Mandy's Thu Blog: Colorado Wine's Rich History and the Book of Question

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CARBOY WINERY IS CHANGING THE PERCEPTION OF COLORADO WINE At least for me. Since I've been in Colorado I have tried MANY Colorado wines and frankly hated them all. Until I went to Carboy Winery in Littleton with The Wine Yogi. During our field trip, I met Kevin Webber and got a great lesson in the history of Colorado wines along with the challenges presented by our climate and terroir (you'll learn what terroir is today) and he is so passionate and knowledgeable I had to bring him on the show so you could have a lesson to. Find out more about them and even attend one of their great tastings or wine dinners coming up by clicking here.

THE BOOK OF QUESTIONS AT 2 We'll spin the Big Wheel and ask our philosophical question at 2. Buy your copy of the book here.

IF YOU'VE LIKE CHARTER SCHOOLS PLEASE DO THIS THING NOW The Legislature is considering a bill that would make it harder for charter schools to appeal a decision by an anti-charter school board to start a new school or even GET THEIR CHARTER RENEWED. We saw this happen in Denver when the School Board there lied to voters about approving a new Noel High School and then held it up based on garbage unrelated to the high school itself. The school appealed to the state and won and the legislators who HATE charter schools because they are funded by teacher's unions are trying to use this bill to attack the very successful charter school system. Please go to this website and make your voice heard by your legislators! I know mine will vote against this, but Republicans are hopelessly outnumbered so I need YOU TO DO THIS TOO.

REMEMBER WHEN GLOBAL WARMING CAUSED THE SUPER COLD POLAR VORTEX? And we were told that SUPER COLD AIR was PROOF of global warming and some of us laughed and laughed at how stupid that sounded? Well the science is settled (no it's not, science is never settled) and a new, very comprehensive modeling study designed to prove that true actually proved it false. Heh. Follow the science indeed. The funny part of the article is when scientists who guessed that in the first place try to defend it by picking apart the researchers modeling. It's almost like modeling is inaccurate or something.

I HOPE YOU LIKE SUNDAY DAY GAMES IF YOU'RE A BRONCOS FAN Because their new schedule is out and there is one prime time game for the Broncos. I wonder why? JK, we all know why after last year.

TAKE IT TO THE TRACK IS A GREAT IDEA TO BATTLE STREET RACING I am not one of those people who gets the need to drive fast and beat other people driving fast, but hey, you do you, right? Street racing is dangerous and illegal but it still happens a LOT on Colorado roadways. The Colorado State Patrol has teamed up with the great family at Bandimere Speedway to encourage those aspiring Mario Andretti's to race legally at the track where they aren't going to kill themselves and mess up traffic. Every Wednesday night you can go there and legally race your ride. Spread the word to all those racers, please.

HOW FAR DO WE GO TO HELP CRIMINALS IN COLORADO? This editorial by the Denver Gazette (why haven't you subscribed YET???) is spot on. I am all for second chances but we have to balance a second chance for a former inmate with good sense and reason. The story of a man who murdered his parents as a child now working at a nursing home sort of drives the point home. Based on what this guy has done since he's been out, lying repeatedly and often about his conviction, we need to rethink all the laws being passed for the benefit of people who sometimes shouldn't get it. Read more here.

WHAT DO ALL REPUBLICAN ADS NEED? AN EAGLE AND A FLAG The Oyster is a great Colorado satire site and this column about a campaign ad without an eagle or a flag is not only funny, it's spot on.


SOCIALIZED MEDICINE LEAVES OVER 400,000 PEOPLE WAITING OVER A YEAR TO BEGIN TREATMENT And we ALL know this is real because I've been talking about it for SO LONG. Mind you, some of these people have cancer, which we all know is made better by a long wait before treatment (JK that is a total lie). Please share this with your friends clamoring for socialized medicine. Read more here.

WE WON'T HAVE ELLEN DEGENERES TO KICK AROUND ANYMORE And her staff will have to find someone new to make them cry. Ellen has announced she will be ending her daytime talk show in 2022. I won't notice.

WANT TO WIN A MILLION BUCKS? GET A VACCINE SHOT IN OHIO The Governor of Ohio announced a new lottery where someone is going to win a MILLION DOLLARS! The catch? You have to be vaccinated to enter.

THE ISRAEL SITUATION IS CAUSING A REAL ISSUE FOR DEMOCRATS As anti-Semites like Ilhan Omar and AOC begin to line up to call our closest Middle East ally war criminals for defending themselves. AOC called out Biden for his milquetoast comments half heartedly supporting Israel, not because they weren't supportive enough (which they weren't) but because THEY WERE SUPPORTIVE AT ALL.

LET'S SEE HOW FAIR THE COVERAGE OF THE FIGHTING IS BY THE NETWORKS In this column we learn that a six year old Israeli boy was killed in a rocket attack. Odd then that CBS chose to ignore THAT child's death while making sure to let everyone know about the Palestinian civilians who have been killed. They also glossed over reports by a humanitarian organization tracking child deaths that several Palestinian children were killed by Palestinian rockets that fell short in Gaza. Also missing is the fact that Hamas puts it's operations centers IN APARTMENT BUILDINGS precisely for the PR advantage of getting civilians killed. Think about that for a second....


HOW TO MAKE THE ROYAL GUARD LAUGH Just believe in yourself, kids.

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