will IGNORE THE CDC GUIDANCE and do his own thing, since he's a noted scientist now and it's all about the science. That last part was sarcasm. What will our Governor do now? Nothing yet, as you can read in Westword. I sure hope he lives up to his carefully cultivated rep as a data guy and goes with the CDC or poop is gonna hit the fan. Hold up, he just announced a noon press conference.....

AND HOW WILL THE BEST AMONG US KNOW WHO TO SHAME NOW? This is a GREAT column in National Review about how we can plainly see that the mask mandate was never about public health for some, and more about power and virtue signaling. I love this quote:

The novelist Walter Kirn noted this transformation as pithily as usual. “As the masks go away,” he wrote, “a lot of Americans are going to miss the ability to classify, shame, and despise one another at first sight.”

THE CDC SWITCH HAS BUSINESSES SCRAMBLING I would not want to own a retail establishment right now. You are damned if you require masks and damned if you don't right now. The CDC's new guidance telling vaccinated people they don't have to wear masks, which is designed to incentivize people to get a shot, is creating a difficult position for business owners. My advice? Tell your customers they are welcome to wear masks but not required and call it a day. If someone on either side is mad just yell FREEDOM in their faces and walk away.

ABOUT THAT COVID ESCAPED FROM A CHINESE LAB THEORY... It got new life yesterday when a group of scientists (we are ALWAYS supposed to believe the SCIENCE) published a letter in Science magazine asking that more research into the origin of the virus be done, and that escape for a lab is still a very viable explanation even with the Chinese cover up that was the WHO investigation. Read it here.

MIKE ROSEN'S NEW COLUMN IS EXACTLY RIGHT ABOUT REWRITING HISTORY And it reminded me of the perfect classic novel to do as a book club with Q this summer. We will be reading 1984 by George Orwell and this column may inspire you to do the same thing.

WANT TO TRAVEL THIS SUMMER? READ THIS This article gives a GREAT overview of what's open where and the best way to navigate openings and closings. If you travel and are planning to buy travel insurance, CHECK TO SEE WHAT IS COVERED AND HOW when it comes to the pandemic. No travel insurance I've ever bought covers closures due to a pandemic so you need to make sure.

THE DEMOCRATIC DIVIDE IS SHOWING AS ISRAEL BATTLES HAMAS Because there are quite a few members of the Democratic caucus who HATE Israel and want Hamas to destroy Israel and they are butting heads with the more traditional wing of the Democrat party who have gotten a ton of donations from Jews in the US.

ISRAEL IS IN IT TO WIN IT THIS TIME At least it seems like this to me. The Israelis are executing strikes that are designed to completely dismantle Hamas' leadership structure in a way that seems to say "we are done" with this. They lied about invading so they could destroy the terror tunnels Hamas has dug underneath Gaza to attack Israel while they were hopefully full of Hamas insurgents. They show no signs of backing down and listening to the world on this. We all know Hamas won't back down, as they started this whole fight with rockets into Israel.


THE INFLATION NUMBERS HARKEN BACK TO THE CARTER YEARS And it's amazing what happens when you put the same policies in place 40 years later how they work just the same. Inflation is what happens with the market is flooded with cash printed by the government and we've dodged it for some years but it eventually catches every nation that tries to print money to pay bills they ran up irresponsibly. Read this about our current situation.

HOW ABOUT THIS ROAD TRIP IN THE ROCKIES? This looks like a GREAT road trip through our beautiful state! I'm going to pitch this to the fam this weekend.

WALKS A SLACKLINE ACROSS A CANYON IN HEELS? SURE, WHY NOT I have no clue why she wanted to do this, but good for her.

THIS IS DAVE AND RICK AND KATHY IN THE STUDIO ON FUNKY FRIDAY Don't tell them I showed you the real them.


CONGRATS TO THE AVALANCHE ON WINNING THE PRESIDENT'S CUP TROPHY! I don't know what that means exactly but people are excited about it and stuff. Go Avs! ***I told you guys I didn't know what that means.

THE CHARTER SCHOOL BILL HAS DIVIDED COLORADO DEMOCRATS And I'm encouraged to hear that some Democrats still care about charter schools. It is SOOOO important that Colorado citizens who believe that parents should have a choice other than the indoctrination factories that so many have become take the time to go to THIS WEBSITE and send an email to your legislator! Please do it now!

ALLEGED MURDERER ALSO VOTED FOR TRUMP ON BEHALF OF HIS LIKELY DEAD WIFE This story is so freaking creepy. Do husbands get away with murder enough that killing your wife seems like a good idea? That's one part of this story but now we know that the accused murdering husband filled out and sent in a ballot for his missing wife last year. SERIOUSLY?? He said this:

“I wanted Trump… to win,” Morphew told FBI agents when questioned about submitting his wife’s voting ballot. “I just thought, give him… another vote. I figured all these other guys are cheating.”

This is why we need to insure it is easy to vote, hard to cheat. Because we can't start this on both sides.

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